Happy Birthday, Janie!

Jun 16, 2017 by



After another long, delightfully aggravating year of button-pushing from my youngest niece, it is once more time for … (drum roll, please)



Jane Ellen’s birthday spanking!


Yes, indeed. She is our little angel …


Until she isn’t.



But afterwards, she gets a big hug — even though I know that her mind is already awhirl, thinking … Now, where was that other button?

Happy, happy birthday, Jane Ellen!

Big hugses from Uncle Dev and all the usual suspects.

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  1. Linda

    :cowbell: :bell: :party: Happy Birthday, little sister and dear friend! I hope this is another wonderful year full of adventures (button pushing), dreams and hopes coming true, and loads of love from all those around you. You bring so much laughter and happiness to those around you. :loveyou: :rose: :rainbow_puff: :icecream: :gift: :gift: :gift: :clap: :cake: :chat:

  2. Keri

    Happy birthday Jane!!! :hug: :hug:

    Hope it’s a fabulous beginning to a fabulous year! Even if it means getting another year older. :thumbsup:

    Ok, Uncle Dev, we’re all getting settled in for the bottom, I mean, heart warming show! :popcorn:

  3. Mindy

    Happy Birthday, Jane! :cake: :cocktail: :party: :gift: :rose:

  4. Ellie

    Happy Birthday, Jane! :excited: :cake: :icecream: :chocolate: :hug: :gift: :party: Wishing you the best day EVER! :loveyou:

  5. Audrey

    Happiest of magical birthdays to our dearest, dearest Jane Ellen!! :heffalump: :cake: :cane: :party: :chat: :penguin: :panties: :puppyeyes: :gift: :hairbrush: :cowbell:

    You are everyone’s favorite baby sister, but mine most of all. I love you, dear darling girl, and hope this year is your best yet! :loveyou: :hug:

    Now, meet me in the :closet: for some button-pushing planning! :dance: Time’s a-wasting!

  6. Princess Anastasia

    Janie, Janie, Janie —
    I knew there was something special about today — the minute I opened my eyes. IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! :thumbsup: :hifive: :party: :cake: :gift: :icecream: :cheers:
    Love that calculating smile in the final photo. I’d know you anywhere, just from that twinkle in your eye. Keep up the good work, and know I’ll always be around to “congratulate” you :rad: on how well you face the music. I mean, the “Happy Birthday” tune, of course. :wink:

  7. Ang

    Oh! How wonderful! Happy Birthday, Janie! I hope you have a wonderful day! You deserve it all. :party: :cake: :cowbell: :icecream: :chocolate: :rose: :gift:

  8. Samantha

    Happy Birthday, Janie!! :cake: :cheers: :gift: :excited: :hug: :kiss: :loveyou: I may have to fight Aud . . I think that you are mine most of all! :nod: I woke up to a lousy morning but this wonderful news of your birthday has made everything come up :rose: :rose: ‘s! Have just the best day ever!

  9. Audrey

    :hug: No need for fighting, Sammie! :loveupu: Fortunately love is infinite, no matter how we talk about it. Janie can be everybody’s most of all. :wink: Lookee, Janie! You’re everybody’s most of all! :chat: :hifive:

    (Sorry your morning was yucky, Sammie. :sorry: Hope it continues to improve.)

  10. Lucy

    Happy Birthday Janie. Hope you’re having s wonderful day. :gift: :rose: :cake:

  11. Gary

    Janie, a Happy Birthday to you! :cake: :icecream: :cocktail: :gift: Of course the best part, is the :spank: . :grin: Have a wonderful day! :hug:

  12. Errinn

    Happy Birthday, Janie! :party: :icecream: :cake: :gift:

  13. Jane

    Hi, :wave: everyone! :kiss: :party: Thank you so much for your, erm :worried: mostly… good wishes! I’ve had the bestest bestest bestest day! :excited:

    Linda, hey! :hug: Thank you so much! :happy: I actually had a very adventurous day today, and drove my car the longest ever in one day! I’m still nervous, but it meant I got to go to the theatre! Which was absolutely FAN TAS TIC!! :heart:

    Keri, yes, another year older! :notlistening: And, I’m sure, the start of something great! Lots to look forward to! Thanks for your good wishes :hug: , and you just put that popcorn away! :foottap:

    Mindy, thank you, lovely lady! You want some :cake: ?

    Thank you, Ellie! I think it has been. It’s definitely up there with the very bestest. :heart: :loveyou: Wish my birthday treat could be to give you a very big hug.

    Audrey, I love you. You lift me up, you keep me straight, and yet spoil me with your patience guidance and kindness. :heart: :loveyou: :hug:

    PA, can’t wait to twinkle with you as soon as may be. :hug: I’m going to do my darnedest to be sure YOU are the one to be, ahem “congratulated”. :roll:

    Oh, Sammie, it’s so good to see you around here. I gots a LOOOOOT of love to share round, don’ worry!! Sorry about your bad morning. I hope it got much better. :sun:

    Hi, Lucy! :hug: Thanks so much. It’s been a very especially lovely day.

    Hi, Uncle Gary! Thanks for my good wishes and… well, :rub_bum:

    And thanks, Errinn! This :icecream: is delicious! :hug:

    And Unca Dev, thank you for my special post. Yes, um, a button or two may have been pushed along the way. :whistle: Lucky birthdays are “wipe the slate clean” kinda days, huh. :nod: Thank you for sticking with me, for loving me, and for being you.

    And night night, everyone! I did have a Deval Dispensation to stay up and write this but I feel like it may have taken too long and I might’ve, you guessed it… :pcpunch:

  14. Jane

    And Ang, I’m so sorry! I thought I checked so carefully. Thank you for your kind wishes. :hug: I had a really great day. :heart:

  15. Janie, I was called away, and yes, you did go ever so overboard with your Dispensated late bedtime. At any rate, I sort of hate to get you out of :tobed: but, well, your birthday is not complete without a special Uncle Dev :spank: :spank: :spank:

    Sleep well, little girl, and dream of the lovely year to come. :hug: :puff:

  16. Ash and Alder

    Oh, I’m late! :runaway:
    Happy birthday, Jane! :hug:
    Hope your birthday weekend is full of fun!
    :party: :cocktail: :vacation: :icecream: