Friday Pinup

May 19, 2017 by

Tops, just a reminder to be aware of what your girl is wearing before you allow her anywhere near the water. This one knows she’s in trouble and is just waiting to hear, “Come here, missy,” in that stern, scary voice.

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  1. Ash and Alder

    Oh, Uncle Dev, she’s clearly just looking for a little gold fish all lost in that big pond. :fish: :fish: :fish:
    That’s very Christian of her, don’t you think, :angel: looking after the poor little critters like that?


  2. Audrey

    That’s just it, Ash. :sigh: We give and we give and we give: saving the goldfish here, liberating a paddle from its dark closet prison and releasing it into the wild there, and what do we get for our love and effort poured out like an offering? :dunno: “Come here, missy,” in a scary voice, and then SMACK! To the moon! :rub_bum: Let me tell you, sister, it just ain’t right and it ain’t fittin’ neither! :refuse: :nonono:

  3. Herding goldfish, Ash? GOLDFISH? :fish: Oh, ba-RUTHER! :roll:

    And you, Audrey, suddenly so concerned about the well being of my prized implements. I don’t think so very much. :nonono:

    All but one shall keep as they are – that one will come out of the toybag and be used on a couple of smart-alecky girls’ bottoms, see if I don’t! :hairbrush: :spank: :hairbrush: :spank:

  4. Ash and Alder

    Umm, what were we taking about, Uncle Dev? :fish:
    Owie!! :rub_bum:
    Oh, I remember! Don’t hide the paddle in the pond. I would never do that. Never. :noidea:


  5. Audrey

    :rub_bum: Oh, I would never, ever do such a thing either, Uncle Dev! :weep: Leather and water don’t mix — you must remember that! Quality leather paddles need to be lovingly encased in pine needles so they don’t become scorched by the sun or soaked by the rain! :nod: I take good care of the things around me, Uncle Dev, be they goldfish or fine implements. :angel:

  6. Uh huh. And here we have them. The A sisters – two peas in a very naughty pod, indeed. :notpleased:

  7. Ash and Alder

    I think Audrey and I do have a natural affinity with peas, :peas: :peas: in a pod, or otherwise.


  8. Audrey

    As long as they’re ice cold, am I right, sister? :hifive: :peas: :smile:

  9. So, all you are saying is, give peas :peas: a chance?

  10. Keri

    You are so funny UD! I just can’t stop laughing at your little joke. So clever! You should quit your day job & become a comedian because your wit is just so hilarious! :notworthy: :rad:

    Nice Friday pin-up too! It’s a very ​intriguing picture. Where is she? I can’t think it’s very public. She probably bought that cool see thru thingy just for her Top and now he’s mad. Hmph! So not fair. :thumbdown:

    You know Uncle Dev a girl always makes sure there’s no one around. :nod: When we go skinny dipping in your pool we always make sure it’s empty first. :thumbsup: I always stay close to the fence to ensure nobody sneaks up on us. :hifive: If someone does come I alert everyone so we can run to your place. :smirk: :dance2:
    Ever seen puddles of water in the hallway and wonder where they came from? :noidea: That was us! Aren’t we the best girls an uncle could ever have under his care? No need to thank us! :hug: :hug:

  11. Right, Keri. I’ll start working out at the Improv straight away. :roll:

    And I think you know by now that tops are not required to be fair. In fact, that usually turns out to be counter-productive for all concerned. :nonono:

    But as to those puddles and flipflop prints in my entryway, Keri, I did wonder, so thanks for clearing that up. And come here, missy. :notpleased: The very idea. :hairbrush: :spank:

  12. Keri

    I’m sorry Uncle Dev, really. I won’t do it again and “Tops don’t have to be fair”, got it! :sorry:

  13. It’s all right now, Keri. :hug:

    Enjoying the show, Kaki? :notpleased:

  14. Kaki

    Yes, very much. Thanks for asking. :kiss: :icecream:

  15. Ash and Alder

    Uncle Dev. I really can’t answer that. Really. I mustn’t.

    Keri, here are some :peas: come join us in the pod! :hug:


  16. Keri

    It’s a tight squeeze, my A & A sisters but we can do it, right? :chat:

    UD, how did you know Kaki was hanging around watching? :worried: Now, that is scary. It was as if by magic that you knew. :notworthy:

  17. Keri

    Oh, I see. She snuck around with her popcorn. Naughty Little Watcher. :smirk:

    Whew, Uncle Dev was seemed clairvoyant to me there for a second. :nod:

  18. Probably just as well you don’t, Ash. :wink:

    I’m good, Keri, but not that good. :geek: :grin:

  19. Rose

    Beautiful picture Devlin nothing like a wet bottom to intensify the sting. :puff: :weep: :spank:

  20. Quite right, Rose! Well done, indeed. In all the furor and naughtiness, we did rather overlook the obvious benefit (to her top) of the girl’s dip in the pond.

    On the other hand, I’m sure I have mentioned before that ONLY tops get to use :puff: so let’s have you, young lady. :hairbrush: :spank:

  21. Ang

    Hello, everyone! :wave: Wow! :shock: I missed out on a lot today! :nod: :popcorn:

  22. Keri

    Oh no, Rose got :spank: ed. Here Rose, have some frozen :peas: and a little :chocolate: . Uncle Dev is in a :spank: ing mood today, we better be good for him & to him. :hug: :hug: :hug:

  23. Rose

    Sorry Devlin :curtsy: you’re right as always.

  24. Keri

    Hey Ang, good to see you. :wave: Uncle Dev is in a :spank: ing mood so watch out, missy. Nice to hear from you! :chat:

  25. Rose

    Hi Kerry :wave:

  26. Much better, Rose. It’s all right now. :hug:

    And yes, everyone may have a LITTLE bit of :chocolate: since it’s Friday. :wink:

  27. Hi, Ang! :wave: You and Kaki are unique amongst your sistren for being un :spank: ed today. :wink:

  28. Keri

    Thanks Uncle Dev! We’ll just each break off a small piece of :chocolate: since you’re being so nice. We don’t want to take advantage of your generosity! :hug: :hug:

  29. Ang

    Wow, Kaki! We are truly unique today. Thanks, Unca’ Dev! :hug:

  30. Linda

    Poor girl. He asked her to clean out the pond. She was just being thorough, and does she get a “thank your doing such a nice job, and being such a lovely vision to come home to”. No, she has to hear, “come her missy”, in a stern and scary voice. :refuse: :notlistening:

  31. You’re welcome, Keri. Enjoy.

    You’re welcome, Ang. Night night. :wave:

    Linda, that isn’t at all what happened here. A good top would clean the pond himself, or provide heavy waders and rubber gloves, if he decided to let her help him with the job. And I think you’re trying to deflect her guilt, so you may just share in her just deserts. Come here, missy. :hairbrush: :spank:

    And that’s it for me. Goodnight, Audrey and Ash and Ang and Keri and Rose and Kaki and Linda and all our lovely lurkers :tobed:

  32. Linda

    :rub_bum: Owie, Uncle Dev! :weep: I would never be untruthful with you. :pout: But, thank you UD, I needed that. :hug: Since I had to share in her just deserts, I’ll just toodle down to “Just Desserts” then, shall I? :innocent:

  33. It’s all right now, Linda. :hug: Just be careful of making up whoppers that don’t jive with the official, toppish whopper. :wink: And I can just imagine what a place called Just Desserts has to offer. :shock: :grin: