Pinup Friday

Nov 17, 2017 by

Last week’s Pinup Friday was by Gil Elvgren. This week, we take a closer look at this artist who appears to specialize in the bottom-tease.

The scarcely clad soldier in the previous pinup was showing quite a bit of cheek, although she was wearing a bra and panties of a sort.

This time, the girls are completely nude, except–


As you see in these first two frames, the girl is naked, but all the really naughty bits are either covered or turned away from the viewer.



In all three pictures above, except for that tiny suggestion of rear cleavage, the girls appear unclothed and yet demure, though just a bit naughty.


Not that you would want Granny to catch you ogling any of these in that copy of Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang you keep tucked under the mattress. That would be way embarrassing.

But it is interesting to see how close to some imaginary line Elvgren pushed, time after time, without actually crossing it, apart from that tiny hint of bottom cleft.

And none of the girls had dirty feet, Audrey. Just saying.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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That Bald Guy

Nov 15, 2017 by

Recently, I did a post called Give and Take.

It was a simple riff on a photo I stumbled across in my never-ending quest to bring enlightenment about TTWD to all and sundry, but it seems to have struck a nerve, in various ways with various of our readers, especially those with staircase issues.

This is the photo in question, as well as the gentleman I will be spotlighting in this post.

It’s unusual in a spanking blog, or in a photo or video shoot, come to that, to focus on the male model, since he isn’t the one with the exposed naughty bits.

In fact, some people don’t even think of the guy in a spanking production AS a model. Such men are simply, as Loki Renard put it in a review of Spank Her!, “enigmatic figures with hard hands.”

But both men and women appearing on film sign a model release form before the shoot, so, like it or not, both that bald guy and I are–at least technically–models.

Here is the same fellow in colour (he appears only in UK publications, as far as I can tell) and he looks far less creepy. Also, he has some hair left, very much like yours truly. This is from Blushes magazine, where most of the photos that I have of him appear.

The previous photo, the one that elicited so much comment, was from an issue of Janus. Our indefatigable resourcer, Errinn, discovered not only the other photos from that particular shoot, but the story that went with it.

According to the narrative Errinn discovered, the character this model portrayed was using the young lady and the tawsing he gave her as bargaining chips in a rental negotiation, so his looking less than agreeable there was completely in character, regardless what he did to her with the tawse at the top of the staircase.


In this shoot — please note — there is not a staircase anywhere in sight.

There is only our stalwart hero in an avuncular role, seated firmly on solid flooring, with the naughty young spankee across his lap.

Apparently, he has grabbed hold of his niece, who is clad only in her briefs and vest, and taken her firmly in hand for a jolly good bottom slapping.


Down must come the knickers, and dirty must be the feet (sorry, Audrey) because that’s just how it’s done in Uncle’s house and, sadly, on Uncle’s less than pristine floors.

My guess is that the girl is in trouble for telling him that he looks ridiculous wearing such an unholy shirt and tie combination.


Although, one could make a case that she is simply too cute not to spank, and no other excuse is necessary. I would need no other, that’s for sure.


This shot appears to be of the same female model from the first photo (the much sullied condition of her soles confirms this opinion) although, again, the couple are nowhere near a stairway. Just saying.

As for the male actor, his facial expression in all of these shoots runs the emotional gamut from A to B.

It is entirely possible that he is the bank-roller of the production, so, as the money man, he might feel entitled to smack these cute bums on film without adding any emotional depth to the scene.

In any event, someone did a much better job of costuming him this time around.


Oh, my. Could that be actual emotion conveyed by his body language and facial expression?

The no-nonsense implement he’s holding might have something to do with the change.

The girls I know have a healthy respect for a clothes brush, so, apart from anything else, he might actually be feeling the part.



In quite another scene, he reminds me a bit of Sidney Greenstreet. The posh duds he sports in this shoot look a bit like the ones Greenstreet wore in The Maltese Falcon.


Here, he appears to be playing the part of an early 1960s majordomo who has been tasked with the responsibility of training a new parlor maid just starting work in one of the few remaining stately households.


This, apparently, is an exercise in steadiness under pressure.


And, even for a housemaid, gracefulness and correct posture in any circumstance are vital.

But, again, the actor holding the stick seems bound and determined to play the scene deadpan.


So I’ll leave you with these last two shots …


Wherein our friend’s face exhibits, if not emotion, at least the determination to treat her lovely bottom as it deserves.

That is all.

Devlin out.





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The Indolent Nude

Nov 13, 2017 by

As fall comes on apace, nature loses the excitement and hurry-up of summer, and our thoughts turn more and more to rest.

This young lady, who appears to be lying on half of a very large oyster shell, is, in fact, asleep. The dreamscape that the artist Falero has imagined for her, however, seems anything but restful.

Painters have long appreciated the beauty of the undraped or scarcely draped feminine form, especially its rearward aspect, and frequently present that view whilst the woman is reclining. I love the play of light and shadow here, as well as the ethereal vagueness the artist gives to outlines, as if the figure is, indeed, in repose, and nothing in or around her is completely in focus.


This figure, with its much starker contrasts, an overstated lack of robustness in the skin tones, and the foggy uncertainty of the background, seems to portray an uneasy, even sickly, sleep.


In this sepia-toned Art Deco rotogravure, the woman is sleeping, but not at ease, capturing some of the angst and drama of the Jazz Age in her dance-like posture.


This sleeping beauty by Renoir, too, appears to be not quite static. The blue tint to the skin tone and the way she is hugging herself say that the autumn-browned grassy bank by the pond that she has chosen for her bed is not the warmest place on earth. One can almost feel her shivers.

She’s probably saying awful things in French about Pierre-August, even now, regarding how callous it was of him to wrap the nice warm shawl around her thighs instead of covering her other bits with it.

For his part, Pierre-August is telling her to quit complaining or he’ll spank her.

What? You didn’t think I could keep this art-appreciating foray completely vanilla all the way through, did you?

Rest quietly when you decide to recline nude, girls.

Or else.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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Ang’s Birthday Party

Nov 12, 2017 by

Being a blite girl has its ups and downs. Especially when you’re a little newer to the family.

But, Ang, this is your day and our opportunity to throw a blite sister party like never before.

Let’s set the mood with a little party lighting!

And we can’t get the house swinging without a little music. Yes, yes, Uncle Dev, we can keep the bass down if we really must. It was Ang who turned it up, you know.


The party table is set with delicious goodies we rustled up, using the very finest pixels.

What was that, Uncle Dev? We thought you’d be so pleased with how well they turned out! Ang did say how very fond she was of strawberries. And yanking a certain someone’s chain.

Anyway, the gift table is utterly littered with tokens of our deep affection for you, and all of the fun, compassion and support you bring us.

And we have prepared you a rather special cake.

Oh, look!  Uncle Dev is waiting for you, dear sister.

Let’s get you into your birthday tutu and you will be all set for his special brand of birthday love.

So, all that’s left to do, darling, is to say “Happy, Happy Birthday, Ang. We value everything you bring to the blite and hope you have the best of days.”

(Happy birthday, Ang! Now come here. -UD)

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Eleven Eleven

Nov 11, 2017 by

This is for the families of those who serve, the mothers, fathers, children, sweethearts, wives, and husbands of the men and women who answer the call and take the oath to uphold and defend.

This is to thank them for their sacrifice on the altar of freedom, for their loyalty to their loved ones and to the nation.

This is to comfort them in their time of trial while they wait to find out how he or she is doing out there and when she or he will be home again.

This is to share their grief and offer condolences when the ultimate sacrifice has been made, and the veteran has taken his or her everlasting place alongside the greatest heroes who ever lived.

This is where those of us who wish we could do more say thank you to those who do so much.

Hug someone who loves a veteran today. You will both feel better.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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