Cane Break!

Mar 20, 2017 by


No implement is indestructible, of course. Still, it’s rather disheartening when a favorite disassembles before one’s eyes and right in the middle of a very strict lesson.

Right, Gary?

Here is the culprit. She claims she is not responsible for the unfortunate demise of the malacca stick, but whom else am I to blame?

Truth to tell, this variety of palm tree cane is much lighter and more porous than rattan, and if one is careful, what’s left is perfectly serviceable. At least until I get a senior girls’ cane, which is definitely on my most wanted list. 

That one will be the sturdier brown rattan, and we’ll just see if any naughty bottom can damage such an item!

All for now.

Devlin out.

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  1. Keri

    It looks like the “strict lesson” was more than a middle of the way through, Uncle Dev. :hypnotised: Her bottom is fried. I’m sure she will be super good after that talk! :headshake:

    There’s a term I use when someone is trying to deflect blame and that term is User Error. :smirk: I think that might be to blame for the break. :thumbsup: What do you think, Uncle Dev? :giggle:

  2. Audrey

    Good griefus! :shocked: I don’t know anyone who could be as bad as all that, Uncle Dev! :nonono: What terrible :brat: incurred such wrath? :shock: I don’t know if I’ve ever in my life seen such a red bottom! :thud: Either you are the meanest uncle in the history of uncles or she is the brattiest brat in the history of bratdom. :hysteric: :headshake:

  3. Gary

    Dev, disheartening indeed. :nod: You have again demonstrated the need for having multiple implements at hand. :grin: Of course, using one’s hand after a session with a stick, can be also be very rewarding. Still, I’m thinking of those pictures where I have seen stands of canes to choose from. One wonders how different weight/length/material might change the efficacy. Perhaps the :angel: -ic types here could provide insight into the best material for a cane. I’m also sure, there are one or two :brat: here that might have deliberately destroyed(!) such a fine stick. :headshake: That would no longer be a problem with a senior girls’ cane, at least not without the help of a :fire: . :yuckitup:

  4. Keri, the process was well underway when the incident occurred, though I don’t recall her being terribly good afterwards. Nor exceptionally bad, either, not to put too fine a point on it. :wink: And when a bat breaks at the plate, there is no User Error, nor any “deflecting.” When an implement’s time comes, it comes. Even the cane sales sites say as much. :nod:

    Audrey, it simply takes more attention to some girls’ bottoms than others. This one, well, sometimes too much is simply not enough. :grin:

    Multiple implements is, as you say, an absolute necessity for a toppy person, Gary. In fact, I had started with a tawse, which accounts for the overall pinkness of the target area. And there had better not be any deliberate destruction of implements by brats. As proven, I am perfectly capable of such destruction, myself. :shock: :wink:

  5. Rose

    My goodness how bad was this poor girl to get such an awful spanking. :spank: That it broke the switch?

  6. Rose, she was very naughty, indeed, but that was not what broke the switch. :wink:

  7. Ellie

    Oh, my! :shock: That poor girl!!!
    Uncle Dev, no one can be that naughty. :refuse:

  8. Ang

    I agree with Ellie and Rose. She couldn’t have been that naughty, right? Is this why you are called Uncle Meanie at times? :shock: :wink: :whistle:

  9. Rose, Ellie, Ang, it seems this girl had been very lippy all morning long, just begging to be sorted out in no uncertain terms. That’s the only kind of terms I deal in. :nod: :puff: :cane:

  10. Ang

    Well, Uncle Dev, if this is what a girl gets for being lippy, I think I’ll mind my words :nod: while you are within earshot. :whistle:

  11. Always a wise policy, Ang. :wink:

  12. Audrey

    Oh I think it was more than being lippy. :kiss: With this girl, there’s always more. She is the envelope pusher to beat all envelope pushers! :rad: (And quite a model to emulate!)

  13. No doubt there was a proximate cause for my hauling her into the bedroom, Audrey, but I’m dashed if I recall what it was now. As you said, she is grande mistress of providing proximate causes. :wink:

  14. Ang

    When you are within earshot… No promises otherwise… :wink: :whistle: :giggle: :angel:

  15. A belated happy birthday, Dev! :cake: Glad to see everyone in such fine form over here. Hope you enjoyed a steak and a whiskey for your special day, and maybe a little exercise as well. :spank: Happy Spring to all the usual suspects!

  16. Good morning, Scarlet! Lovely to see you, and thanks for the good wishes. Everyone made my special day very special, indeed, though warming a bottom in RL had to be put on hold for a few days. :wink:

  17. Lavinia

    Yikes! I hope some :peas: were available afterwards.

    I once was over a gentleman’s knee while a favorite paddle ball type paddle of his had an unfortunate accident. :dunno: I apologized, but his :belt: and :hairbrush: were vigorously applied after some time in the :corner: :rub_bum: I sent him a replacement later.