Pinup Friday

Aug 4, 2017 by

Here’s one that would look good on the fall calendar. It’s a nice, sunny day to be outdoors, even if the brown foliage bespeaks the chill of autumn.

That can’t be terribly comfortable, although her smile seems to say otherwise. Perhaps it was too warm inside those yoga pants, and she decided to cool her keister a bit, as well as give the cameraman an eyeful.

In any event, all I can say is, “Bottoms up, young lady!” You totally earned however many smacks your photographer decided to dish out for this little stunt.

That is all.
Devlin out.


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  1. Ang

    Look at all of those potential implements. :shock:

    Cute, UD. :thumbsup:

  2. jay walker

    Crikey, I remember doing something like that with Worzel back in the day. That’s a good shot.

    hey guys, greetings from sunny-ish England. :wave:

  3. Keri

    Hi girls! :wave: :wave:

    Glad to hear it’s sunny-ish in jolly ole’ England! :uk: I hope to visit someday! :nod:

    I must know more Jay. Who is Worzel? Were you :spank: ed on film? If you are semi-famous, like our dear Uncle Dev, then please accept my apology for not knowing all about it. :hides:

    This looks exactly like something a mean Top would do to prep the poor girl. :thumbdown: Only problem is she is smiling. :noidea: Hmmm, maybe she’s just getting a nice, little bottom warming so it won’t be so cold exposed as it is. :confused as top: Maybe? :wink: :giggle:

  4. jaywalker

    hi Keri,

    No, not famous like the Prof, infamous maybe lol. Not spanked on film over a log ….I think there might be an old film of an outside caning…I have purposely lost its address though.
    I meant I have been over a few logs lol…and had pictures taken, but no films over logs.

    Worzel is my better half, my love and wielder of stingy things.

    England opens its doors for Keri aka Merida (love that film)

  5. Jaybird Flamewalker! As I live and breathe fire! :puff: :grin: :wave: :grin: :wave: :grin: :wave: So good to see you! :hug: :hug: :hug:

    Hi, Ang! Hi, Keri! :wave: :wave: Jay is a dear friend who has been AWOL from this blite for so long I doubt her bottom ever would get over the :ridingcrop: :hairbrush: :belt: :spank: ing she deserves for such desertion, if ever I got hold of her. :wink:

    And, Keri, Jay is far too modest. She is a proper video star, just like I am. Well, not JUST like, since she (and her bottom) suffered much more than I (and my hand) did. :smirk:

    As to the presence of switch-y implements in the photo, Ang, you are SO right about that. :nod: And the model was either, A, oblivious to their potential usefulness on her situpon, or, B, a ready and willing subject of such usage. :dunno:

    Keri, ever the optimist you are! Just a bit of bottom warming? Sure. Why not? :fire: :puff: :bbq: :wink:

    Oh! And, Keri, that’s Worzel Gummidge — well, a reasonable facsimile thereof. You should google the name and maybe check YouTube for visuals. :nod:

    Once again, Jay, love that you dropped by! :heart: We’ve missed you! :hug:

  6. jaybird Flamewalker

    :worried: Hi Prof :worried: I errr ….well… see the dog ate, no wrong one…the car blew a, nuts no good either… I got sucked into a wormhole into another dimention where men wore only leather trousers and capes and strutted manfully around with leather throngs to herd their subs….nope thats wrong too. :worried: please don’t beat me! :weep: :notworthy:

    Well all that matters is that I’m here now…and alive… phew :whistle:

    :hug: :hug: missed all of you too :angel:

  7. Princess Anastasia

    Hey, Jaybird,
    Welcome back. We’ve missed you lots and lots. Please don’t leave us again.

  8. jaybird Flamewalker

    hi PA. I see you’ve been keeping the old fella on his toes in my absence. Good show :yuckitup:

  9. Ang

    Welcome back, Jaybird! It’s nice to meet you here. :wave:

  10. Jane

    Jayyyyyy! We missed you!! :hug: :hug:

  11. Jay walker

    Ang :wave: very nice to meet you.

    Jane :hug: you still here? Has the Prof tamed you yet?

  12. Keri

    Nice ‘ready for use’ excuses, Jay. And your Worzel sounds wonderful! :thumbsup: :smirk:

    Uncle Dev, your images of bottom warming were not what I had in mind, silly rabbit! :thumbdown:

    Hi girls! :wave: Happy Friday to you all. And to those across the pond happy Saturday morning! :hug: :hug:

    And I will google that suggestion, Uncle Dev. Oh yes! :wink:

  13. Ang

    Hey, Keri! :wave: Happy Friday and happy weekend! :party:

  14. Oh, Jay! You know I never beat my girls! Spank them till they can’t sit down, sure. But that’s not at all the same thing, is it? :nonono:

    Anyway, welcome back, and, as mentioned, stick around for a while. A long while! :nod: :hug:

    Okay, troops, I know it’s Friday night, but I am partied out. Sleep tight on all several :usa: :uk: :aussie: sides of the world where my girls hang out. I’m off :tobed:

  15. Ellie

    Jay!!!!! You’re back! :excited: I’ve missed you. I’ve often thought of you and Worzel and hoped that y’all were well. Here are big hugs for you both :hug: :hug: :hug:

  16. Gary

    A great shot (from a series I have from research :wink: ) that makes one wonder. Ang, hit it right off. How can she be smiling in such a position, and all those switches around? Oh, she enjoys it. :gasp:

    Keri, I was educated about Worzel, on this very site. (Thanks, Dev!) Checking him out, is a worthy use of one’s time. :nod:

    How-dee, jaywalker! :wave:

  17. Keri

    Well then, Uncle Gary, I should be able to search this site for some information on Worzel too, right? Nice to see you by the way. I miss you too, Mister! :hug: :hug:

    Hi Ang and good night Ang! Hugs to you too! :hug: :hug:

    Good night everyone! Have a great weekend! :hug: :vacation:

  18. Jane

    Yup, I still hang around. :hug: :happy: And as to taming :rollonfloor: , he’s tried, Jay! He’s tried.

    It’s really lovely to see you. :hug:

  19. Jay walker

    Ellie its lovely to see you again too. :hug: Worzel is fine too, gardening at the moment :wink:

    Gary howdy to you to :horse:

    Prof, i know you don’t beat your girls ( totally buzzed to be included in that :excited: ) you know I love to exagerate. I know you worship the ground they walk on :notworthy:

    So tomorrow Worzel and I are off to London Alternative Market (LAM) its a whole bunch of kinky stalls and their sellers and then theres an after party. :spank: ,
    :switching: , :horse: girls, :pirate: :monkey: gimps …a whole bunch of stuff that makes you :thud:
    Do you guys have anything like that over there? Shadow lane and boardwalk i know of.

  20. Hi, Ellie! Good to see you popping up, even though it was after your bedtime, young lady. Come here. :spank: The very idea. :notpleased:

    Jay, I do understand your love of exaggeration. :wink: As to any comparable affairs to the London Alternative Market, I expect there are some in the US, but certainly not anywhere near Pensacola Bay. :nonono: :dunno: :grin:

  21. Audrey

    Wow! :shock: :thud: Hi Jay! It’s really great to see you! :hug: So glad everything is going great. :thumbs up: Have fun at LAM — maybe y’all could swing by and pick Janie up to go with you? :wink:

    Hey PA, UD, Keri, Gary, Ellie, Ang, Janie! :wave: :hug: I’m off on a totally vanilla, totally 80s, high school girls’ weekend! :icecream: So I’ve turned off all notifications and won’t be around too much. Have a great weekend! :loveyou:

  22. Ellie

    :tantrum: was just so excited to see Jay :sorry:

    Keri, should be lots of fun stuff in the archives :thumbsup: Did you know that the Professor used to hand out homework to naughty girls? :shock:
    Perhaps he should have Jay write a report on this weekend’s LAM activities as encouragement not to be gone so long. :nod:

  23. Ang

    Thanks, Mr. Gary. :wave: I didn’t think I was the only one noticing all those potential :shock: implements. :dunno:

    Good to see you, Ellie. :wave:

  24. jaywalker

    Thanks Ellie :littlebus: way to help out a long returned friend. :littlebus:

    I may write about it anyways, but on my blog lol. I might have the writing bug again anyway.

    I may have asked this before but whereabouts in good old Blighty :uk: is our Jane anyways? I’m almost inner London now. Certianly inside the M25.

    Hiya Miss Audrey, hows tricks?

  25. Hi, Audrey! Enjoy your vanilla weekend! :thumbsup:

    Ellie, I’ll accept your :sorry: and you may have an all right now :hug: :grin:

    But, yes, Jay should write a report for her blog, but you folks should see what’s on there now! :shock: :nod: :grin:

    Go to Jay’s blog and check it out. And best of luck with your new, uh, pastime, Jay! :smirk: :hug:

  26. Linda

    Jay! :excited: :hug: It’s been ages. Wonderful to see you pop in, and so happy to see things are going brilliantly with you an Worzel. Indeed, the love of your life. :loveyou: Enjoy the day at LAM. Someday, I’m going to visit England and LAM. It would be great to take Janie along. :dragon:

  27. jaywalker

    Rofl I saw that one person had viewed it. :dance2: Just because I used to be a brat dosen’t mean that one cannot grow up :curtsy: lol. Pastime :yuckitup:

    Linda! :excited: :hug: Lovely to see you too, I hope to pop in with more frequency now that things are more settled.

  28. Jane

    I’m sometimes around outer London for family, but living a little farther out now. :happy: Have fun tomorrow. :hug:

  29. Keri

    We have something similar to LAM in Seattle but it’s only once a month. I haven’t been because, frankly, I’m a little scared. :nervous:

    Hubby will go to certain stores with me to pick out things like :paddle: s, :ridingcrop: s, etc. but he thinks the market might be too much for him. :noidea: I need a kinky friend to come along. I have a couple here but they are scared-y cats! :pout:

    Crazy, right? Seattle is a hub for awesome craziness but I guess I should have been born in the 80’s not graduating high school in the 80’s! :geek:

    Which reminds me, Audrey, how was the girls weekend? Hope it was a super great, vanilla time!! :thumbsup: :nod:

  30. Keri, I’ve been to Shadow Lane’s vendor fair that’s held in conjunction with their parties a few times, even sold books there. But that’s pretty tame compared to diverse, big city to-dos such as LAM. I might feel out of my depth at one of those, as well. :wink:

  31. Audrey

    :roll: Heck, I’ll go with you, Keri! :cheers: Geeze, all these chickens . . . :chick: :chick: :chick: :cheers:

  32. Keri

    Oh Audrey, if only you lived out here. :nod: :smirk:

    Can you imagine the two of us going, getting into all kinds of mischief. :thumbsup:

    We’d need you there too, Uncle Dev. :thumbsup: Who’s gonna see to it that we behave? :cool: :dance2:

  33. In that case, I’ll go, just to keep you two brats out of jail. :roll: :wink: