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Jul 16, 2017 by

Here’s a little test for you movie aficionados out there — who are these people and why are they behaving in this extraordinary manner?

Well, the second part is easy, or a bit of it, anyway. This shot, which I never had seen before it popped up in an image search last week, is apparently a publicity still from a black and white film that might or might not have included a spanking scene.

The girl might or might not be Betty Hutton from Annie Get Your Gun, and the guy sort of looks like a very young Jim Hutton, TV’s Ellery Queen, though that is probably not the case.

What film they’re advertising is a complete mystery, but if we can come up with the people, we can probably work out which movie they were plugging.

Let the Wikipedia-IMDbing commence and do comment with anything you know or can find about this. 



P.S. We have a winner, boys and girls! Audrey’s BG identified the stars as June Haver and Mark Stevens in “Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now,” 1947. Good job, both of you! :-)


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  1. Jane

    I’m sorry, Unca Dev, I coul’n’t find anything to help clear up the mystery. :sorry: I did read a biography about Betty Hurton, though. I loved her in Annie Get Your Gun. :heart: She had such a sad beginning. :cry:

  2. That’s okay, Janie, and thanks. I did not know about her childhood trauma. That is sad, indeed.

    That did get me looking, and Betty did get spanked on-screen in And the Angels Sing, with Fred McMurray, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t Fred. It might not even be Betty, for all I can tell. In any case, I added a still from that film to the post. :grin: :hug:

  3. Jane

    I found that out as part of my research, too. :kiss:

    Hmmm… such an intriguing photo! I’m hooked to the investigation.

  4. Well, the search goes on. We know it’s not Fred McMurray, though I was wondering if he might be Fred’s stunt double or stand in, who happened to be there to pose for the publicity still. And again, we’re not even sure about the girl.

    Anyone else care to conjecture? :dunno:

  5. Audrey

    My sources (hi, BG!) say that’s a publicity shot for the movie “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?” She is June Haver and he is Mark Stevens. The research says there was no :spank: ing in that movie, but that June got a “lollapalooza of a spanking” from Gordon MacRae in “Look For The Silver Lining” (1949). :eyes: :thumbsup:

  6. Jane

    UH! He is so clever! :heart: :notworthy:

  7. Ang

    Wow! Thanks, Audrey (BG)! :wave: I could not place it and I am pretty familiar with many spanking scenes and/or publicity stills from classic movies. I know the one with Gordon MacRae. :nod:

    Uncle Dev, it is funny you should mention Fred MacMurray. June Haver was married to him. :shock: :giggle:

  8. Excellent! Thank the BG for us, Audrey, and thank you both for sharing!

    I’m sure I’ve seen them both somewhere or other, but these two are not names that jump quickly to mind. :dunno: :grin:

  9. Ang

    Now, I wanted to know! :nod: You asked why the two were behaving in this extraordinary manner. According to BG’s findings and more research, Haver’s character is very conniving and is always using her innocent wiles to get her way. She is trying to win Stevens’ character from another woman and Joe is caught in the middle. Poor Joe… :eyebrow:

  10. Great followup, Ang! Conniving always ought to get a girl spanked, even if the screenwriter didn’t see it that way. :wink: