Summer’s Coming!

Apr 19, 2017 by

And soon! To Florida, anyway.

So don’t forget your sunhats, girls!

That is all.

Dev out.

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  1. Ang

    It’s a beautiful pic, Uncle Dev. :wave: :thumbsup:

    I wonder if she remembered the sunscreen. At least she didn’t forget her hat. :rollonfloor:

  2. It is, isn’t it, Ang? And hopefully, she remembered the SPF60, as well. :wink:

  3. Audrey

    She’s been wearing a thong, Uncle Dev! :thud: Did you see that? :shock: That is quite a sun hat, indeed! :nod:

  4. Katlin

    Summer well not in Oregon yet. Still need raincoats and boots. But spanking makes for a nice warm glow!! :nod:

  5. I missed that, Audrey, but you’re right! :shock: I’ll bet her top took it away from her. The very idea. :wink:

    Hi, Katlin! We’re all about the glow here in Floridia. :grin: :bbq: :fire: :puff:

  6. Rose

    Hi Devlin love Florida been their a few times :vacation: :island: :parrot: :butterfly: I agree with Ang beautiful picture and tan lines. This the one thing I loved about Florida always came home with a lovely tan.

  7. Hi, Rose! :wave: You’re quite right – many girls come to my part of Floridia specifically to get tanned – on their bottoms. :wink:

  8. Rose

    :hahaha: :yuckitup: :nod: Good one Devlin.

  9. Ang

    Hey, Rose! :wave: That was a good one! Our Unca’ Dev has a way with words, doesn’t he? :nod: :yuckitup:

  10. Princess Anastasia

    Blistered is more like it. :notpleased:

  11. Only the naughty girls, PA. :grin: :hug:

  12. Rose

    Hi Ang :wave: Yes he does!!!! :nod:

  13. Ash and Alder

    Don’t forget your sunhats…. That is all?!?!? :headshake:

    That’s not the kind of thing we usually hear from you, Uncle Dev! Maybe you’ve had a touch of the sun, yourself. :wink: :sun:


  14. Ash, as I mentioned above, it appears her top has divested her of that scandalous thong she was wearing, as well he should have. If she is embarrassed by that, it’s only her just deserts. As far as my girls go, I insist on strict decorum at all times – out of doors, at any rate.

    And good to see you again, by the way. :wave: :hug:

  15. Samantha

    Great picture and great hat, Uncle Devf! Boy, Audrey sure has the eye for detail, doesn’t she. I didn’t even notice the thong lines! We are still hoping for Spring on a consistent basis. :pout: But usually when Spring really arrives, summer comes in about two days!

  16. Sammie! Lovely to see you, girl. :hug: And I know what you mean about springtime. I woke up to what I consider winter temps this morning in Tennessee, but I am once more returned to my wonted warmth, so all’s right with the world. :thumbsup: :vacation: :puff: