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May 16, 2017 by

First, here is a new review of Ripple In Still Water by Ang. Her actual, much shorter review was trashed by Amazon, as was her take on the final Maggie’s Strict Remedy volume, Behind the Scenes.

That review of hers I turned into an editorial review from Group W Reviews.

I can’t do that with Ripple because Blushing Books published it, so I can’t control the sales page content. But here it is, anyway!

         Ripple in Still Water:  A Spanking Odyssey by Devlin O’Neill
As a longtime writer and blog administrator, Devlin O’Neill has written many multifaceted spanking tales.  The wide variety of subjects of his works of fiction range from dragons to bedtime spanking stories.  In the book, Ripple in Still Water:  A Spanking Odyssey, Mr. O’Neill relates to his readers a whimsical story about a parallel universe with a spanking element.
In this parallel universe, the reader discovers the main character and the monotonous reality in which she lives.  Frangipani Woodbine inhabits an apartment in a town called Mipless.  She performs her job well in Accounts Payable each day while following the same routine.  Nevertheless, the reader soon receives the impression that Franny is unhappy with her existence.  It also seems an unusual character has that same knowledge.  When Franny meets the odd man, he soon piques her interest by dropping a mysterious coin.  She then follows him and is directly thrust into a parallel spanking world.  Through a series of events, Franny is subjected to many types of spankings.  Shortly, Franny must choose between the two universes.  Will she choose a mundane existence or the exciting parallel universe that fulfills her needs and desires?
This is a wonderful account with a science fiction flare.   Mr. O’Neill once again presents the reader with a well written and enjoyable tale.  This story is well worth the read!
So thanks much for that, Ang!
And speaking of Group W Reviews, I also posted Audrey’s Amazon-deleted review of the first Maggie book in that slot on the page, 
and used Ashlynn Kenzie’s review of the second Maggie book there,
as well as her wonderful take on Corporal Idaho for that volume.
Despite Amazon’s worst efforts, good reviews do not go unposted around here, and I thank all my reviewers — and my fans — for sticking with me.
That is all.
Devlin out.


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  1. Lucy

    Ripple remains my all time favourite of your books, Dev. If I can remember a story over a year after reading I know it is a good one. I read a lot! :thumbsup:

  2. Thanks very much, Lucy! :grin: And thanks for your Ripple review on Amazon UK. :hug:

  3. Ang

    Good morning! :wave:

    Hey, Lucy! I found Ripple to be one of my favorites too! I am playing catch up with all Unca’ Dev’s wonderful work. I started much later in the reading than most of you. :nod:

    Uncle Dev, I’m glad you liked the book review and that you try your best to not allow our reviews go by the wayside. :thumbsup: It is a comfort that you protect us from the review :trash: ers! I am not sure where such nasty censorship became all right with these people. :dunno:

  4. Good morning, Ang! :sun: I do my best, but when small minded people are given power over others, bad things are bound to happen. Just a fact of life, I guess. :dunno:

  5. Lucy

    Hi Ang. Great review. :thumbsup: I can’t see why Amazon would want to trash it. But, what is a Group W review and where do I find them? I’m puzzled.:headshake:

  6. Hi, Lucy! Amazon thinks that anyone who knows me and likes my work is biased, but only sporadically. There is a place on my sales page called Editorial Reviews, which I can fill with reviews from “creditable sources.” Group W refers to the bench where Arlo Guthrie was sent by the draft board to sit during the Vietnam war. It was filled with criminals and misfits whom the army was not sure were moral enough to kill people because they had committed a crime. Arlo’s crime was littering. So I named my biased misfits Group W Reviews in honor of the Group W bench. And I can’t think of a more “creditable source” than that. :thumbsup:

  7. Ang

    Thanks, Lucy! I’m biased because I love Uncle Dev’s work. I won’t apologize for it! :refuse: :smile: Good ‘ole Unca’ Dev always finds a way around things. :giggle:

  8. Gary

    I wrote something like this at Amazon once:

    While pointing out that Devlin O’Neill writes in many realities, it was Corporal Idaho that convinced me that spanking fiction can be combined with an adventure story. Lot’s of disadvantaged females (willing and not) getting their just desserts, and a few of those methods were squeamish even for me! But there is no suffering for the reader, and there are so many squirming bottoms, and in so many wonderful ways. So what’s different about this spanking novel? There’s a real buddy story here, and that worked well through the tale. Taking out the spanking, it still works. Perhaps the best element of Corporal Idaho, was it’s prescience. I don’t usually remember spanking novels.

    Howdy, Dev. :wave:

  9. Great, Gary! I don’t recall your telling me you’d qualified for Group W status, but I’m delighted to know that! Let me see what I can do with this. Cheers, shipmate! :thumbsup: :anchor:

  10. Gary

    Dev, funny about Group W status; it also applies to a certain computer operating system, and those who update. :nod: :anchor:

  11. Thanks, Gary. Not surprisingly, since it’s me, I didn’t know about Group W being a computer term. :dunno: :grin: