“Trinity In Trouble” by Loki Renard – A Review

Jan 12, 2012 by

Here is a review I just posted on Amazon. This is one of Loki’s new-ish ones that I saw referenced alongside one of my own so I bought it, and I loved it so I wanted to share. You can click AMAZON to see her book and my review.



Trinity Deserves To Be In Trouble

This book involves institutional discipline, and I do love reading about that, as long as there are girls getting spanked on the bare bottom, which this certainly has. Before I go further, I should note that there are no male characters here, although there is sex, and a glance at the name of the book’s publisher, Sappho’s Brats, should tell you what you need to know about that issue.

            And “Trinity” certainly has brats, several of them, but one in particular is an über brat if ever such existed. The title character is an out of control serial trouble maker who would make any Top’s hands itch to grab hold of her and sort her out, briskly, firmly, on her bare bottom, and for a very long time  which of course is what happens, although she never quite makes it all the way to contrition. Renard’s heroines seldom if ever get to that point, or at most briefly. 

            However, there is a progression from one emotional and behavioral state to another for Trinity. At the beginning, she makes trouble to get her own way, to get attention, and sometimes just for the joy of watching the chaos that ensues. She winds up in a special school for young women needing reformation, an idea I may borrow for a story of my own someday, and by slow degrees the girl becomes less of a natural terror and more of a real person, with aspirations beyond wreaking havoc.

            As one might imagine, there is a love interest who is chiefly responsible for the change in Trinity, and also a classic protagonist’s descent into Hell and subsequent redemption which I quite liked. Then too there is Renard’s crisp writing style, fast and flowing narrative, and quick paced dialog to enjoy, and I very much do. There is a wealth of energy in Loki Renard’s stories, and they always leave one wanting more.

That is all.

Devlin out. 

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  1. Mindy

    Another book to add to my list. I think I’ll need to take some time off to do nothing but read. I was just about to start on Nocturne, another book by Loki. :happy:

    Dev, will you write a note for me to stay home tomorrow? ;-)

  2. Kaki

    Would you like me to write one for you Mindy? I can sign Dev’s name to it, he probably is sleeping and won’t know until you already been excused from work. :innocent:

  3. Thank you Devlin! A very kind review, and so insightful too. It’s always fun when people notice things about your writing that you yourself didn’t notice.

    I like how you mention that Trinity never really finds contrition and mention that none of my characters ever really seem to. It’s actually never occurred to me that contrition might be a desirable end – or an end at all. Try as you like, you can’t spank the brat out of a girl. I think that’s a very moral and improving message. :D

  4. Oooo, Nocturne. That one’s always been on the edge because it’s sort of spanking and sort of horror and sort of supernatural. I hope you enjoy it :)

  5. Mindy

    I love supernatural and horror, Loki. It will be perfect. :happy:

  6. Mindy

    Kaki, he’ll be awake when I’m getting into bed tonight.

  7. Dev, good morning. :star: ;-)
    I’m not terribly fond of F/f action, so when or if I catch up on the contents of my Kindle I’ll consider it. :secret:
    Your review hasn’t hurt it’s chances. :smile:
    @Loki, and we do like trying. :rollonfloor:
    Warm :hug:

  8. dd

    Loki and Dev, I’m afraid that like Paul I am also not a great fan of F/f stories. However Loki’s brats are always so engagingly naughty that I might make an exception to the rule.

    I loved the Finn stories, Loki, any chance of the latest instalment making it’s way over to Amazon soon? I also noticed a couple of your M/f stories listed I haven’t read, so when I finish my current tome and need some light reading before moving onto the next I shall down load them.

  9. Mindy, sorry I’m too late to give you a note for work – not that I would have, of course, and if I find out that Kaki did there will be global repercussions. :usa: :shock: Loki’s books are very enjoyable, but there’s a time and a place, young lady.

    Paul and dd, I realize that F?F isn’t everyone’s cup of Earl Grey but I have written quite a lot of it myself so I wanted to mention this one. And as dd said, Loki’s brats are in dire need of spanking no matter who is doing the honors. ;-)

    Loki, you’re very welcome, and I’m glad to have the means and opportunity to tell people about your work.

    Now as to whether contrition from a girl after a well deserved spanking is a desirable end (!) I expect we could debate that issue ad infinitum. So no, I’m not giving you “moral and improving message,” missy. :waits:

  10. Kaki

    Loki, I like that, “you can’t spank the brat out of a girl”. So true, but you can spank a bratty girl. :wink:

  11. scarlet

    Dev, wonderful review! You led to my going over to visit Loki at her place a while ago, and I was so glad I did. I am all about masculine authority as a rule, but I will say this about Loki’s writing: I read some of her things on her blog that were f/f, and I can truthfully say they were the first things in that genre that I really enjoyed. I think she gets to the heart of what makes a submissive girl a submissive girl, regardless of the scenario. So I’ll probably work my way through her other things first, but Loki Renard will always be one my list of writers I want to read, no matter her approach to the story. :thumbsup:

  12. Thank you, Scarlet, on behalf of both of us. I’m very glad you enjoy her work, and of course that you liked the review. Loki is quite perceptive, and very good at communicating that perception. :thumbsup:

  13. Kaki

    Very nice review, Dev. I like the idea of reading a book where the young ladies (aka brats) aren’t contrite :innocent: . I’ve visited Loki’s site before but never read any of her books. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Cindy

    I read that book and I don’t think Trinity deserved to be in trouble at all. I think she was just horribly misunderstood.

    And it doesn’t matter if it’s M/f or F/f, hot is hot.

    It was a great book.


  15. Thanks very much, Kaki, and Loki does write in several genres, or sub-genres anyway, if you will pardon the ‘sub’ part of that. :smile:

    As to your comment earlier on Loki’s remark, no Top would want to spank the brat entirely out of his girl, but attitude modification, at least in the short term, is after all the stated goal of the exercise. :gift:

  16. scarlet

    Dev, sub-genre :rollonfloor:

    Cindy, can you explain where pig tail girl went, and why you are now a jelly fish?

  17. Cindy

    The pig tail girl is no more, Scar. But I have evolved from the jelly fish.

    Orange juice, 3 Red Bulls and half bottle of advil helps.

    I swear I got roofied last night. No one gets that jacked up in 3 hours.

  18. Kaki

    I like the pig tailed girl the best, she fits you.

    This should be my avatar – :angel:

    Dev, you are so clever. :wink:

  19. Em

    Hi, everyone. I’m having a snow-day here! I’m very much looking forward to a quiet afternoon curled up with some work and the latest Criminal Minds DVD from Netflix. Maybe if I get my work done early I can sneak over to Loki’s and read a bit!

  20. Cindy

    You are an angel, kaki ann. I don’t know why you are ever in trouble.

    the pig tail girl may return. i feel none of her confidence today.

  21. Cindy

    Hi Em. I got the 2nd season of Justified from Amazon yesterday. I’ve been waiting since I ordered it in June.

    I have snow too. I think my internal thermostat went out, it’s freaking freezing in here.

    Loki writes good stuff.

  22. Cindy

    I think it might be the flu too.

  23. Kaki

    Em, would you like me to write you a note to get out of work? I am getting good at it, when they see :geek: Devlin O’Neill’s signature at the end your employer will be very impressed. :eyes:

  24. Cindy

    Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kaki, you might want to hold off on the note writing. Devlin found out about the one you offered to write for Mindy and he got a little excited. I know you mean well, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about forgery.

    Just trying to help you out here, dear.

  25. Cindy

    Nope, go ahead. I think he’s gone. He’ll never see it. I’ll go get the paper and the pen.

  26. Cindy

    Notes for EVERYBODY!

  27. Hey dd :)

    The Finn series is exclusive to Blushing, so I don’t have much control over when things get to Amazon and I’m not sure when they plan to release it there. Things tend to get hung up there for a fairly long while (we’re talking over a year), Finn only managed to get an early release because they needed a Halloween appropriate book.

    Thanks for the support :) Of course, nobody should feel the need to read F/F if it isn’t their thing. We all have our things and some are more thingy than others and… yes :)

  28. Cindy

    You know you’re getting so good at this, I’ve got a blank prescription pad I kyped, do you think you could make Devlin into a doctor??

  29. Aw Scarlet, that was very sweet! Some people might be surprised that F/F can be good because they might think that it’s all about lewd sexytimes – which doesn’t interest them. But I think a stern lady applying discipline in a caring, consistent way has its charms.

    My F/F does tend to range from completely non sexual stuff to what they’d probably get away with calling erotica and like I said before, I’m okay with people not being up for that. I am super happy though that you found a little pool of F/F to dip your toe into and not hate :)

  30. Hey thanks Cindy, I agree that Trinity was misunderstood. I think a lot of naughty people are misunderstood though, it’s so easy to run afoul of authority without really meaning to be terrible.

  31. scarlet

    I’m pretty sure it’s a hangover. :coffee:

  32. You can definitely spank a bratty girl :) Just don’t expect a brat to change her stripes, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  33. Yes I’ve heard that about male tops, very trying the lot of you! ;)

  34. scarlet

    I think Cindy and Kaki will be writing things, but it won’t be Dev’s signature. :headshake: :nervous:

  35. scarlet

    Cindy, we don’t usually put “Dev” and “doctor” in the same sentence. :doc:

  36. Cindy

    Waht is that? Is that coffee?

    Thanks. I didn’t have any cream this morning.

  37. Cindy

    Why do you guys keep saying that? Does he have his PHD and just doesn’t like using the title?

  38. Cindy

    Not if you can keep from squealing, Scarletti.


  39. Cindy

    I hope he’s off writin that pirate book. I’m getting tired of waiting.

  40. Cindy

    Scarlet, I tried to lure Deputy Dan into my house last night with the offer of toast and cocoa.

    This is clearly more than the result of drinking.

  41. No one is getting out of work on Dev’s signature, forged or otherwise. And Cindy and Kaki, you both know better than to be talking like that in the first place, don’t you? :notpleased:

  42. Cindy

    Is this a trick question?

  43. Cindy

    You know just because you keep ignoring my questions doesn’t mean I’m going to quit asking them.,

  44. Em

    Thanks for the offer, Kaki. I’m pretty sure even Dev would agree to write me a note today. It’s been that kind of morning.

    Cindy, Dev has some particular ideas about what constitutes good medicine. It’s best just to avoid the subect. :secret: :hides:

  45. Cindy

    Being ignored sends me to the brink of insanity, but I bet you’ve figured that out. You’re pretty smart.

  46. Cindy

    I think I have the flu

  47. Cindy

    :hairpull: :hairpull: :hairpull: :hairpull: :hairpull:

    Fine! Yes, I know better. It’s a victimless crime. A friend needed help and I felt called upon. It won’t happen again!

    I’m sorry!


  48. It was not a trick question, Cindy, and the best treatment for alcohol-induced flu is getting a large, warm saline enema from me. :doc:

  49. Cindy

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i don’t think so very much, but thanks anyway. And besides, that coffee that Scarlet gave me left me feeling much better. So, anyway, if we’re done here I think I have some things to finish around the house. So, preciate it, but


  50. Cindy

    Did you make that up? Is that really true? I’ve never heard that before.

    I need that paper bag again. Ic an’t breathe

  51. scarlet

    We warned you. :wink:

  52. Cindy

    shut it, you, and find me a darn paper bag.

    I need to go lay down for a little while. I don’t feel right.

  53. Cindy, you do not tell Scarlet or anyone else to ‘shut it’ just because you got yourself into trouble, young lady, and what I said is absolutely true. :waits:

  54. Cindy

    I, I just don’t know what to say. I’m without words. Clearly, there is something wrong with me. I mean, more than just the usual.

    Sorry, Scarlet, I don’t know what I was thinking.

  55. Kaki

    Cindy, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. :groucho:

  56. Cindy

    You warned me not to poke the bear with a sharp stick. You didn’t warm me anything about this!

  57. Cindy


  58. Cindy

    Mr O’Neill, sir, I know I still owe you money from this morning, but do you think you could go back and delete all my posts since, oh, about noon?

    Just put it on my tab.


    Cindy > edging out of the office. back to the wall.

  59. Em

    Cindy, Dev’s gone for the day now, so we can get into all the trouble we want for a little while :thumbsup: . Not that I ever get into trouble, of course. :angel:

  60. Cindy

    Oh, thank you jesus. Appreciate it, Em! It got kind of warm around here for a little while but it’s all good now.

    so, anybody want to watch Justified with me? Tim Olyphant. It’s a good show.

  61. Cindy

    And that was a half apology YOU got away with Kaki Ann! You’re lucky I had the shovel with me. I just kept digging in deeper and deeper. I did it for you. I didn’t want you to get in so much trouble, even though you really started it.

    You know, if you all don’t want to watch TV tonight, we could play some Calvin Ball. I know the rules and it’s really fun. I have my energy back. Those Red Bulls are great, aren’t they great?


  62. Scarlet

    Cindy, dearest, may I offer a little hint? Evan though you used $ signs instead of S’s, you might still hear from Dev about the last comment. Dev runs a very tight ship and for all his gentleness and humor, he is actually rather strict. Just for the future, if you are ever tempted to replace letters with symbols, it’s probably best to rephrase it. But hey, maybe he won’t notice! :innocent:

    Or he might decide you’re still not feeling well and give you a little medical attention after all… :hides:

  63. Cindy

    Oh sit down, Scarlet. Right here beside me, sweetheart! I want to rub your head for you.


  64. Cindy

    (Hollers out) Sorry, Dev! I thought substituting would be ok. Apologies!

  65. Cindy! You really are pushing it today and you had better stop, missy. Scarlet is right that you need to rephrase. I deleted that word and I had better not see anything like it again from you. Do you understand me?

    Em, YOU would be well advised to watch your step too, young lady. You were not wrong, I did leave but had to come back for a bit. And you never know when that might happen, do you? :waits:

  66. All right, Cindy. I stepped on your last comment. Thank you.

  67. Cindy

    Glad you got out of the office for a little bit. Hope you got some supper. Is it supper time where you are?

    Yeah, I know, it’s been a bad day. but on the brighter side, at the bar last night they congratulated me on not being such a potty mouth. I told them I had a friend who was trying to break me of that bad habit.


  68. Cindy

    You know, Scarlet, if we keep acting like this, Devlin isn’t going to find time to work and we’re never going to get that pirate story.

    So, let’s just tone it down tomorrow, k?


  69. Cindy

    Apology accepted!

    Thanks, Dev.


  70. Will wonders never cease? ;-)

  71. Kaki

    My, my, what a busy afternoon. :bee:

  72. Cindy

    Hey, come here, Kaki, I want to TALK to you.,

  73. Cindy

    Hey, you like this tshirt? I have a friend in the tshirt business and I called him today and told him to print me one. He said it was appropriate. You want one too?

  74. Kaki

    :music: *whistles* :music: Yes, Cindy, what can I do for you? :happy:

  75. Cindy

    Uh huh. And I took your punishment like a man. A man, Kaki. Not a whiny little girl, like a man. And what did you do? You r-u-n-n-o-f-t. That’s what you did.

  76. Kaki

    I can’t read the first word, but I am not a psycho. I have an active imagination. :mrgreen:

  77. Cindy

    Cute Butt

  78. Cindy

    When Carl said it was appropriate, I thought he meant the first part…

  79. Kaki

    I wasn’t the one trying to pull a fast one on the professor by using $$ to make a naughty word. Did you think he wasn’t going to notice? I was simply trying to help my friend Em. I am a good helper, ask anyone. err, don’t ask Dev though, he doesn’t always understand my help. Oh, and sometimes the other girls don’t either. Go ahead and ask anyone else, you’ll see. :angel:

  80. Cindy

    oh that was the second go round. I got smacked around for trying to help you and Em.

    Look, I told Scarlet, we better tone it down tomorrow. We are NEVER going to see that Pirate book if we don’t let the man work!

  81. Cindy

    You know I am STILL freezing. I can’t get my core temperature up. Do you think it could have anything to do with sleeping with my coat on last night? The 80 pound retriever sleeping on me wouldn’t help either. I have a sweatshirt over a flannel shirt and I am still shivery.

  82. Kaki

    Drink a cup of hot tea, that will warm you up. :tea:

    I gotta go make dinner :chick: , see ya.

  83. Cindy

    I’m having a balogna sandwich. I never made it to market/

  84. dd

    Goodness! What has been going on this evening? I can only guess as half of it seems to have been deleted by the the time I returned from a long meeting.

    And, Cindy, sweetie, you really can’t say you weren’t warned, although to be fair no one mentioned the “E” word might come into play.

    Em, is that a big wooden spoon I see you wielding?

  85. dd

    I think the thing is, Scarlet, that often when you are reading Loki’s books, you forget the genre because her brats are so engaging and the tale so fast paced, that the story just grabs you.

  86. Cindy

    Nobody warned me that might happen, dd. My brain just didn’t go there.

    How was your meeting? Long day for you?

  87. dd

    Loki, shame about Finn, one of my favourite brats! I won’t hold my breath then!

    Having now finished “A Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England” and “A History of Jerusalem” looking a tad too long, think I will download Nocturne to while away this weekend, nothing like a few dead bodies interspersed with brats to keep you on your toes!

  88. dd

    Long day, Cindy and longer evening. I fear I may have become too flippant as the evening progressed but also volunteered to do too many things in recompense!

  89. Cindy

    no baloney left, it was bacon sarnies for me.

  90. Cindy

    And you start saying, sure I can do that just to get out of there, right? did you keep good notes so you know what you agreed to?

  91. Cindy

    Can we smoke in here or is that against the rules too? sigh

    Hey, dd, wanna go out on the porch with me while i smoke a cigarette?

  92. dd

    Cindy, you got it! Luckily a BF was taking the minutes, so hopefully I can adjust before they go live, so I can actually do what I’ve taken on!

    Just been reminded about how important sleep is, so goodnight!

    23.57 GMT

  93. dd

    Would love to, but see above, bed beckons my way!

  94. Cindy

    night dd. Good sleep.

  95. Cindy

    This is going to be a long night.

  96. scarlet

    Cindy, darling, this is a most unusual blite. There are pictures of girls getting spanked, and we talk about short skirts and no knickers, and yet we button our gloves at the wrist before entering the drawing room. We are naughty, naughty girls, but Dev insists on our being good girls in his house. And so we try.

    We never swear. We never smoke. We might have a small glass of rattafia but if we’re doing shots of tequila, it’s never in Dev’s presence. When Dev isn’t here, sometimes Nik or Paul help out. We act like ladies, because we are.

    If we are going to be terribly, terribly bad, we call for a slumber party, and invite the girls who have just driven over us with a bus to join us. We are besties, until it is time to throw someone under the wheels, and then we do so without a glance back.

    When a girl is to be spanked, we make popcorn and line up the chairs. After, we are all about the hugs and bags of frozen peas.

    We are a dichotomy and a contradiction. We are complication itself. We are joyfully noncompliant until we are caught, and then we are contrite. Sometimes Alice dresses as a sexy gopher. Sometimes we set things on fire. We are a mystery, most of all to ourselves.

    But we never forget who is the Top here. He can be scary, but mostly not. Mostly he gives hugs and guidance, and we’re very lucky to be here.

    We just have to obey the rules.

  97. Cindy

    Rules are hard for me, Scar, but I’m tryin. And I like it here. It’s a real homey place. And I’ll stay as long till the Top runs me off home.

    Was that your homework,cause it was really pretty.

    When will the next slumber party be, do you think?


  98. Kaki

    Cindy, just do what I do. I never get in trouble. :angel:


  99. Cindy

    Kaki Ann, how can you even begin to say that to me! Do I have “stupid” stamped on my forehead??

    I took a beating for you today, missy!

    (You guys know about hyperbole, right?)


  100. Cindy

    You know where you’re from, Kaki?

    You’re from Say-one-thing-and-mean-another’s-ville.



  101. Cindy

    “And if she won’t love me then her sister will
    She’s from Say-one-thing-and-mean-another’s-ville
    And she can’t seem to make up her mind
    When she hears about my dirty life and times”

  102. Scarlet

    Nope. Not my homework.

  103. Kaki

    Extra credit for those naughty times? :innocent:

  104. Cindy

    It was still real pretty.


  105. Kaki

    Believe me, Cindy, if I did anything to be in trouble a certain Toppy person :geek: would surely let me know. He would also say, don’t call me Shirley. :rollonfloor: I crack myself up sometimes. :happy:

  106. Kaki

    Yes, our Scarlet has a way with words. :eyes:

  107. Cindy

    Oh,and Scarlet, I found out what a Pansexual is:

    Pansexuality, also referred to as omnisexuality,[1] refers to the potential for sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction towards persons of all gender identities and biological sexes.

    I think that’s just greedy.


  108. Cindy

    I know. You have a way with words too, Kaki!

    :eyes: :eyes:

  109. Cindy

    I have a hard time with this background. My eyes want to click to that magic eye thingie. I bet someone could hypnotize me like THAT!

  110. Cindy

    He DID let you know, Kaki. But you weren’t around when he was yelling and then I did something unintentional again and he had to run that down and I think then he was just exhausted. I have that effect on people.

    So you can thank me now for saving your BEEhind.

    That reminds me. There is no good alternative to that word that he had to chase down and delete. And I don’t think bottomhole has the same affect, do you?

  111. Kaki

    Cindy, are you still cold? Do you want Dr. O’Neill :doc: take your temperature? He won’t mind a bit. :mrgreen: You may have a fever you know.

  112. Cindy

    You want to know what I thought was a good idea last night? I apparently microwaved a big old frozen t-bone.

    Yeah. I think the dog ate it because the plate was on the coffee table and the bone was in front of the fireplace. And my knife and fork were perfectly clean. So, unless I ate that steak with my bare hands and tossed the bone 6 feet away when I was done, Jericho ate it. I also found empty water bottles all over the floor around the sofa. The Professor suggested I drink water and by god, I drank water. Unless Jerry got thirsty from the steak. I guess I could have opened them for him.


  113. Kaki

    Scarlet wanted to know about pansexuals? :dunno:

  114. Cindy

    I dived into Fetlife today and I was sharing all my new knowledge with her. We argued about what being a Pansexual could possibly entail. She thought something with kitchenware, I thought goatman. We were both wrong.

    I found over 6,000 members in just my State, some of them in my town :shock: You might have been right, Kaki!

    Most of them seemed like decent enough folks, but some of them are kind of scary. I’m not even looking at anybody who is interested in knifeplay or breath play. I don’t even want to know what it is, I don’t think so.

    There’s a whole big world out there, Kaki Ann!


  115. Cindy

    Are you crazy! No! No ones taking my temperature. I have a thermometer. No!

    And besides, I’m freezing. Not hot. Cold.

    And what’s that green head? I was looking for a green face this morning.

    Cindy > how odd. there’s no puking smilie.

  116. Cindy

    I think sleeping under an electric blanket has seriously damaged my thermostat.



  117. Kaki

    Actually you get the chills with a fever so it does sound like you need a visit with the doctor :doc: . He loves to play, oops, I mean pay a house call. hee hee I will let him know and set up an appointment for you. No need to thank me, Cindy. :innocent: :littlebus: :yawn:

    I know nothing about electric blankets. :yawn:

  118. Cindy

    Better go to bed, Kaki.

    It was fun playing with ya.


  119. I am here but not for long. Tough day. Seems to be a lot of that going around.

    Cindy, listen to Scarlet more than Kaki. Well in this instance anyhow. :rainbow:

  120. Cindy

    I know.

    I’m leaving too. I’ll turn the lights out.

    Night, Dev.


  121. Kaki

    :headshake: Wwhat! But I was the one that gave her the rules and bylaws of the blite. I even included the part about nouns of direct address and using bad words. :notpleased: :sad: I even was going to go to bed now-ish.

    Goodnight, fill you tubby with epsom salts and warm water and have a good soak :eyes: :hides: :innocent: . A :beer: won’t hurt.

  122. Cindy

    You said “you tubby” instead of “your tubby” which kind of changes the whole meaning of the phrase.



  123. Cindy, there are polite and constructive ways to point out someone’s typo. What you did is not one of them.

    Kaki, you’re right, I should have given you credit for posting the rules for Cindy. It isn’t your fault that Scarlet had to do it again and spell it out. If you are still awake you should not be. Go to sleep.

    Goodnight, girls. :moon:

  124. Cindy

    sorry, dev


  125. Mindy

    Scarlet, I love your description of this blite. Very apt. Maybe Dev can post that on a separate page as a profile of the blite, like an “About” page. He can post all the rules there too. What do you think, Dev? :idea: :?:

    Cindy, the electric blanket doesn’t change my body thermostat. Could it really be that you’re coming down with something or that you just need to turn the heater up? Oh, by the way, I noticed you’ve changed your gravatar again. Still deciding on a suitable one?

  126. Cindy

    Hi, Mindy. I was just playing around. I took a picture of my hair with my iPad camera. I thought that thing had a better camera, but guess not. How was your day?

  127. Cindy

    And no, I’m fine. It’s been 60 degrees for a few weeks, but we had snow last night so I think I was just used to shirt sleeve weather.

  128. Cindy

    I’m sorry I missed you, Mindy. I’ll try to catch you tomorrow to say hi before you go to work. I volunteer at the Humane Society tomorrow, so will be gone most of the day.

    Night. I’m going to try to go to sleep.


  129. Cindy

    Hahah, I had Warren Zevon as my avatar earlier. It was just too weird having his picture beside some of my posts, so I changed it.

  130. Alice

    I love Scarlet’s description too. It works great, just as long as we don’t expect it to make sense. :grin:
    I like your idea. :idea:

  131. Good idea, Mindy. See About This Blite right under the banner head.

    Alice. :waits:

  132. Kaki

    Gosh, now that the rules are written it’s almost like I feel I have to follow them. :wink: :haha:

    Just kidding. :innocent:

    And yes, I did go to bed.

  133. You know you do, and I’m happy to hear you did. :str2:

  134. Alice

    I can see how it read, but actually for once I wasn’t being cheeky, Dev. I meant the way we act doesn’t make sense. I agreed with everything Scarlet said, but it does rather show how contrary we are at times. We come on a spanking blog, and spend most of the time saying that we should never be spanked. We proclaim that we are good, and then look for naughty things to do. :dunno: It’s no wonder new girls get confused. :grin:

  135. Yes, rereading what you said NOT at 7 o’clock in the morning I do get it, Alice. :rainbow: And yes, at this late date there is absolutely no way to de-convolute this thing we do the way we do it here. :shock: :headshake: :dunno: :grin:

  136. Cindy

    Oh, you got Chrossed. Congratualtions!

  137. Cindy

    And looks like you’ve done some remodeling this morning. Oh, that’s nice. Thanks for taking my name out of the post. At least new people coming in won’t know I’m the cause of the additional warning. But I’m going to pretend you put it up there because Scarlet and Kaki wrote such pretty words.

    I get carried away and for that I apologize. And I think it’s a learned behaviour that bad attention is worse than no attention.

    And to bring this back to topic, I’m feeling more and more sympathy for that poor, misunderstood Trinity!


  138. Cindy

    I meant BETTER than no attention.

    I really have to start proofing posts.

  139. Cindy

    I watched the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie last night. It was really good, but I liked the girl who played Lizbeth in the Swedish version so much that it was hard to visualize anyone else in the role.

    Did anyone else see it?

  140. Thanks very much, Cindy. :smile:

    I did in fact put those up because they were very well written indeed. I mean, they’re a lot better warning than, say, ‘Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.’ :wink:

  141. Cindy


    I have that sign hanging on my back porch. LOL.

  142. Scarlet

    Alice, we are perfectly logical. I see no problem with any of that at all. :geek:

  143. Scarlet

    I think I’m going to hang it on my office door. :brightidea:

  144. Scarlet

    Thank goodness you said you were kidding! I almost fainted from the shock. :specialtruth:

  145. Scarlet

    Now that we have the new rules posted, what time should we have sherry on the patio?

  146. Kaki

    Should we start to use the initials TTWDD (this thing we don’t do)?

    Alice, it makes perfect sense to me, :hypnotised: but I’ve learned from the best :bee: . Hi, Scarlet :wave: , hmm where is Polly? :eyes: :loveyou:

  147. On the terrace, Scarlet – sherry is taken on the terrace. At four-ish.

  148. Kaki

    I had to run out to get new white gloves but I am back now. I’d love some sherry but I think just one, then I will switch over to tea :tea: , I wouldn’t want to overdue. :happy: I brought along some cookies.

  149. We do it, Kaki, just in our own way.

  150. Scarlet

    Oh, my, it seems I am already late! And I can’t find my lavender scented handkerchiefs!

  151. Kaki

    Are you having an attack of the vapors, Scarlet? Stay there, I run and get Dr. O’Neill :doc: , he will know what to do. :pill: :hides:

  152. Kaki

    I mean, I will run, not I run. :blush:

  153. dd

    Given the lateness of the hour over here, and the fact that BBH generously decided to share his germs with me, could I please switch the sherry to a hot toddy before I soak in a bath and go to bed?

    Well done Scarlet and Kaki, at least any new girl can’t say she wasn’t warned! :clap:

  154. Cindy

    They didn’t put in all the warnings, dd. Hope you feel better soon. Throw some eucalyptus leaves in that hot water!

    And tell your boy to keep his germy hands to himself.

    Feel better!


  155. Cindy

    I have one on my front porch that says, “Ahead be Dragons”.

    Hey, if the Sherry is gone, I have a bottle of ice wine I’ve been saving for a special occasion. Devlin getting Chrossed is special. I guess if it happens all the time, you don’t celebrate any more, but any excuse, right?

    Anyway, the ice wine is already chilled. I know that kind of wine doesn’t appeal to everybody, but it’s kind of fun.

    Should I get it out? I don’t think you have to let it breathe or anything.


  156. Mindy

    Great! Now everyone will know more about this playground.

    dd, I hope you get better soon. :tea:

    Cindy, your new gravatar is cute. Are you striving to be a good girl now? It’s the weekend today – no work. How was your volunteer work? I have watched the Swedish version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and “The Girl Who Played With Fire”. Great films and the girl who acted as Lisbeth did a very good job.

  157. Scarlet

    I didn’t have the vapors. I am not so poor-spirited as that! (that’s what the heroines in Georgette Heyer novels say, anyway!). I think now I stamp my foot and shake my curls. Alas, I have no curls. :headshake: I will just shake my head.

  158. Scarlet

    I love the idea of a hot toddy and a bath, and I’m not even sick. I hope it makes you all better. Dev will be around shortly with a thermometer.

  159. Scarlet

    I will run with you, if you have summoned Dr. O’Neill!

  160. dd

    Cindy, if it was too easy there would be no fun to be had!

    Eucalyptus leaves could be tricky to find in the middle of an English winter, unless I can track down a passing koala or Mindy could wing some over. Have just had green tea, lemon and honey, a really disgusting combination, even BBH suggested I put whisky in it. Given the only whisky left in the house is an 18 year old Glenlivet this was an astonishimg suggestion from a man with Scottish ancestry.

  161. Scarlet

    Cindy, I think your house sounds fascinating! What do the neighbors think?

  162. Cindy

    You know, I have to go lay down every time you say something like that.

  163. Mindy

    :hides: :haha: Watch out, dd! Scarlet, the notorious bus driver, is on the move! :littlebus:

  164. Cindy

    I’m going to be the best girl, Mindy. Nobody is ever going to have to yell at me again.

    They made me go home at noon. I was making the dogs nervous.

    I liked Daniel Craig as Mikael. And some really hot guy played Armanski. That was just wrong.

    I’m going to watch The Help tonight.

    Hope you’re having a good day at work. Wait. What day is it there? You may not BE at work.


  165. dd

    No need to send Dev over with the thermometer, Scarlet. We have a nifty little digital one, far easier than those old fashioned versions.

  166. Mindy

    dd, do you know that iced lemon tea is actually black/green tea, honey, lemon and ice? If you put some ice in yours, it may taste better.

  167. Cindy

    I thought of eucalyptus leaves because I bought fresh flowers at WalMart earlier and there were eucalyptus stems. I had to shread some off to get them in the arrangement I made and now I can’t get the smell off my hands. And my sinus’ opened right up.

    That’s why I suggested it. You see why everything seems so interconnected?

    Greet Tea and good Scotch. Ick. I had a friend who used to drink unsweetend tea and rum. Doesn’t that just sound wretched?


  168. Mindy

    Yup, no work today. It’s Saturday and I slept in as I was so tired. It’s been a long week.

    I’m going to watch the third part, “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest”, later.

  169. Cindy

    And a good shot of simple syrup.

    I can never get green tea sweet enough. I think it’s the tannins that I can’t handle. That’s why I don’t like dry wine. I guess it has tannins too.


  170. Cindy

    Now, girls. No running in the house.

  171. Cindy

    About what, Scar?

  172. Cindy

    Yeah, it was really good too.

    The girl who played Lisbeth is in the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey and Jude Law. Lucky girl.

    I thought those movies were perfect adaptations of those wonderful books. I don’t know why Hollywood felt the need to make them over.

    It makes me almost cry every time I remember that those 3 books are the only ones we’re ever going to get out of Steig Larsson.


  173. Cindy

    I’m sorry I made fun of you last night, Kaki Ann. I didn’t mean to do those dancey smileys twice. I thought it didn’t take the first time.

    Don’t be mad, k?



  174. Kaki

    Cindy, that is EXACTLY the position Dev wants you in, good job! :thumbsup: You catch on quick. :!: :doc: :pill:

    Beep Beep! :littlebus:

  175. Kaki

    I didn’t know it was possible to be fired from a volunteer job? :confused as top: :happydoggy: :puppyeyes:

  176. Kaki

    That is all right, Scarlet. Cindy is lying on the floor waiting for Dr. O’Neill. :nervous:

  177. Cindy

    :rollonfloor: :rollonfloor:

    You are the MASTER, kaki!

    I bow to your supremacy!


  178. Cindy

    They didn’t FIRE me. They suggested very gently that I could go home if I wanted because they had quite a few volunteers today. I was scaring the dogs.

    I am more than welcome to go back next week as long as my new meds have kicked in.


  179. Cindy

    And if I’d paid more attention to the post I responded to, I’d have known that. I have the attention span of a gnat.


  180. Scarlet

    What do you suppose she did to scare the dogs, Kaki? And it looks like we have a new fierce competitor for Best Girl on the Blite! Now Dev will have to award it to someone. You can’t have all these contestants and not have a prize! :gift: :rose: :star:

  181. Scarlet

    I know it looks like I am laughing at myself, but the laughing was about Cindy waiting for Dev.

  182. Cindy

    Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce is in this movie. I just love her. She was in The Village, one of my favorites.

  183. Cindy

    No, we can all tell you’re laughing at me. Your response is clearly to Kaki’s comment and not your own.


  184. Scarlet

    Cindy, I like the new avatar btw. But you also have very pretty hair! Your real hair, not the pony tail hair on this avatar.

  185. Cindy

    I like flowers, Kaki. And milk chocolate.


  186. Scarlet

    I think he left behind a partially written fourth novel. I’m sure whoever finally gets ownership of it will hire someone to finish it, although that really is not the same. Last I heard it was his father and brother against his longtime lover.

  187. Cindy

    Those would be pigtails, Scarlet.

  188. Cindy

    There’s a bunch of Georgette Heyer novels in the Bas Bleu catalog. I got one of my favorite childhood books from there a couple years ago. Mrs Mike about the wife of a Canadian Mounty. Did you ever read it? I LOVED that book.

  189. Scarlet

    Which movie? The Help?

  190. Cindy

    Yeah, because he would never register their committment because he was nervous about people knowing their address.

    I’m waiting for someone to write a biography of him. I thought she would, she’s a writer too.

    And he hadn’t had contact with his dad or brother for 20 years or something?

  191. Scarlet

    Oh. My. God!!! Mrs. Mike is one of my favorite books ever. I cannot believe you just said that. Most people have never heard of it!

  192. Cindy

    Yes, The Help. It’s ok. Book was better.

  193. Cindy

    Seriously? You’ve read it? I’ve never met another person who has read that book.

    I cry every stinkin time I read it.

  194. Scarlet

    I’m looking for it on shelves right now. I own it, but I have a lot of books, and they’re not alphabetized.

  195. Scarlet

    I loved the book, but I liked the movie, too.

  196. Cindy

    I spent a LOT of time in the local library when I was growning up. The librarian was so good to me. She found books for me that I would never have found on my own.

    We had a housekeeper when I was young and she gave me suggestions for books too. I think since they were older that the moms of my friends, I read books of a different era than other girls my age.

  197. Cindy

    I wore my old copy out and I think it got lost somewhere in one of my moves from or to school so I was thrilled when I found a copy of it again. Actually, I’m going to look at the copywrite date. It may be a reissue.

  198. Cindy

    I’m having a hard time concentrating tonight.

  199. Scarlet

    Found it! It was published in 1947′ and I have a very old hardbound copy. A friend bought it for me a few years ago for my birthday. We saw it while shopping together at an antique store.

  200. Cindy

    the paperback edition of Mrs Mike was published in 2002. Original publication date of 1947.

  201. Cindy

    I have always looked at flea markets for another hardback edition! I also buy every hardback edition of Elsie Dinsmore that I can find. I think I have 9 or 10 with different covers.

  202. Cindy

    that is seriously cool.

  203. Scarlet

    I think I have the 1947 version. It’s the only pub date listed.

  204. Cindy

    Wow! You DO have the old one. I wish I knew what I ever did with the one I had. It was literally falling apart though. But I know I wouldn’t have pitched it on purpose. But sometimes I had “help” with packing. And none of my friends ever had the same appreciation for old books.

  205. Kaki

    Scarlet, I don’t think we have anything to worry about right now for best girl on the blite award as long as Cindy keeps calling people names. :angel: :angel:

    I am one of the, never heard of Mrs Mike, crowd. I googled it and it looks like a good story.

    Cindy, I like you new avatar and the pigtail girl.

  206. Scarlet

    Did you read The Five Little Peppers series?

  207. Mindy

    I just googled it too. It sounds like a very heartwarming true story.

  208. Cindy

    Sure, but I was more of a Bobbsey Twins kind of girl.

  209. Cindy

    And I thought I WAS Pippi Longstockings.

    Hey, I could have been. I had the horse.

  210. Cindy

    Did you ever read The Rackety Packety House? About the doll house?

  211. Scarlet

    I loved the Bobbsey Twins, but also Trixie Belden.

    If anyone is following these comments they would have a hard time believing this is a spanking blog.

  212. Scarlet

    I had a horse, too. But I was not Pippi.

  213. Cindy

    I know, I was JUST thinking the same thing.


  214. Cindy

    were you forced to read under the covers at night with a flashlight? If you did, you were so not Pippi.

  215. Scarlet

    I don’t know that one.

  216. Cindy

    Mindy, darlin, if it had been anybody other than you that said that, I would have suspected sarcasm. But I already know you well enough to know that you mean it. Isn’t that weird?

  217. Scarlet

    I read inside my closet with the closet light on. I sat on top of a bag of doll clothes.

  218. Cindy

    The rich girl gets a new snazzy doll house and the old doll house gets shoved in the corner and forgotten.

    I think the new dolls are nobility and the old doll are just old and worn out.

    It will break your heart.

  219. Cindy

    I didn’t read much Trixie Belden. Who was the student nurse? Cherry somebody?

  220. Mindy

    Huh, sarcasm? I’m confused. :dunno: I’m glad you didn’t think so. I was seriously reading the review about Mrs Mike.

    I’ve just googled Five Little Peppers and I’m just downloading them.

  221. Scarlet

    How about The Trolley Car Family? A family who lives in an old trolley car, obviously.

    Maybe it was a take off on the boxcar Children.

  222. Cindy

    That is so cute. You remember that you sat on the bag.

    I read all the time. There just weren’t any kids out here in the country. Sometimes, the housekeeper’s grandkids got to come stay with her and I had kids to play with. But i was jealous of them because that was their grandma and they were jealous of me because she lived at my house. But it was still fun.

    I especially devoured stories about real families. I pretended that they were mine.

  223. Scarlet

    Cherry Ames!

  224. Cindy

    I remember the Box Car Children.,.. not the Trolley car though.

    There was one series? book? the people were little tiny and lived in the mouse hole in the wall and they made furniture and stuff out of the things they found. I can’t think what it was called…

  225. Cindy

    Yeah! I loved those books.

    Cherry Ames. I need a serious trip to Ebay.

  226. Scarlet

    You’re an only child, I guess. I used to try to find anywhere quiet to read. Lots of kids and pets and assorted visitors in my house. It was semi organized chaos.

  227. Scarlet

    Where did Kaki and Mindy go?

  228. Cindy

    Oh! I just meant the heartwarming part. It IS a heartwarming story, but some people, gosh, Mindy, I don’t know how to explain this to a person who doesn’t have a mean bone in their body.

  229. Cindy

    thank you Kaki, I’m glad you like the avatar and you need to read Mrs Mike, but butthead is not really a bad name, it’s more like, like a pet name. Yeah, a pet name for a favored Bottom. You can see that can’t you?? It’s not bad.

    Please don’t tell.

  230. Cindy

    I don’t want to stay up being sick all night again. Please don’t tell. I’ll give you money, ok? Whatever you want.

  231. Cindy

    I wished every day I lived at a house like yours. This house was like a great big tomb.

    On the other hand, I read more than anybody I knew. It’s served me well. I wouldn’t have done that if there had been other kids around.

  232. Cindy

    they’re up there. Mindy is downloading the Five Little Peppers! Isn’t that cool?

  233. Scarlet

    Totally cool. The people in the mouse hole were The Borrowers.

  234. Scarlet

    Cindy, I think you’re safe on the BH comment. There is no way Dev is reading all of this!

  235. Cindy

    Oh, THANK YOU! The Borrowers. Did you read them? They were SO good! And clever.

    Ha! I love the Kindle App!

  236. Mindy

    You’re right, Scarlet. Dev won’t read all of this. He’ll just be very surprised that we haven’t redecorated his study and that we are all discussing books here.

  237. Cindy

    It really, really, really wasn’t bad!

    And I think he has some kind of imbedded program that lets him know when I’ve said something inappropriate and it buzzes him to go check. I bet you a dollar he will be here in 5 minutes or less. Adn he will know exactly what I said without wading through the drivel.

  238. Cindy

    That’s it! We’re all just sitting around not drinking or anything having a book discussion.

    Mindy, did you get The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew?

  239. Mindy

    Yes, found that one and a few others. Out of the 12 books in that series, half of them were available as free downloads.

  240. Cindy

    uh,,,,, have you ever seen this comment before:

    You are posting too quickly. Slow down.

    How does he DO that???

  241. Cindy

    Where at, Mindy?

  242. Scarlet

    Dev is very powerful! :happy:

    I’m off to read for awhile, girls. Night.

  243. Cindy

    Night, Scarlet. it was fun.

  244. Mindy

    Over here.

    Project Gutenberg is another place to look for free books that you can download – the copyright of these books have expired.

  245. Mindy

    Link to Margaret Sidney’s books on Project Gutenberg.

  246. Mindy

    Night, Scarlet.

    I need to cook some lunch too.

  247. Mindy

    Oops, the link on “here” didn’t work. Try this instead.

  248. Cindy

    Hahha! Lunch. I love that. It’s 9pm here. Lunch.

    Thanks for the link, Mindy. I know that site, for heaven’s sakes.

    Hey come back after you eat, ok?

  249. Cindy, do you have something to say to me, young lady? :waits:

  250. Mindy

    I’m back, Cindy. I’m multi-tasking – reading “The Night Stalker” by Chris Carter, watching tennis and checking in here. Sorry if I get distracted.

  251. Cindy

    Yes, I do. I called Scarlet a kind of bad name, not bad words, but not respectful either. It was the kind of throw away remark that I am SO good at and it always comes back to bite me.

    Live and don’t learn, that’s me.

    Sorry, Dev. I’ll do better.

    But please tell me!!! How do you know?? Is there a panic button someone pushes when I do something? You couldn’t POSSIBLY have waded through all the drivel that went on here tonight to find that one remark.

  252. Cindy

    And I had already decided I was going to tell you when you came back, but you got here first.

  253. That’s very good, Cindy, and I am glad to see you know exactly why I was put out with you. I won’t have disrespect here, and I’m sure you’ll remember that from now on. You’re forgiven. :smile:

  254. And to answer your question, Cindy, you girls have an instinct for getting into trouble. I have an instinct for detecting it. :helmet:

  255. Cindy

    so, are you going to share about how you found that one word?

    And please, don’t ignore me! Please just say “No”.


  256. Cindy

    Did you read any of our discussions tonight? Nobody would have guessed it was a spanking blog, huh.

  257. I did read them, and you’re right, no one would. That happens a lot here.

  258. Mindy

    More like a book club.

  259. Cindy

    (shouting after you) You know, I could have immediately fixed that with an edit button! You wouldn’t have had to bother with any of this. You might just want to think about it!

    Just sayin!

  260. Cindy

    Oh, sorry, I thought you let.

  261. Cindy


    I thought you LEFT.

  262. Cindy

    It was fun, huh Mindy! And you got some new stuff to read. Me too!

  263. Mindy

    My list of books to read just got longer. That’s good though. Makes up for the lack of reading during childhood.

  264. Cindy

    What did you do for fun when you were a kid, Mindy?

  265. I’m still around, and you need to learn to proofread, Cindy. Just saying.

  266. Cindy

    Is that about the LA serial killer, Richard Ramirez? Oh, man, that is one seriously scary book, Mindy. But it’s still daylight there, right?

    Don’t read it after dark!

  267. Cindy

    Yeah, I got a message earlier and hand to god, it said

    “You are posting too quickly. Slow Down.”

    Right across the middle of the screen.

    I thought it was YOU.

  268. Mindy

    Cindy, I can hardly remember that far back. Well, we didn’t have many toys as my parents were just making ends meet. We played with rubber bands, five stones (not literally stones but small homemade triangular cloth bags filled with rice), catching, hopscotch, hide and seek, etc. Certainly no fanciful toys. Those were more games we played when we were very young. Didn’t play much during secondary school days – I was quite a nerd :geek:

  269. Cindy

    Did you have brothers and sisters? Were they older than you? Did you get along with them or did you fight.

  270. Mindy

    If I’m totally engrossed in the book, I’ll be reading past midnight just to finish it. It doesn’t scare me. My elder sister used to tell us ghost stories when we were really young. She had a vivid imagination and took absolute delight in scaring us, her two younger sisters. I guess I’m now quite immune to horror stories. I love reading thrillers and such.

  271. Mindy

    I have two sisters and I’m the middle child. We get along fine though we certainly have our share of fights.

  272. Cindy

    Hahha. You still fight? Were you the peace maker since you were the middle child? I bet you helped your mom a lot too, didn’t you. I wanted a sister.

    One time I was eating dinner at a friend’s house and she had a big family. I think there were 4 kids. And usually 1 or 2 extra kids hanging around. I’m sure your house was like that too.

    And I will never forget how everybody was talking at once and laughing and still managing to eat. I had never seen anything like it.

  273. Mindy

    Nah, we no longer fight as we are now living in separate continents. ;-)

  274. Cindy

    I guess that would do it!

  275. Mindy

    Goodnight, Dev.

  276. Cindy

    I think I am going to watch The Descendants next. Ooo. George Clooney! Bonus!

  277. Cindy

    Night, Dev. I hope you have a restful night. No alarm buttons going off or anything.

    I’ll get the lights later.

  278. Mindy

    From the trailer, it seems like an interesting movie.

  279. Cindy

    Yeah, but I don’t want it to be sad. The scenery is great though. And Hawaii is pretty too!


  280. Cindy

    If you were here, Mindy, we could watch it together.

    This looks to be the best of my choices tonight. The only other 2 I have are something called Hugo and one called The Artist. They both look French and I’m not in the mood.

    George Clooney it is!

  281. Mindy

    Got to go – my exercise bike beckons. Have a good night, Cindy. :moon:

  282. Cindy

    Go ride your bike, Mindy! Have a nice evening.

  283. Cindy

    Huh! Trent Reznor from NIN composed the soundtrack for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. That was really good music.

    Who’d a thought!

  284. dd

    Drat, I missed the Book Club! Probably a good thing as the only names I recognised were Pippi Longstocking, The Borrowers and Georgette Heyer, and I though I was reasonably well read *sigh*.

  285. Scarlet

    Anyone who didn’t miss out on Georgette Heyer is well read and well entertained, dd. She thought her own books were nothing but fluff, but it is hard work to be delightful book after book. I have everything she ever wrote, plus a wonderful guide to Regency England. I adore her.

    You’ll have to give us your book list, either from childhood or adulthood. I can never put books in order–ranking them is impossible, it’s like ranking people. But give us five of your favorites, and that will be a nudge perhaps into more English lit we may not know.

    Also, I have decided that there is a spirit living in my iPad trying to give me some encoded information about the universe, if only I am smart enough to figure it out. The auto correct feature is just bizarre. For instance, it changed Georgette Heyer to Georgette absurd. Maybe it is Georgette herself in here? I will call my iPad Georgette from now on.

  286. Cindy

    I turned my nose up at such “fluff” when I was old enough to chose what I considered adult books. But I soon discovered that a great story is a great story, no matter the genre.

    I read something interesting this morning, you all may have known this, but I sure didn’t. In the US, Amazon sells more ebooks than all printed books combined. I do think this has something to do with our instant gratification obsession, but not all.

    In the same article, it talked about the books that we are choosing to read. Not treatises on the economy or global warming, not the political autobiographies that we purchase but never read, but romance novels, westerns, mysteries and thrillers.

    Erotica is being devoured at an unprecedented rate and that is especially good news for the leaders of our own little bands of merry men.

    We no longer have to hide our preferred choice under the dust jacket of what we perceive to be worthy of being read.

    Scarlet, I thought of another one last night that I wanted to see if you had read. I’ve never been embarrassed to read Joan Didion’s books, I savor each and every word, but did you read The Year of Magical Thinking?

  287. Cindy

    Hey, dd, you feeling better today?

  288. scarlet

    I love Joan Didion, and I loved the book. I saw The Year of Magical Thinking on Broadway. A wonderful one woman show with Vanessa Redgrave. My husband was a little less enthralled than I was, but it was about the death of a husband, after all!

    No, it is really about being lost in the face of losing people you love, including her daughter. I can see why it might have resonated for you. Touching.

  289. Cindy

    She wrote a book about her daughter’s illness and susequent death and my finger was poised on the BUY IT NOW button, but then I read a bunch of the reviews and decided against it. I thought TYOMT was such a perfect book, but the reader feedback was just not good.

    haha. I didn’t want to take the chance of NOT liking something she wrote, so I didn’t get it. Isn’t that silly?

    I would have loved to see the show. Redgrave would have been perfect. I wonder what Didion though of her performance?

  290. Cindy

    This is kind of interesting in light of what I read this morning. Apparently, there is a brouhaha at Amazon over stories being stolen from the free erotica sites like Literotica and being sold on Amazon as ebooks.

    Literotica authors screaming for justice, Amazon asking what they are supposed to do about it.

    I guess it’s up to the authors to sue for plagiarism. Seems like the ones I’ve read about would be easy to prove. The ebooks I’ve seen held as evidence are word for word the same as the stories.

    I can see why the authors are upset, but I don’t know how Amazon could possibly do any more than make their authors sign the contract that surely contains pertinent language.

  291. dd

    Cindy, I thought The Year of Magical Thinking was a wonderful book, so would back Scarlet’s recommendation.

    I am feeling much better today, thank you, although I fear I will be made to drink some more of the evil green tea concoction tonight, although I have been promised a Scotch afterwards. Strange, I like all the individual components, but together…ugh!

    Scarlet, limiting my list to five books is nigh on impossible, I am bound to miss some of my all time favourites out. Georgette Heyer, an all time favourite, read from early teens on to any time comfort reading is essential. War and Peace, probably my all time favourite but not for the faint hearted. I am lucky I first read it at a time when no book presented a challenge, don’t like Anna Karenina so much.

    So in no order at all, and probably leaving out some all time favourites, here are five to be getting on with…Katherine by Anya Seyton, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, A Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster and My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.

    OK, realised those are all favourites from my teens, but still enjoyed; childhood books included the Narnia series, The Hobbit, anything by E Nesbit and Noel Streatfield, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Stuart Little, heck the list is endless.

    More recent reading – The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby, 1000 Years of Annoying the French (simply the funniest, accurate, history book I have ever read) trying to understand why my best friend loves Doris Lessing (which I find more like a curate’s egg) and, of course, Devlin O’Neill!

  292. Cindy

    oOoooo All good choices, dd!

    Do you have books that you read and re-read? All of my James Herriot books are pretty worn out. I think that’s one of the big draws of an e-reader for me. Well, a couple things. You can’t tear the cover of an ebook and you can carry your whole library with you.

    I already own most of the classics I’ll want to read again, so I don’t foresee a time where I will ever go back to paper books. I don’t plan on moving ever, but it’s sure easier if you don’t have to ship hardbacks.

    I really liked The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Did you read it and did you like it?

    How about books that have just stayed with you? I read a fictional account of Amelia Earhart called I was Amelia Earhart and I’ve often thought of it. I read The Lonely Bones and I still remember how I felt reading it.

    I loved Noel Streatfield. And I want to find 1000 years of Annoying the French.

    Did you read A Year in Provence? I think there was a sequel or two, but I just read the first one and loved it.

    I love books. And music!

  293. scarlet

    I adore I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith.

    Cindy, if you haven’t read it, you would like it.

  294. Cindy

    Oh, that looks really GOOD, Scarlet! thank you. Although I’m going to have to break that vow I made earlier. It’s not avaliable for Kindle.

    Oh welll!

    … ordered!


  295. Cindy

    Has she written something else? I know I’ve heard that name.

  296. Cindy

    Dang it, they have the audiobook on Audible, but it’s abridged. I hate that. I never did like Reader’s Digest.

    That’s like drinking watered down root beer.

    (bet you don’t know who said that)

  297. Cindy

    Ha! She wrote 101 Dalmations!

  298. Cindy

    And I ordered 1000 Years of Annoying the French. THANKS, DD!

  299. dd

    I think almost all of the above I have been read and re-read myriad times, Cindy.

    The Guernsey Literary & PP Society I enjoyed but was a bit irked by some of the historical inaccuracies, I know it was not popular with some of the Guernsey population. 84 Charing Cross Road is a wonderful book of the letter writing genre, a sort of love affair, by correspondence, between a rare book seller and an American collector.

    The Lovely Bones, is one of the few books I read in a sitting, thought was very good and, very unusually, left behind. Even now I have a weird reaction to even thinking about it, maybe having children who will be the age the protagonists were in a few years time made it more uncomfortable for me. I didn’t even leave it, as I normally would in France, with the Doris Lessing fan.

    Do try and read 1000 Years of Annoying the French, it looks dauntingly thick but it is one of the few books which has consistently made me laugh out loud over the last few years, even the foot notes are funny!

    I also love short stories, not such a popular genre nowadays. Saki, Rudyard Kipling, Christopher Isherwood, Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter…sometimes they direct you to the author’s longer works, the really great ones work by themselves.

    Must stop, before I write an essay again!

  300. dd

    Well done, you’ll cry!

  301. dd

    This time, you’ll laugh and learn a lot of history! Do read the notes at the foot of the page, I usually ignore them but in this instance they are some of the funniest bits of the book!

  302. dd

    There’s also a v good film of it, came out a couple of years or so ago.

  303. bree

    Hi, everyone…. :wave:

    Since this is a spanking blog, I thought I would turn attention to that for just a millisecond. :paddle:

    I am going to be spanked tonight at 10 PM EST. :happy: Why? :roll: For just being bree. :shock: *SIGH* I think this is too general a reason. :notpleased: Don’t you? :dunno: I need some hugs. :hug:

    Toodles. :heart:

  304. Cindy

    Oh, Bree! :hug: :hug:

    I feel so bad for you and kind of jealous all at the same time.

    Will there be popcorn?

  305. Cindy

    Did you do something bad? Or is it really just because.

  306. dd

    Bree, that is very precise timing, I do hope you are going out for a nice dinner beforehand, perhaps a few cocktails and some dancing? A “Just Because” spanking sure beats some of the others in Top’s arsenal, so I am afraid I cannot sympathise too much :hug: I presume cuddles, champagne and chocolate are lined up for after care? :heart:

  307. Cindy

    Oh, and Scarletti, just thought I’d let you know – your Mr O is a speed reader. After you left last night, Mindy and I were visiting and Devlin came in and hollered at me. I had already decided to just tell him I called you a cheese head and get it over with, but he came in through the garage instead of the front door and I didn’t get to him before he found it.

    It was ok though. I didn’t feel like a bug he wished he could squash or anything. And that’s all me, he never made me feel like that, but that’s how I’d have felt if I’d been him a couple times this week.

    And he stayed and visited with me and Mindy for a good long bit. Then he went to bed and Mindy went bike riding and I watched a George Clooney movie. So it was all good.

    But I thought I’d let you know that he does read the posts even if he’s not here and he knows what goes on, EVEN THOUGH YOU SAID HE WOULDN’T.

  308. Cindy

    There’s chocolate after spanking? Why, this is new. I’m writing it down, dd.

  309. Cindy

    Essay away, dd. I like reading about books.

  310. Cindy

    Scar, do you have a list of 5 favorite?

    And let me ask you this – are you guys the type that read the whole thing cover to cover just because you started it or are you like me and if it doesn’t grab you in the first 100 pages, off with it’s head?

    Life is too short and there are too many great books.

    Oh and I want you to hear my new motto:

    Hard work may pay off in the long run, but procrastination pays off now.


  311. Cindy

    Can you come back and tell us about it afterward, Bree?

  312. dd

    You don’t get chocolate after every spanking, Cindy! However sometimes if it’s a Good Girl spanking or a Just Because Your Butt;’s There spanking, you do. Also, occasionally after some of the other types of spanking your natural chemicals can be a bit off kilter so some form of sugar is good to bring you back down to the ground…warning fruit juice is sometimes offered, my current favourite is left-over Christmas Cake!

  313. scarlet

    I don’t, but people should be spanked very hard for abridging books. Or watering down root beer. Horrors!

  314. dd

    Cindy, everyone has to be able to speed read to bgin to keep up over here, else by the time you finish typing your well thought out comment, half a dozen others have posted!

    Quick question, what does visiting really mean in the US? We take it as meaning to pay a visit to someone’s house, a noun not a verb.

    Good night!

  315. scarlet

    I’m shocked. I never would have thought Dev would wade through all that. Even though he’s never missed a trick before I thought for sure THIS time…oh, well, all’s well that ends well, yes?

    :littlebus: :littlebus:

  316. scarlet

    I like the books you and dd mentioned, Cindy. I enjoyed Guernsey a lot, too. I loved 84 Charring Cross Road.

    Five that haven’t been mentioned: Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. West with the Night, by Beryl Markahm. To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee. Angela’s Ashes, by Frank McCourt. Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. Winnie the Pooh. Anything by Roald Dahl. Anything by Mark Twain, but especially Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

    I know that’s more than five. I can’t abide by my own rules.

  317. Cindy

    I can pay you a visit, dd. But I can also visit with you.


    That’s ok. You guys will catch on someday. English is quite complicated, you know.

  318. Cindy

    I agree!

    iTunes is really bad about not telling you that you are purchasing an abridged version. I always look to see if there is a more expensive alternative. That’s sometimes the only clue.

    And Snoopy said that about abridged books. I think it was after Woodstock read War & Peace to him and it was only a few minutes long.

  319. Cindy

    Can you get a siren for that bus?

    Ok, here are my movie choices tonight:

    A Dangerous Method (About Freud, I think)
    Iron Lady (Meryl Streep)
    Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close)
    Ides of March – another George Clooney

    Which one would you watch first. I like ending with Clooney, if you know what I mean.

    I think Freud!


  320. Cindy

    Aw, the ones I’ve heard of I love.

    I don’t think Harper Lee wrote that book. I don’t think you write a book like that and never pick up a pen again.

    That’s #1 on every one of my book lists. The rest vary. And a lot of yours are on there too.

    “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”


  321. Mindy

    Lots of :hug: :hug: :hug: , bree! I’m sure you’ll love it. ;-)

  322. Mindy

    Cindy, I think there is a spanking scene in The Dangerous Method. ;-)

  323. What? Only 34 new comments waiting for me tonight? And no outrageous naughtiness? Am I on the right blite? :timeout:

    Hi, everyone, and thanks to all for keeping things lively, and to dd for including me in her faves list (sorry if anyone else did and I haven’t seen it yet) and Bree, that’s how it goes when you are Bree – you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

    And just so it doesn’t look like I don’t contribute anything around here except a stern scowl now and again, I loved The Life of Pi because it made me shake my head and say OMG so much, I finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because I had to after wading through the first hundred and twenty pages when nothing happened, and then so much happened that I never want to read anything like that again, much less see it on film, I never heard of most of the books you guys have been talking about, though I will alway love Winnie the Pooh, and I would almost give up being Devlin O’Neill to be Terry Pratchett. Almost.

  324. Cindy

    Oooo. Viggo Mortensen and Kira Knightley!

    Thanks, Bree. I’ll be watching for it!

  325. Mindy

    So many people will be devastated if you give up being Devlin O’Neill.

  326. Oh. Well then, Terry is safe from identity theft, from me anyway. Thanks, Mindy. :smile:

  327. Cindy


    We’ve been GOOD! It’s hard to get in trouble when you’re talking about books. Did you have a good day?

    And you contribute everything to this place – you built it!

    I had to listen to the audio version of Dragon Tattoo first because the names kept putting me to sleep when I was reading it.

    Most of the books we talked about are kind of girly books and you aren’t expected to be conversant.


  328. Thank you, Cindy. I had a very long and busy day, but good. I will have supper now and try to unwind. And I’m glad I am not required to know girly books. It’s tough enough knowing boy-y books.

  329. Scarlet

    Dev, don’t ever be anyone else. There’s only one you. :heart:

  330. bree

    @dd This is not a romantic session. :sad: This is a just because I need it session and they don’t believe I deserve the other amenities. *SIGH* It is a discipline session. :worried:

    It was only romantic once…. :rose:

    These type of men/spankers are hard to find. :hairpull: It could be my fault, I have been told I am standoffish. :cry: I guess no one thinks I deserve the other things. Honestly, if you do find one, it is maybe (and I say that very optimistically), the first time we meet. :roll: I obviously am not a likeable person to continue lavishing on after the first time, if there is one. It is pretty much just spanking, thank you and goodbye. :neutral:

    @Cindy There is nothing to tell really, but if you want I can make something up for you. These men do not want to be my boyfriend let alone see me in public. It is pretty much on the hush hush. :secret:

    Don’t believe the spanking stories you read. It is nothing like that. At least, not for me anyway. *SIGH* :refuse:

    Not sure I will like this spanking. I will tell you tomorrow. It is going to be a looong session. :nervous:

    Thank you for the hugs Cindy, dd and Mindy. I needed that to plod along. :happy:

  331. Cindy

    Oh, Bree… I don’t know what to say. Do you have a friend you can call to come be with you?

    And I think you are a very likeable person. Who would tell you that you aren’t?

    You don’t have to do this, do you?

  332. Scarlet

    Bree, I think you just haven’t met the right Top yet. If you feel like you need the discipline session, then by all means get what you need from it, but I hate to hear that you wonder if you’re not a likable person, or if someone makes you feel like that. Life is way too short for that.

    I would hope there’s always at least a hug at the end, and a sense of some sort of connection. I don ‘t know anything at all about looking for this kind of relationship outside of my marriage, but I do know quite a lot about people. And I know that the heart is a very tender thing, and you should take good care of yours. :happy:

  333. Cindy

    Well, that was the fakest thing I’ve ever seen! It was obvious he wasn’t spanking her.

    And it wasn’t ever Viggo, it was Michael Fassbender.

    Ok Viggo did good work, but this movie doesn’t get a thumbs up.

    What’s wrong with Keira Knightley?

  334. Cindy

    Aww. That’n made me cry, Scar.

  335. Cindy

    Ok, I’m sick of these movies. I want something good to watch.

    Ooo. 28 days, I haven’t see that one for awhile. It’s scary…. Eh, I’ll watch a cartoon afterward.

    This one has vampires. And not the pretty ones, either!

  336. scarlet

    Some people think Truman Capote wrote it, Cindy. Do you think that’s true?

  337. scarlet

    I liked the Ides of March a lot. George Clooney. Yummy.

  338. scarlet

    Don’t make me come over there and pull that pigtail, Cindy. :piggy:

  339. Cindy

    He was her cousin so it could be true. It’s hard to tell. If you compare TKAM with something like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I think the flow is similar. You know? There’s a rhythm to his writing that you can also see in Mockingbird. But if he helped her with it, I think the styles would also be similar.

    I just don’t see how the words would just stop. I don’t think you write this perfect book and say, Ok, that’s all I’ve got, I’m done. I know there are a lot of One Shot Wonders, but for a book like that? It would be like Jane Austen just stopping after P&P.

    Even with Margaret Mitchell. She spent years researching and forcing out this complex epic novel. I don’t know, even if she had lived if would she have had the energy to write something else? She didn’t need to, she got the story she needed to tell out.

    I know there are a few authors that should have quit while they were ahead. Colleen McCullough. Name one book she wrote after The Thorn Birds. I know she wrote several, but did you read them? i might have read them, but I have no memory of them and I loved the Thorn Birds.

    I think you said it before when we were talking about writing. Writers write.

  340. Cindy

    Yeah, I’m saving that for bedtime. the one I watched with him last night was good, but it was sad. The Descendents.

    I think they’re pushing for an Oscar for him for Director for Ides of March. Best Actor in the other one.

  341. Cindy

    Meryl Streep is going to walk away with Iron Lady. And it’s just weird watching Glenn Close be a man in Albert Nobbs. I turned it off after 10 minutes.

    Hey, do me a favor and go check your email, would you? I asked you a couple questions.

    I’m worried.

  342. scarlet

    Just wrote back.

  343. Cindy

    We just walk all over the top of each other,dont’ we.

    hehehehe. I said “top”.

  344. Aww, poor Bree. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out.

    It’s true, it is very difficult to earn a spanking when discussing fine literature and cinema. Of course, discussing fine literature and cinema at the expense of one’s handsome Top being distracted from actually reading or watching the aforesaid? Books make good impromptu paddles, so long as they’re not a first edition.

    Albeit, TV is a better medium for spanking. There’s got to be something to do during the commercials. (We don’t yet have one of those magic boxes that edits all of them out.)

  345. Cindy

    Don’t you threaten me, Missy. I’m the goodest girl.

  346. Cindy

    No more book notes! Me and Scarlet are done. It’s back to spanking for everybody!

    OK, this is on topic: I watched the movie A Dangerous Method earlier tonight. And I was really excited because it was purported to have a spanking scened.

    Totally fake. Michael Fassbender was smacking the heck out of something, but it sure wasn’t Keira Knightley’s tush. Sounded like a cardboard box.

    Pathetic. She couldn’t suffer for her art? How does she ever expect to gain that Oscar Nomination.

  347. Cindy

    And if there aren’t any boys around, what do you think we’re going to talk about?

  348. At least it cannot be said that this blog does not pass the Bechdel Test.

  349. Em

    Do you know how sometimes you think you are the only person in the world who feels a particular way, and then you finally find someone else who does and you are terribly happy not to be alone anymore?

    That is how I felt just now reading you say you didn’t like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Dev! I often feel like the lone dissenter in a sea of admiration for the series, but I just couldn’t stand it! Unfortunately, Cindy, I am not someone who can put a book down no matter how horrible it is, so I read the whole darn thing. Those were 500 pages that could have been much better spent, I’m afraid.

    It is 9:56 pm EST, Bree, I’ll be sending lots of positive get-out-of-spanking-or-at-least-plenty-of-cuddles-after vibes your way. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  350. I only read the first one, and I think it had good characters trapped in a too long plot. Thrillers shouldn’t need a family tree appendix. That’s my rule of thumb.

  351. Em

    The original title of the book was “Men Who Hate Women” which I think was much more accurate.

    Aside from the long stretches of hideously boring nothingness, I could never get over the fact that the main male character seemed to feel he was being charitable by being so nice to the girl with the dragon tattoo. All of the things that made her unique and individual were portrayed as character flaws that he appreciated her in spite of, not because of.

  352. I had to look up Bechdel Test, PE, but good one. Nicely done. :thumbsup:

  353. She got to earn her misanthropy. I like to think that the male lead was also, on a certain level, ‘a man who hated women’…he was just a passive hater instead of an active one. There’s a theme, there, if you pick at it.

    Actually, one of the things I did like was the high specificity of ‘named items’. None of this lazy ‘a high-powered camera’. If it was a Sony, he wrote it like so. Brave.

  354. Was it really the original title, Em? Or are you pulling our collective leg? Not that I would argue about your reasoning, because I completely agree.

    And now that I’ve read some of the other comments above, Girl Dragon Tattoo seems to me like a young Truman Capote hired by Quentin Tarentino to write a sequel to Pulp Fiction, and he blathered it off into a novel but kept all the horrific bits. Obviously I didn’t like Pulp Fiction either.

    That was very negative, so I’ll say something positive. I really like the TV series Once Upon a Time, and no longer just because Cameron from House stars in it. Rarely has TV been this well written.

  355. It’s one of my personal writing goals to always pass The Bechdel Test.

    It keeps things interesting.

  356. Cindy

    That really was original title.

  357. I expect it does. I’ll try it. Obviously my blog passes with flying colors. ;-)

  358. But did he work for Quentin Tarentino? :dunno:

  359. Mindy

    I second what Scarlet said, Bree. :rainbow:

  360. Mindy

    Scarlet, you sound Toppy. Are you turning into a switch?

  361. Cindy

    No, she just NEEDS a switch.

  362. Mindy

    :yuckitup: Cindy, I think you’ve passed your bus driving test! Scarlet wouldn’t know what hit her. :littlebus:

  363. bree

    Ah! I see. I don’t pass the Bechdel Test. That explains it. I don’t have a personality. I guess I am doomed then. :sigh:

  364. Cindy

    Now, Bree, did you google what it meant?

  365. Cindy

    It’t not a personality test, it’s a movie test.

  366. Cindy

    I’m so glad you came back. I was worried about you.

  367. dd

    Bree, :hug: everyone deserves the other things, don’t ever believe that you don’t! I am quite sure you are a lovable, not just a likeable, person, but you have to believe that of yourself as well.

    A quick note on books, then will (try to) desist. I’m a fellow dissenter of A Girl etc etc, waded through it because I hate to give up, but like Wagner it needed a very good editor with a big red pen!

    I think my first lists were mostly girly because I got stuck in teens and early twenties, although I think Saki, Kipling and Isherwood would turn in their graves at being described thus. More recent books (some of which BBH has read and enjoyed) include The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff, The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenneger and The Map of Me. Dorothy Sayers, PG Wodehouse and the Just William books should also have had an earlier mention.

    Scarlet, thanks for your final list, some I’ve read and enjoyed but you’ve given me some new titles to add to my ever growing list.