Red Moon At Morning …

Jun 19, 2017 by


Do my eyes have a one-track mind of their own? It looks to me like the pinkest area on this girl’s skin is the one I’m always focused on, anyway.


The distinction is even more pronounced in this photo. There is no indication that these are anything other than fun nude shots on a rocky beach, and I suppose the extra color could be from sitting on those sun baked pebbles – only her bottom is even pinker than the soles of her feet.

So my assertion is that her photographer is also her top, and he insists that the area of HIS focus is always kept a nice, tingly, just-spanked shade.

Because such is the natural order of the world.

That is all.

Dev out.

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  1. Ang


    Ouch either way, Uncle Dev! :wink: :whistle:

  2. Princess Anastasia

    Surely her photographer would not :spank: her before expecting her to be displayed in all her glory on the beach. I’m sure it’s just that her most “sticky-out” parts got a bit more sun than the concave bits. Ah — those were the days … :sigh:

  3. So one assumes, Ang. :nod:

    Except that when she stands up, the sticky-out part actually shades the bit that is pinkest, PA, so I’ll stand by my original hypothesis. :wink:

  4. Audrey

    I’m sorry, y’all, but I can’t get over that position she’s in. :shock: On a rocky beach? :headshake: That just looks downright uncomfortable to me. :refuse: And you people must have some powerful magnifying glasses over there, to see all those details. :geek: But my money is on powerful imaginations, rather than eyewear! :nod:

  5. Audrey, she’s demonstrating the frog kick that goes with the breast stroke. :wink: :tobed: