Mothers Day With Goldie Hawn

May 14, 2017 by

Big, happy hugs to all the mothers and other mothering people in our audience! We love you all!


This Mothers Day, Goldie Hawn will be our poster girl, bikini dancer, and celebrity Mom.

These last two shots are from Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, a late-60s/early-70s comedy show that pushed the bounds of television.


Believe it or not, the shirt-length hem of Goldie’s dress, shown here with Judy Carne, a star of the same show, was typical of the time period.

A pubescent school boy during that era was forced immediately to decide which team he batted for, and I, for one, couldn’t wait to get up to the plate–or wicket, for our British friends.


Goldie also ran around in her underwear on the big screen a lot. This is from Butterflies Are Free, with Edward Albert and Eileen Heckart.


Yes, that really is Goldie in the film, big hair and all.


In another scene from the film, here’s Edward, singing to her. No, really. There’s a guy with a guitar in this photo. 

Oh, never mind.

Peter Sellers also got up close and personal with Goldie’s undies in Waiter, There’s a Girl In My Soup.

They had gone to a wine-tasting in France, and she thought it rude and wasteful to spit the wine out, so she was completely sloshed when he took her back to his place.


Apparently, Peter was playing the part of a gentleman, because she woke up naked but alone in bed the next morning. This is her getting up and finding a robe hanging on the wall.



Not surprisingly, being that overwhelmingly sexy eventually led to child-bearing for the on-purpose ditzy blonde, and Kate Hudson is the admirable outcome of that event.

So happy Mothers Day to all our readers, as well as to Goldie and her family!

We hope everyone reading this will find all the love and comfort and sweet memories you can handle today.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Ang

    Happy Mother’s Day to all! :party: :cake: Have a wonderful day!

    We love you too, Unca’ Dev! :hug:

    Rowan and Martin were definitely on the cutting edge at that point in time. :shock: Also, Goldie’s laugh was contagious. :nod:

  2. Linda

    Happy mother’s day to all who have had a part in a child’s life. It’s the little moment that evoke so many good memories. Rowan and Martin, I loved watching that show. So many talented people. As Ang said, Goldie’s laugh was contagious. We need more funny show.

  3. Audrey

    You bet your sweet bippie (or is it bippy?) Goldie is the cutest! :eyes: Good memories you are evoking, here! :yuckitup:

    Hugs and happy mama’s day to all celebrating. :hug: :hug:

  4. Hi, all! It’s a glorious beach :vacation: day in Pensacola. Wish all of you were here! :dance:

    Good memories, indeed, Audrey, but as to bippie or bippy, you’ll have to look that up in your Funk and Wagnall’s. :wink:

  5. Linda

    :yuckitup: I haven’t heard anyone say “look it up in your Funk and Wagnall” in forever.

  6. Hi, MaryLou! :wave: Thanks so much for dropping by. :grin:

    Always steal from the best, Linda, that’s what I say. :wink:

  7. Keri

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day everyone! :wave: :wave: :hug: :hug:

    I hope all the mothers on our blite were spoiled yesterday in the appropriate manner! :thumbsup:

    Uncle Dev, these pictures are pretty adorable. :shock:
    If Peter Sellers didn’t give Goldie a couple of hearty swats, when her gorgeous bottom was right there across his shoulders, I would have no respect for the man! :nod: :wink:

  8. Happy Mothers Day, Keri! :wave: I kept waiting for Peter to do the obvious, but, apparently, the obvious was too obvious, and he never did. :sigh: Perhaps it happened off-camera, though. We’ll have to ask Goldie. :nod: