Waiting At Table

Jul 10, 2017 by

Being married to a very strict daddy can be quite tiresome, thinks Collette. He is head waiter at a Michelin-rated restaurant and such a perfectionist! There are consequences for every little slip-up. And for some reason, he does not think that her and her friends’ accidentally drinking the bottle of special wine he had laid on for dinner at her parents’ house later that month is a little slip-up.

Still, Collette considers it exceptionally unreasonable of him to demand that she await his return from work that evening while wearing nothing but a pout on her pretty lips and facing the wall next to his writing table, so that when he returns home not long after midnight, the first thing he sees upon entering the room is her backside. He has done such a thing to her before, and she can feel her ears burn already at the telling off he will give her before making her stand up and bend over the table. There is never any clutter on it, and for such occasions he always removes even the blotter and the pen and ink stand that usually adorn the polished tabletop.

The seat of his very plain, very functional chair feels very hard on her bare situpon, and she cannot help but squirm and clench and lean this way and that. But she knows better than to rise, once she is seated in place. That is not allowed, and there will be additional punishment if she does so.

He would know, of course, if she disobeyed, because she always tells on herself when she takes any action she knows he would not approve, or if she fails to perform to his standards. It is a terrible burden to be so rigidly honest with him, and there have been very few nights, since they were married and even before, that she has not gone to bed with a sore bottom. That night, she knows, she will be very sore, indeed, when, finally, he hugs and kisses her to sleep.

She cannot be sure until he arrives just how he will punish her, but there is a supple and well-used leather belt that belonged to his father hanging from a hook behind their bedroom door. If, when he gets home, she hears him go to the bedroom before coming into the study, she will know that the belt is going to make its deeply stinging presence known from the surface of her rear cheeks to the very depths of her soul. It knows her fears and needs almost as well as her husband does, and it always does its best, as does he, to burn away both beneath layer upon layer of fiery stripes that make her shriek and writhe and, sometimes, almost weep.

Collette can scarcely contain her excitement when she hears Daddy’s key in the door latch.


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  1. Audrey

    Ooh, Uncle Dev! *shiver* How is it that you are making me envy Collette? Her thoughts speak so eloquently of the subtle nuances of This Thing We Do and make them seem almost logical. :nod: But we all know they are anything but. :hypnotised: Thank you for the gorgeous picture and the shivery-making scenario. What a way to brighten up a Monday morning! :eyes:

  2. Very glad you enjoyed it, Audrey. :grin: Collette’s story is familiar, at least in tone, to most of my friends. :wink: :hug:

  3. Perhaps he should leave her a key next time, then she won’t have to wait for him to let her out! I could take her shopping!


  4. Princess Anastasia

    Knowing the belt is hanging there — just waiting to be used. Wondering. Dreading. Anticipating. Shivering. Longing. Breathing — slow and even, until there is a tiny hint of sound or a more difficult to explain “sense” that he is near and the time of reckoning is upon one, and then soft, quick gasps to take enough oxygen in to face what is coming, what will make her blood race and her heart pound and her skin burn and her muscles ache and her mind sink into a hopeless muddle where everything is, still, somehow exquisitely clear.
    How did she survive until he brought her to this moment where everything is so sorely perfect?

  5. Lovely follow-through, PA. :grin: Thank you. :hug:

    Hi, Angelika, you little :fallenangel: :wave: To no one’s surprise, you purposely missed the point of the exercise. :wink:

  6. Ang

    Wonderful post, Uncle Dev! :trophy: I could feel her anticipation :eyes: only to be amplified by PA’s wonderfully descriptive follow-through! :clap:

  7. Thanks, Ang! I (we) appreciate the kind words. :wink: :hug: