Now What?

Aug 8, 2017 by

Take off your shoes and skirts, Moira, he says. Hose and knickers, too, lass, he says. Now bend yourself over the sofa arm and get comfortable. You’ll be there for a while.

Moira never used to have so much courage — or patience, either, come to that.

Then she met Declan, a masterful, left-handed top from Skibbereen, and her world-view changed.

If he wanted her bum bare and present, then, by St. Brendan, that he’d have; she’d see to it.

And let him use that lovely, supple leather belt he wears round his middle, if he’s a mind to, she thinks. Perhaps his trousers’ll come down without it, and we can get on.

Moira is nothing if not an optimist.




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  1. Ang

    I’ll bet her “world-view” changed. :nod: The change in the view of the patterns on the furniture, the tiles on the kitchen floor, the carpet color, the designs on the new bedspread he had just purchased… :shock: :wink:

    Wonderful story, UD! :thumbsup:

  2. Jan

    Hi Dev, nice tale, it is always better to be optimistic don’t you think?
    love Jan, :rose: xx

  3. Princess Anastasia

    How utterly — delicious! Except I can’t possibly concentrate on the things I’m supposed to be focused on now. And guess whose fault that is … :brat:

  4. jay walker

    She needs another cushion under her hips really. :nod: As a tall woman I have real trouble finding height appropriate equipment, really causes some muscle tension either in my legs and back from bending…or my arm and back from swinging. :notpleased:

    No essay of LAM yet, maybe tomorrow. :sun:

  5. Thanks, Ang! :grin: It too a while for her to open up and tell me her story, but she finally did. :nod:

    Hi, Jan, and thanks! Hope springs eternal and all that, right? :wink:

    Aw, PA! Sorry to be so distracting. Hope you got back on track at some point. :grin: :groucho:

    Quite right, Jay. :thumbsup: It looks like he has not quite got her where she needs to be yet. Hopefully, Declan will notice the error of his ways before they get too far along. :smirk: And we look forward to your report!

  6. Keri

    As a super (about 5′), stupidly (my opinion), short girl my first thought was luckily she’s tall enough to rest her knees on the floor. :nod: I would either be half-hanging – half-teetering or my entire upper body down in the sofa seat which would make my bottom pretty much right on top of the couch arm. :hides: Pointed straight up at the ceiling. :shock:

    Might actually help the top, I guess. :worried:

    Lastly, where you going with those ‘hose’? 1955? :wink: :smirk:

  7. Good Irish girls wear hose, Keri, I’m sure of it. In 1955 and now, as well. :wink:

  8. Audrey

    No way, Uncle Dev! :nonono: No self-respecting girl, regardless of national origin, wears hose as long as she is under the age of 88. It’s a law. :nod: Very cute story, though.

  9. jaywalker

    I have hose. Never worn it though, the neighbours might think i’m even weirder than they thought lol. :hose: mind you, with the relentless rain we are having at the moment i dont even need the :hose:

  10. Princess Anastasia

    Did you, perchance, mean “tights,” Uncle Dev? :whistle: :dunno:

  11. jaywalker

    :eyebrow: PA are you suggesting that our beloved Professor :geek: might be a tad behind with the current terminology for womens undergarments? :shock:


  12. Princess Anastasia

    I suppose we are lucky he didn’t mention her bloomers, Jay. :rollonfloor:

  13. The word “hose” encompasses any sort of hosiery or leg wear, including stockings and garters, bobby sox, pantyhose, and those nubby foot socks they give you in hospital. -Devlin’s Dictionary

  14. jay walker

    Oh well if its from Devlin’s Dictionary then it must be fact. :read:

  15. I can always count on your support, Jay. :wink: :hug: