Going With the Flow

Aug 6, 2017 by

I have no idea who painted this, and it matters not at all.

I love how the light source at the top right appears to illuminate her bottom at the center of the frame.

Her head is in shadow, but she is looking off into something only she can see as her body and the earth caress one another.

The hill, the girl, the tree, even the grass, move toward the cooling blue water.

I find this to be a most restful composition to help one through another hectic week of high-summer heat.

Take it easy.


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  1. Ang

    Beautiful, UD. :thumbsup: The scenery does look like it would make a restful week. :nod:

  2. Thanks, Ang! :grin: A restful few minutes, anyhow. :wink:

  3. Ang

    Well, if her top is anywhere in the vicinity… :groucho:

  4. Jan

    Hi Dev, I wish I could look like that….
    love Jan, :rose: xx

  5. Audrey

    Ahh, gorgeous! I would love to have that bottom and that afternoon. Looks lovely. Relax, all of you, wherever you are. :hug: :vacation:

  6. Exactly what I was thinking, Ang. Some girls just ask for it, don’t they? Lying around by the lake without a stitch on? The very idea. :wink:

    Jan, to that special someone, you do look like that. :nod:

    Hi, Audrey! Relaxation is the key, isn’t it? Just some of us keep losing our keys, don’t we? :dunno:

    Have a great week, everyone! :hug: :hug: :hug:

  7. Jan

    Hi Dev, that was a very sweet thing to say, no wonder you have been picked by a few of Hermione’s readers this week :thumbsup: :kiss:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  8. Audrey

    Oh, Jan, wasn’t that just the sweetest remark ever? :eyes: :sigh: What do you mean, Dev was “picked” by some of Hermoine’s readers? :dunno: Picked as the squishiest sweetest top ever? Cause he is, you know. :wink: Uncle Creampuff, I like to call him. :runaway:

  9. You’re quite welcome, Jan. :hug:

    And, Audrey, I have a nice new rattan creampuff ( :cane: ) I’ll introduce you to. :notpleased:

  10. And thanks for the mention on Hermione’s blog, Jan! I’m sure I’d enjoy that, too. :thumbsup: :grin:

  11. Keri

    Hi, :wave: everyone!

    I would give you all a big hug but it’s too da, er, darn hot! :hot: I was going to say a different word than darn. :nod: Which really would just be like that song from Kiss me Kate. Ever heard of it? The dancers are out back of the theater and they sing a song called “It’s too (word Uncle Dev won’t let me say) hot!! :pout: :thumbdown:

    We are having a heatwave in the Seattle area and the stupid people that built these houses didn’t put in central air conditioning. It’s ridiculous, it really is… :sun: :sun: :pout:

    Audrey never ceases to amuse. Uncle Creampuff! :hahaha: :hahaha: Maybe the professor should bring his :cane: and school you on his creampuffery!

    I would be happy to ask him if he might bless us with an illistration of his squishy sweetness. :nod: :nod: Using Audrey as the beneficiary.

    I would do that for you, Audrey. Cause you’re so cute and all. :notworthy: :notworthy:

    I will have to check out Hermione’s place. You say, Jan, he was picked out special very recently? Coolio!! :thumbsup:

  12. Audrey

    Oh, no! Just because your little English schoolgirl wants to play sixth-former in the Headmaster’s study doesn’t mean the rest of your girls consent to submitting to that log you call a senior girls’ cane! :nonono: As Dana Carvey playing GHWB so eloquently said, “Nah gonna do it!” :peek:

    Very sweet of you, Keri, but I believe I’ll pass. :refuse: You’re cute, too. Really cute. :wink:

  13. Keri

    I did the hand motions while I read the quote from Dana Carvey. Love that!!! :nod: :heart:

    So sorry my little English schoolgirl came out. Very naughty of her. Back to class you! :school:

    You stated it all so eloquently, Audrey. :notworthy: You sure you don’t want play too. Just it teeny, tiny bit? :giggle: :giggle:

    In any event, the picture is quite lovely! :nod: :hypnotised:

  14. Jan

    Hi Audrey, he was picked as a favourite to be spanked by, not so keen on his rattan bits and bobs though, just saying….. He can use that sort of stuff on some naughty girls, not us. :wink:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  15. I’m always amazed at the unexpected places I’ve found 6th-form schoolgirls lurking. :nod: :wink: :grin:

  16. Audrey

    Always happy to play, dear sister! But maybe not to be set up, you know? :wink:

    Thanks for the answer, Jan. He is a fantastic top and so very stern and playful that I can see why he was chosen. :thumbsup:

    I just bet, UD! Just get me a middy and a plaid skirt and I might just find mine. But she only likes straps. :loveyou:

  17. Gary

    I think this painting invokes many things. One thing I feel, is submission. That could be for/to many things.

    Keri, I wanted to respond to question you asked in an earlier post, in regard to “good girl spankings”. It occurred to me that if ten people are in involved in any descriptive event, one will come up with ten descriptions. For me, a GGS, involves a female who knows she is about to receive such, and:

    – makes her self ready (clothing, posture, location etc.)
    – provides just enough feedback to encourage her spanker (keeping it a GGS)
    – provides at least one implement of her choice, for the spanking he chooses
    – positions herself in the proper way and makes every attempt to maintain such
    – the spanking continues until her needs are met
    – the hug is real
    – the gratitude, is for her to decide

    I could go on … Thanks Keri, for the question, and the rest of you, for the opportunity to put that down. :nod:

  18. Keri

    Thanks Uncle Gary for all the examples! :hug:

    It sounds like you’ve actually really thought about this particular subject. :nod: I think it’s very cute! :giggle: Miss Linda, does he have this many rules for everything? :haha:

    When I finally do get to meet you, Uncle Gary, I hope I don’t have to pick out an implement. :nervous: If I do I’ll make sure Miss Linda tells me which is best! :smirk:

    In truth, you really do have the girls best interest at 💓!!