Bedtime, He Said

Jun 14, 2017 by


Bedtime is for sleeping, girls.

It is not for playing games or watching TV on your iPad, texting with your little friends, scrolling through Snapchat, or gabbing with your sisters.


When Uncle Dev says it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime, every time.



If you happen to be within grabbing distance, you will already have had a nice, calm night-night spanking to soothe your frazzled nerves and help you to dreamland.



Should that not convince you that bedtime means bedtime, I will certainly up the ante.


If you are available only long distance, this is where you are going to find yourself, young lady – standing in the corner until you get tired or embarrassed or sad enough to do what I told you in the first place.



But rest assured that the next time I do have you in arm’s reach, your bottom will pay quite dearly for acting so defiant.

That is all.
UD out.



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  1. Jane

    Oh dear. Doesn’t look good for her.

  2. Audrey

    :hides: :whistle: Someone is in trou ble! :peek: Man, I wouldn’t want do be anywhere near that scene! :nonono: Uncle Dev sounds VERY determined! :geek: Better run for your life — er, your heinie, whoever you are. :nod: :nervous: :peek: :kiss:

  3. Ellie

    Ouch! That girl in the red jammies has a matching bottom. :shock:

    Good thing I always go to bed on time. :icecream:

  4. Ang

    Oh! O-o-o-oh! :shock:

  5. Princess Anastasia

    Doesn’t look like a “good”night to me, at all, at all. Just sayin’ … :worried:

  6. Yes, Ellie. The girl in the red jammies has a top with an eye for color – and a paddle for it, as well, it appears. :nod: And you sometimes, not always, :nonono: go to bed on time, young lady.

    Morning, Ang! :wave:

    PA, there are goodnights and good! nights! You know the difference. :wink:

  7. Keri

    Whew, I was so worried you included reading​. I always want just a few more pages of whichever​ book by YOU I am currently reading. :read: :read:

    And two girls on the bed with red bottoms? Guess they should have listened to you, huh Uncle Dev? :refuse: :shock:

  8. Keri, reading yourself to sleep, by which I mean ten to twenty minutes and not all night long, is allowed unless I specifically forbid it.

    And I have, in fact, had as many as three red bottoms on the bed at one time. My girls aren’t always bad, but they are never quite the angels they claim to be. :nonono:

  9. Keri

    Yay! So ten to twenty minutes is allowed, usually, right?
    That makes me happy, Uncle Dev!

    You stated “My girls aren’t always bad, but they are never quite the angels they claim to be.”
    Were you just making an observation, for the benefit of all who join us on the blite or am I not considered one of “your girls”? :sad:

  10. Gary

    Dev, I’m oriented a bit different. I’m willing to allow these gals whatever bedtime they think they can suffer with, as long as it’s quiet, because I’m probably in bed at these hours you refer to. :cool: It’s rising time that makes the difference, because even the most incorrigible :brat: will realize the error of her ways when the sun comes up. And it comes up very early this time of year in our hemisphere. These expectations, :spank: applied early in the day, makes the latter part of the day much easier to deal with. :nod:

    Any non-quiet event in this regard, does take us back to what you speak of. :worried: We might need a third party, unless we’re doing 12-hour watches. :nervous:

  11. Ash and Alder

    Oh dear, Uncle Gary, I’m a terrible getter-upper! :yawn:
    In fact, I’m sitting in bed right now writing this when I should be getting up….


  12. Ash and Alder

    Uncle Dev, you must know that when a person is in :uk: and their friends are in :usa: then bedtime is absolutely the best time for messaging with them! :nod:
    Just sayin’


  13. Jane

    Amen, sistah! :thumbsup:

  14. Keri, I’m not sure whether you’re saying you’re bad all the time, or that you’re an angel all the time, either one of which would disqualify you as one of my girls, so I’ll just say, oh, yes, you are one of my girls, missy! And leave it at that. :wink: :hug:

    Gary, if enforcing bedtime by enforcing reveille works in your household, by all means, carry on. :grin: But, since my girls are scattered throughout the time zones, up-getting time is even more scattered than bedtime, and some occur in the middle of my night time, and I must have my beauty rest. :nod:

    Ash, I have noticed that UK girls tend to wait until the last possible moment to start conversations across the pond. I have been working on that for quite some goodly while, with no end in sight. :dunno:

    Oh, wait! Yes, there is one, and it will be soon. :thumbsup: Just saying.

  15. Ang

    That poor girl! I sure hope she is aware. :shock: :runaway: :run4hills:

  16. Ang

    Hey, Keri! :wave: Of course you are one of us! :nod: