New Book! “Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque”

Feb 25, 2014 by


Here is one final rollout in what has to be the most productive month of my career, as far as putting new volumes on the shelves is concerned.

The theme of this one is fairly obvious, even if you are not a particular fan of Shakespeare. More than likely you have seen someone, somewhere wearing all black and talking to a skull in an over-the-top British accent. So, yes, this is my take on Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

It started out as a vehicle to bring back Miles Diamond, the private detective in A Sourcerer’s Apprentice. I already had in mind that his job would be to investigate dreams of a spanking nature and the ghost or ghosts who were causing these nocturnal transmissions. Then, as I set up the scenery and began to design a ghost fit for such a task, it occurred to me that I had stumbled into the castle at Elsinore, and that – by Victor Borge! – I had brought old Hamlet’s ghost back for a cameo appearance.

And, as I did with Rocky and Bullwinkle in Cote-Hanger Abbey (Wm. will be SO pleased to be found in such illustrious company), I did quite a bit of gender reassignment in order to make this work. As you can imagine, I had a wonderful time working in quotes, even if I had to rewrite them a bit to suit the vernacular – “alas, poor Yorick,” for instance, comes out as “I’ll ask Pa Toric.” Most of the other lines I stuck in as is, or with less drastic changes.

So the book is now available on Amazon, and for a limited time you can grab this little jewel of faux-Elizabethan whimsy for one ridiculously low payment of ninety-nine cents (77p in Stratford money). That price is good for the next three days, after which the cost will leap to its normal rate of $2.99 American. 

And, as always, many thanks to my crew of aiders and abettors – to Lily for the deliciously evocative cover design, and to Audrey, Princess Anastasia, Lily, and Jane Ellen for their editorial assistance.

Here is the cover blurb:

In this book, Devlin O’Neill, literary license in hand, totally riffs on the Bard of Avon’s best-known work. Shakespeare, of course, never wrote an original plot in his life, so O’Neill’s ploy is completely justified. Not that this story adheres particularly well to Shakespeare’s play – for one thing, there are no corpses strewn about – but the spirit is here, quite literally. This, too, is a ghost story, of sorts, and just as Hamlet was troubled by dreams, so, too, is Hermia Hanlett, protagonist of this effort.

In fact, everyone present is troubled by dreams – dreams of a most specific and bottom-warming nature. I trust no one finds that too surprising, given this yarn’s spinner.

Chiefly, however, this is an excuse for the author to have fun with the myriad of lines he has known and loved most of his life, so come along and have a smile and maybe a chuckle with him. 

The reviews are in! Audrey and Princess Anastasia have posted wonderful assessments of the book HERE so please do have a look, and thanks, you two! 










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  1. Audrey

    :thud: Herr Professor, I wish you had taught my Shakespeare class, instead of that musty old curmudgeon, Dr. Miller. :nod:

    I might have shown up more often :yawn: Particularly given your penalty schedule for missing class :spank:

    Fantastic book, and a rousing lot of fun, this! :runaway: Can’t wait to read it out from under the lash! :wink:

  2. I do have rather a stringent attendance requirement, yes. ;-) Very glad you like the book. Audrey, and thanks! :smile:

  3. Ellie

    Yay!!!! :runaway: to Amazon.

    Love the cover, Lils. :thumbsup:

  4. Audrey

    Oh! :blush: I forgot to mention that the cover is the living end, Lils! :thumbsup:

  5. Samantha

    WOW! Another new book, Dev!?! :happy: :clap: :clap: This looks like such fun! And, Lily, the cover is awesome!! :shocked: I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for your continued generosity! :rose:

  6. You’re very welcome, Sam. Enjoy. ;-)

  7. Kaki

    Just downloaded it. :pcpunch:

    :read: :dance:

  8. Princess Anastasia

    This one is such great fun, Dev. And if anyone around here just happens to be intrigued by :spank: ing — giving or receiving — they will find so much to keep them “trigued.” Wm. Must be grinning, ear to boney ear. Well done, Master Dev — and Maid Lily, too. :thumbsup: :trophy: :loveyou:

  9. Lavinia

    :dance2: Yay!

    Audrey, PA, Lily, Janie, you’re all amazing editors. Good on ya! Thank you! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Lily, you sure know what you’re doing. That is one steamy cover. Great work! :rose: :thumbsup:

    Professor, for all the work you and the team put in, I’m glad you’re not in it for the money. I mean, I know authors don’t get paid for the accurate amount of time they put in, and it’s probably much less than it’s worth most of the time, but then you go & give us a discount! Good grief. Well, that wasn’t the most articulate thing I’ve ever said, and I didn’t mean to be rude by talking about money, but my point was that we can all tell that you love what you do, and we enjoy and appreciate it. Thanks very much, sir. :smile:

  10. Jane

    Yay!! I can’t wait to read this again and again and again! And so I will after I finish my strop about how it was rolled out at EXACTLY my bedtime!! :tantrum:

    Congratulations on another tremendously fabulous work, Uncle Dev and to Lily for a gorgeously delicious piece of cover art. :rose: :str2:

    Lavinia, you’re so sweet. :hug: :hug: :hug: Our Professor does stunning job for us, doesn’t he?

  11. Good morning, all! Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.

    PA, my mentor always told me, steal from the best. How could I ignore advice like that? ;-)

    Lavinia, you’re right about the money. It might come eventually, but the immortality part is important, too. And you’re very welcome. :nod: :smile:

    Janie, that was totally the Kindle publishing system’s fault. I never know how long it’s going to take for these books to go live. Anyway, I hope you are over your strop. Actually, you had BETTER be over your strop, young lady, if you know what’s good for you. :nonono: :hug: And thanks very much, as well. I’m glad you enjoy these. :happy:

  12. Dev. :wave: :thumbsup: :clap:
    Downloaded, I’m sure that it will up to your usual standard.
    Warm :hug:

  13. Ash and Alder

    Thank you, Uncle Dev! :thumbsup: :clap:
    I am so looking forward to reading this!
    I am building up a lovely Devlin O’Neill collection on my Kindle, ready for our holiday next week. :read: :headphones: :vacation:
    I am sure this will be one of the great adaptations of Hamlet; right up there with classics like Veggietales production of Omlette, Prince of Denmark (that’s one of my favorites). :rose: :rose: :rose:

    Lily, killer cover design! :trophy: :hug: :star:


  14. You’re most welcome, Ash! Do enjoy your holiday. :vacation: :wave: :smile:

  15. Gary

    Thank you Dev! :clap: Another added and I’m sure getting behind on my reading now. Uh, no pun intended. :wink:

    Lily, awesome graphics. One could make a lot of stories just contemplating that cover. :hypnotised:

  16. You’re more than welcome, Gary. Enjoy! :thumbsup:

  17. I’m sure that everyone will enjoy reading the book.

    I saw that picture, and it just screamed that it needed to be the cover for this book. Dev agreed, even though I don’t think that he appreciated being yelled at, so here you have it. I’m glad all of you like it. :curtsy:

  18. Kaki

    Hmm, sure is quiet. I think the reason Dev tries to write so many stories is to keep us busy so we don’t get into trouble. :wink:

  19. Well, i would rather you were reading than causing havoc, so that much is true. ;-)

  20. Professor, I just thought of something. If a girl misses ALL of your classes, how would you penalize her? If she missed one, you could impose a penalty :spank: before, during, or after the next class, but if she misses all, what does a professor do?

  21. Lucy

    Thanks Dev and team. Just downloaded it and looking forward to reading. :thumbsup:

  22. Thank you, Lucy! Hope you enjoy it! :smile:

  23. Linda

    Downloaded and looking forward to the read. Great cover, Lily. Thank you so very much, Professor. :excited:

  24. Dev, :wave: :trophy: :thumbsup: :read:
    Both fanciful and whimsical and with a plethora of spankings both corporeal and incorporeal, some consensual, most not, but in this case it’s fine. :wink:
    I suspect The Bard was quite open to spanking, I wonder if Anne ever felt the weight of his hand or strap? :spank:
    Very well done, a worthy :write: and :read:
    Warm :hug:

  25. You’re welcome, Linda! Hope you enjoy it. :wave:

    Hi, Paul and thanks so much! This really was a fun one to write, and I’m very glad you liked it. That’s an interesting question about Bill but, as with so many others, will never fully be answered. We can imagine whatever we to, however. ;-)

  26. The reviews are in! Audrey and PA wrote scathingly brilliant appraisals of the work. Please see the PS above.

    Thanks so much, you two! :hug:

  27. :str2: Chrossed! Congratulations, Dev. :clap: I’m sure the superb cover design helped. :wink: :giggle: :vanish:

    PA, Audrey, very clever reviews indeed. :hifive:

  28. Ash and Alder

    Dev and Lily, Chrossed! You so deserve it! :trophy: :notworthy:

    PA and Audrey, your reviews are little gems in their own right! :str2: :str2:

    We are getting Shakespeare from all sides here!
    Yesterday our peaceful corner of Northumberland was invaded by a mighty film crew, for one day only, filming Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender, due out in 2015.
    Alder had a walk up to The Wall to see the action, but was shooed away when he was spotted on the skyline! :noidea:


  29. This is brilliant! Thanks, everyone, and I’m delighted to hear we’ve been Chrossed. :smile:

    Ash and Alder, you have indeed been surfeited with Shakespeare of late. I can’t promise I will never riff on the Scottish play, but I will say that at this point I have nae intention of doing so. ;-)

    (Oh, I bet somebody got in trouble for that last bit!) :-p

  30. Audrey

    Oh, well done, team! A Chrossing! :dance:

    Great story, Dev and I, for one would LOVE to see you tackle the Scottish play!

    “Oh, will all great Neptune’s flood not wash the stain from this my behind?” :butterfly:

  31. Kaki

    :headshake: Well I’ll be darned; Dev said we can cuss. :dance: But I don’t have a fruit loop thing to say. :notpleased:

    :innocent: :angel:

  32. Kaki

    I wonder where Cindy is, she loves to cuss. :swear: :happy:

  33. Kaki

    Where the h**l is everyone, we gots a free cussing pass. :dunno: I am not much of a cussing type girl but I may as well get it out of my system since we got a the go-ahead. CINDY!! Where are you??

  34. Cindy

    Sorry, Kaki. It was all apparently a horrid mistake. You won’t be in any trouble though.

    I did read a good curse today. It was from a long time ago. I think we will be ok, if we just use our imagination a little bit.

    “Well I’ll be a son of a cow’s afterbirth.”

    See? It can kind of convey the same effect. Just disregard the retching.

  35. Kaki

    Shut the front door!! You mean someone is playing a trick on me? :notpleased:

  36. Cindy

    Playing one on ALL of us. You just fell into it first.

    I’m sure the culprit is paying a heavy price for it, aren’t you?

  37. Kaki

    The way I look at it is, better them than me. :happy: I just hope :worried: he remembers I am the innocent one. :angel:

  38. The culprit asked for :peas: a little while ago after her :spank: ing.

    Thanks very much for helping out, Cindy, and Kaki, it’s all right. I’ll sort things out now. ;-)

  39. Kaki

    :jawdrop: :doh: I can’t believe someone would play such a mean trick on us, Dev. :headshake: I bet that naughty girl thought a good, poor, innocent, naïve :angel: girl like me would get in trouble :corner: :spank: for using bad words. :notpleased: :foottap: I hope she learned her lesson. :hairbrush: :nod:


  40. I know, right? But just FYI, the naughty girl just told me that her bottom still is sore this morning, so not to worry. ;-)

  41. Audrey

    What horrid people you are, teasing a sore and battered girl who is still suffering! :pout: Poor little thing! I don’t think she told you that, Uncle Dev, so you could go broadcasting it over the airwaves! :nonono:

    Plus . . . was she forgiven? If she was, doesn’t that close the matter and we need not excoriate her any longer? :hysteric:

    For shame, Uncle Dev! :P

  42. Princess Anastasia

    Did you see that, Uncle Dev?
    She is just so, so, so very naughty — unlike some of us who are :angel: ic to the tips of our toes and only deserve :cake: and :chocolate: and :icecream: and such.

  43. Audrey Louise, you know better than to stick your tongue out at me. We will discuss this later. :notpleased:

    PA, I will attend to the matter, thank you. :foottap:

  44. Ellie

    Uncle Dev, I got the :popcorn: ready. Give me a minute to fetch the :hairbrush: . Now where did I hide…. Um…I mean…safely store the cane? Oh, never mind. It will turn up eventually.



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