More White Panties

Aug 30, 2008 by

Gwen knows what I like, and by now everyone who reads this blog does too, though maybe not quite as well. And not to belabor the obvious, but I thought I’d show you a few white-panty shots I found on my own, just so Gwen doesn’t have to work so hard. Not that she minds, I’m sure, but these all are F/f scenes for which she doesn’t care much so I mentioned it to perhaps spare myself a ‘HMMPH!’ later on. (Hi, Princess!)

These shots I borrowed from Cutie Spankee, my favorite Japanese spanking site. Most of their scenarios involve teacher/student, mom/daughter, boss/employee, and that sort of thing, with of course the traditional Japanese assumption that the more senior or more honorable individual has the absolute, if not divine, right to chastise the other. And what I like most, apart from the white panties and sweet little Asian tushies, are the girls’ facial expressions, or the near lack thereof.

Their look is one of sublime resignation and acquiescence, a Zen-like ‘I know I deserve this and must endure it honorably and not make an unseemly fuss about it’ look, although I almost can hear their sorrowful and involuntary whimpers, especially when paddles and canes are brought into play. The girls’ bottoms sometimes are marked by these implements, though not always, and never to the extent one sees in Rigid East productions.

And of course another design feature I enjoy is their traditionally submissive garb, the schoolgirl sailor suit with white panties, the naughty daughter’s kimono with white panties, the misbehaving maid’s uniform with white panties, the impertinent waitress’s outfit with white panties, the … you get the gist. And I realize a lot of these fantasy photo arrangements are westernized for the benefit of us round-eyes with dollars to spend, but I doubt that any Japanese salary-man worth his Suntory whiskey would quibble about tossing away a few million yen for the privilege of playing strict uncle to one of these girls in her sailor outfit – and doesn’t mind paying a small portion of that for the fantasy.

Then too, the girls always are petite and dark-haired, and sometimes even have it cut boy-short – another fixation of mine, in case anyone’s interested. I can’t imagine Gwen being this stoic and undemonstrative throughout a strict bottom warming. She’s more the “Uncle D. please! Ow! Please don’t! Owee! Stop! Owitchee! Please don’t stop!” sort of spankee, who has no problem at all making an unseemly fuss, especially if it earns her extra hard spanks for being so unruly and squirmy while across my lap.

And I’m certainly not suggesting she change her tune – unruly and squirmy are the T-bone steak and French fries of the spanking experience for me – I simply wanted to present another take on the submissive reaction. Well, that and to show some more white panties and cute, submissive bottoms.

Sayonara, y’all.

Devlin out.

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  1. cj

    Prof. Dev,

    “Sayonara, y’all.”

    Now I understand it is all about southern Japan. ;)


  2. That’s right, CJ … where the woodsheds are. *G*


  3. That’s corrrect, Uncle D., I’m neither stoic nor undemonstrative, and you *know* that squirmy is my middle name … but the REAL issue here is WHY that entire post is UNDERLINED. What the heck did you do, Devlin-San? I let you post photos on your own and the Blog goes to Unnecessary Underscore Heck in a hand basket!


  4. cj

    “What the heck did you do, Devlin-San? I let you post photos on your own and the Blog goes to Unnecessary Underscore Heck in a hand basket!”

    *snickers* Gwen are you allowed to say that to your Uncle Dev? ;)

    Ok I am off to bed—don’t worry I have permission to stay-up and play (well ok stay-up, I kind of added the play part).


  5. ME? I thought YOU added the Unnecessary Underscore Heck in a hand basket blog enhancement! Wasn’t there last time I tried posting photos on my own. *G*

    But I did NOT know that Squirmy is your middle name, though I suppose it makes sense to keep something like that quiet. ;-)


  6. CJ – if not to play, for what reason WERE you given permission to stay up late? And why aren’t you doing it, young lady? (!)



  7. cj

    Don’t worry Dev I was given permission because of the holiday weekend. ;)


  8. What, me worry?

    -Alfred E. Devlin

  9. cj

    Yeah I know you would never worry would you, Professor?


  10. Hello, i like your blog. If you like we could echange links betwen our blogs.

    Let me know!!!

    Best Regards

  11. Hi, Spanking OTK! I checked your site, and while a lot of your content is a bit … well, more than a bit … outside the realm of fantasy shared hereabouts I did see a few bare schoolgirl bottoms getting their just deserts so I will be happy to include your link in our Blog Roll if you’ll return the favor.

    However, I hope you don’t mind if I include a caveat that there’s much more going on there than OTK spanking, just so our readers aren’t taken by surprise when they click over. *G*

    Anyway, thanks for the compliment, and feel free to join the conversation!

    All my best,


  12. Cheryl


    I think Japanese women (and Asian women in general) are very stoic as a rule. I think it comes from living under the kind of patriarcal, male-dominated society they have to endure and which hasn’t really changed for centuries. I’ve looked at that site a few times and the spankings don’t look that hard. I would venture to say that most of the physical aspects of the punishments are symbolic (something they seem to really get into in Japan and China) while they play up the psychological aspects.
    Anyway, the girls are very cute if that’s what you go for, but I wish there was some M/f out there. However, I understand that f/f is the site’s layout so I don’t go there often as that really doesn’t float my boat.
    Now I’m off to get my hair cut—not “boy short” but I go fairly short LOL.

  13. “… patriarcal, male-dominated society they have to endure…”

    Yeah, good thing nobody around here goes in for that sort of antiquated nonsense. ;-)

    And even more ironic (in case you missed the irony in the statement above *G*) is the absence, as you noted, of male spankers in the vast majority of these scenes. You’d think they would like nothing better than to get in on the action.

    Even in Asian bondage photos where the woman is more or less completely exposed, the (usually) male binder is either missing, or only his hands are shown, or he is shot at an angle that obscures his face. Why these dominant and partriarcal males choose not to participate or to remain anonymous I won’t even guess, but I have to think that it’s kind of a drag being a dominant Asian male when you’re reduced to a bunch of fingers tying a knot. *G*

    Short is good, and low maintenance. And thanks for the input, Cheryl!



  14. Cheryl

    Hi, Dev—

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. I will hazard a guess as to why there is little to no male participation in the Japanese spanking scene, such as it is.
    Perhaps corporal punishment is viewed as menial in Asian countries, and therefor, suitable work only for women. This is a guess, of course.
    Asian men (and I’ve had some experience with this) live under a “warrior code” that keeps them busy avenging wrongs, protecting family honor, etc. and leaves them no time for such lowly actions as spanking someone (OK, I’ve watched a few too many kung fu films lol). Thus, this lowly action is left to women.
    By male-dominated, I didn’t mean to say that all Asian men are dominants. I meant to say that society as a whole is much more concerned with men and how they are getting along than women. Women are pretty much superfluous (except for producing those male heirs they love so much). In Asian culture, men run the show and pretty much everything else. That is changing a little. It used to be that if one was born male, one had it made. A girl’s only hope of survival was to marry well. This is changing a little too.
    Maybe the few men to be seen on Japanese spanking sites is due to good old-fashioned embarrassment, who knows? But I find the subject a fascinating one nonetheless.

  15. The other Japanese spanking site that I know,, is also strictly girl-girl. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, maybe it’s easier to find models by sticking to F/F scenes…..who knows? But the girls are lovely, so I don’t ask questions….. :-)

    Dr. Ken

  16. Cheryl’s conjecture is completely plausible – that Asian men have much better things to do, allegedly anyway, and would feel embarrassed to be seen doing something as common and menial as spanking girls.

    Doc, you may have a point too, that girls are more likely to take modeling jobs where only other females are involved.

    I had another idea about the why, but I’ll be darned if I remember it right now. Rough day. If it ever comes back I’ll be sure to share it.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!


  17. Michael

    Yes, Dev, what’s up with the entire post being underlined? I’m still recovering from my Labor Day weekend so I’ll leave the cultural analysis of Asia to you and Cheryl.

    Gwendolyn Squirmy McKenna, wasn’t that the crazy Manson family member who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford back in the 70s?