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May 12, 2017 by

The time she was SURE he hadn’t seen her tongue sticking out at him.

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  1. Ang

    :shock: :nervous: That’s what she got for sticking her tongue out? It’s time to reevaluate my actions. :worried: :whistle:

  2. Audrey

    Uncle Dev has a theory about what a girl is really saying when she sticks her tongue out. What is that theory again, UD? :dunno: :wink:

    I have a dress that loves to blow up over my head in the wind! :shock:

  3. Princess Anastasia

    Tongue-sticking-outing is a dangerous chance to take. I’ve found sign language much safer and just as satisfying. Just sayin’ … :whistle:

  4. Good Friday morning, everyone! :wave:

    Ang, many tops take a very dim view, indeed, of tongue-outstickery, both in person and on line. I happen to be one of them. :nod:

    Audrey, I have more a belief and practice than theory regarding tongue-outstickitude. I believe that a girl who is so disrespectful as to outstick her tongue at me is asking for a spanking, or at least corner time, and I always endeavor to oblige. :grin:

    Noted, PA. I’ll pay more attention to your hands from now on. :shock:

    :hug: :hug: :hug:

  5. Audrey

    :yuckitup: Indeed, Princess! :thumbsup: Sign language is ever so expressive, and many a time I have seen you use it to good effect. :spank: :hairbrush: :belt: :wink:

    Thats just it, Uncle Dev. You always said a girl who did that was really saying, “I want a spanking!” (And you’re probably right!) :secret:

    Hey, everyone! :wave; Happy Friday! :happy;

  6. Keri

    Happy Friday everyone!! :wave: :wave:

    Cute picture! :wink:

    I don’t think you can :spank: for hand gestures, right? Mainly because I do them when I KNOW your back is turned! :thumbsup: :groucho:

  7. Keri, I’m not too fond of barracks-lawyering, either, missy. And, like moms and schoolteachers, I have eyes in the back of my head. :shock: :puff:

  8. Princess Anastasia

    He does, Keri, he does. He lulls a girl into this false sense of security that he’s busy with something of worldwide importance, and all the time, he’s just waiting to pounce because of that silly little flying fickle finger of fate. :switching: :run4hills: :rub_bum:

  9. Ang

    I know about the “in person” part, Unca’ Dev. :shock: :nervous: :worried: I have that experience. You also have that stuffed creation I sent you. :shock: :rollonfloor:

    I also believe you have that teacher quality of eyes in the back of your head. Like teachers, you know your(students) girls so well and you also know what we are capable of doing. We cannot hide our mischievousness very long from you.

    Asking for a spanking? :shock: :run4hills: :whistle:

  10. PA, you say that almost like it’s a bad thing. :wink:

    Ang, girls tend to be more careful in person. As to that stuffed creation, as long as it faces the wall, you’re all right. :grin: And yes – like moms and teachers, I know my charges well, so some behaviors are simply foregone conclusions. :nod: :roll: :wink:

  11. Keri

    PA, “fickle finger of fate”, eh? Your showing your age a bit! :nod: But then again I got the reference so… :thumbsup: I loved that show but by the time I understood it I had to watch them as reruns! :hifive:

    Ang, what did you send that has to ‘face the wall’? :notworthy: You’re a naughty girl, takes one to know one, huh blite sisters? :thumbsup: I must know, I’m just very nosey!

    Yes Uncle Dev, I’m a forgone conclusion and proud of it! :princess: :angel: Big hugs to you, Professor! :smirk:

  12. Goldie Hawn dancing in a bikini … mmmmmmmm … Hastened the onset of my puberty, I daresay. Thank you, Rowan and Martin! :thumbsup:

    Hugs :hug: :hug: back, Keri. :wink:

  13. Ang

    Hey, Keri! :wave: It’s the cutest little thing, really. :nod: :thumbsup: It is a little stuffed emoji with arms and legs and its tongue sticking out. It says, “Me? Sarcastic? Never.” Now, who wouldn’t think that is cute? :nod: :giggle: :whistle: Who would want to turn that to the wall?

  14. Keri

    Yes Ang, you & I are very much alike! Love your sense of humor! :grin:

    Yeah, even I loved watching Goldie in a bikini! :thumbsup: To Rowan & Martin! :salute:

  15. Ang

    Thanks, Keri! I’m glad we have that commonality. Laughter is really one of the best medicines. :nod: I try to laugh as often as possible. :yuckitup: