Got Drape?

Jun 12, 2017 by

Last week, Audrey asked a pertinent question about the gauzy almost-drapery that our Friday pinup was sort of wearing, so I thought I’d talk about drapery as it applies to female nude art.


Sometimes, gauzy drapery is there for a reason. In the above two examples, many of the naughty bits are successfully hidden, or at least disguised to the point that the artist could sneak them by the Hayes Code or the Royal Censor, depending on the time period.


But quite often in nude art, drapery is there more to enhance the focus on rather than to conceal the woman’s charms.

Here, we see Venus bathing with a few close friends and family. The kid with the wings is Cupid. The one without wings must be a friend of his from pre-kindergarten.



Then, of course, there is peekaboo drapery. This sword-and-sorcery cover photo is especially intriguing.

One can’t tell whether she is in the process of pulling that cloak up to hide her bottom, or lowering it so that the fierce Barsoomian warrior who has invaded her bedroom can get a better look at what he’s after.



Here is an example of remainder drapery.

She has thrown off almost everything, but decided to keep that remaining little bit of nothing ’round her waist, perhaps because her belly button felt chilly.



This is another where one is not sure whether she is taking it off or putting it on.

But from that smirking, come-hither look, I have to think she is inviting the artist to drop that stupid brush and help her remove the lot.



Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s take on the non-draping of the feminine form divine.

The girl wading at the front is about to slosh her big sister with water. One has to wonder if big sis will do something about it, or just run tell Papa how naughty the girl was. Perhaps she will do both, and that little French bottom will be quite sore come ce soir.



Okay, so there is not even an attempt at drapery here, although there is some lying about, but I just love this picture.

It’s the one that hangs in the main dining room at McGuire’s, and I do so love it when they seat me and my party at a table near it.



And finally, I present a drapery conundrum.

What in the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed world is going on here?

Care to take a guess?

That is all.
Devlin out.





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  1. Ang

    Wow, Uncle Dev! These are beautiful! :nod:

    My favorite is the sword-and-sorcery piece. :thumbsup: It also reminded me of something that would have made a great science fiction book cover.

    The last piece is very interesting. I think there is definitely a story “behind” it. :shock: These two girls are on a camping trip with their top. They ask him if it is all right to go swimming. He, in care and concern and not at all in over-protectiveness, told them they could not swim. He made certain that they understood that the current temperatures did not allow for a swim.

    Of course, they decide to do the opposite. While he was still asleep, they went skinny dipping. Time slipped away, so they decided to help one another get dressed. In the process, one girl lost her safety pin. They soon hear him calling for them. They begin scrambling for clothing noticing all the natural implements of correction around them.

  2. Lovely, Ang! For want of a safety pin … :smirk: :grin:

  3. Keri

    Ang, that was very good indeed! :notworthy:

    She does look like she can’t fasten the skirt without the safety pin! :nod: The other girl is holding it right where it needs to be pinned while the other is looking in the dirt, knowing it’s hopeless. :pray: No way will she find it. :shocked: Not with the Top calling out, getting angrier by the second. :weep: They should give it up, get the rest of their clothes on & hope the skirt doesn’t fall down around her ankles as she runs to present herself in front of the now steaming mad Top. :nervous: :pout:

    This is loads of fun Uncle Dev! You know we have wild, huge​ imaginations! :thumbsup: :wave: :hug: :hug:

  4. Quite right, Keri. Even the most patient top finds it vexing to have to keep calling for, or worse, go in search of his girls when he has told them to stay close at hand. And, as Ang mentioned, there are ever so many potential switches in the immediate vicinity. :shock: :switching: :grin:

  5. Ang

    Thanks, Uncle Dev and Keri! :wave:

    Great imagination, Keri! Look at all of those switches within his reach! :shock: :shock: Of course, I’m sure he always has that trusty :belt: handy too. :shock: :run4hills:

  6. Audrey

    :hehe: :haha: Oh, Unca Dev, you’ve had me chuckling and chortling all day. :rollonfloor: But the day has been so hectic and the pictures so naughty, that I couldn’t risk replying until this very private moment. You were killing me with the chilly belly button, Cupid’s pre-k friend, and other such cute remarks. And the pictures are gorgeous, for the most part.

    The first, I imagine, is a depiction of your dear Audrey, the inspiration for this piece. The second is like unto it: lovely. The third, fourth and fifth are also favorites. That peacock ensemble is breathtaking, and I always appreciate just a hint of heinie, without all those bits. The Venus bathing is charming as well. The shoes and socks picture is not so pleasing to my eye. I guess that was my problem with the Friday picture as well. I’m a big fan of mystery, and don’t fancy seeing so very much fanny, if you will, in my erotica. But, to each his or her own, as they say. I simply like my drapery to drape something that might require it. Call me stuffy; call me puritanical. I’m sure I deserve it. And thank you for the art tutorial. :curtsy:

    But as for the last picture: I don’t know what in the world they’re trying to do there, and I don’t think I want to know! :hides:

  7. Ash and Alder

    Lovely tour of the art gallery, Professor Dev. :geek: :clap: Very educational commentary.

    Ang and Keri, I love your story! :thumbsup:


  8. Good morning, all! :sun:

    Audrey, my choice was completely unconscious and/or serendipitous, but that first picture does look like you. :shock: And I’m glad I could give you a chuckle. :grin: Also happy I could show you some lovely ones, in addition to the more prurient. Chacun a son gout, as we say in Lubbock. :wink:

    Hi, Ash! :wave: Delighted you enjoyed the tour. I’m all about the enlightenment. :nod: :grin:

  9. Ellie

    Lovely pictures, Dev! :thumbsup:

    As for that last one, perhaps…

    There once were two sisters named Anastasia and Jane. They were wood nymphs, obviously of the clothing optional clan. While the girls loved each other dearly, they were also very mischievous, each constantly looking for an opportunity to prank the other.

    One day, while walking through the woods, they saw a young girl near a pond. They were very quiet and watched as she undressed to go skinny dipping. Now Anastasia was quite taken with the girls skirt and decided to sneak up and take it. Jane also liked the skirt and wanted a closer look. She stopped to examine the fabric, wondering just how much protection it would provide the next time she was naughty, which would be very soon. If you look closely you will notice that she has stretched the elastic waist and is about to let it snap back on Anastasia’s delicate skin. :giggle:

  10. Oh, my! Another quite plausible take on the great Yellow Skirt mystery picture. Well done, indeed, Ellie! :thumbsup: :hug:

  11. Audrey

    :blush: Aww shucks, Uncle Dev, maybe if you ran it through the Rubenator that coulda might be me. Maybe if you ran it through twice. :wink:

    :shock: Wow, Ellie, very creative mind! I was having a very hard time coming up with a credible tale that didn’t involve a strap-on :shock: :runaway: Sounds like I need to get my mind out of the proverbial gutter, huh? :headshake:

  12. :yuckitup: You’re closer than you think, Audrey. :wink:

  13. Ellie

    Thanks, Audrey. :curtsy: But I’m sure you could come up with a much more entertaining story. :hug:

  14. Princess Anastasia

    What the heck? Ellie, you completely skirted the issue. And how did my name get dragged into this? AND you forgot my title. Shame on you! Shame, I say.
    Isn’t that omission a :spank: able offense, Uncle Dev? :pray:

  15. The omission did no harm, PA. Everyone, including you, recognized you by your naughty behavior, if nothing else. :grin: