Never …

Aug 10, 2017 by

Let your girl start drinking right before you go to the liquor store. You’re just asking for trouble – and you already know what she’s asking for.


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  1. jaywalker

    :thud: OMGoodness :shock: and shes still in the beauty isle.
    I remember when my body behaved itself long enough for me to consider going commando :helmet: not that I was brave enough, plus I don’t think I’d get the right reaction from Worzel. He’d love it, when in my head he be all “wait till I get you home subbie, the very idea!” :notpleased:

  2. Princess Anastasia

    Maybe she was actually looking for some tanning lotion, Uncle Dev. :wink:

  3. Worzel’s hypothetical sounds awfully familiar, Jay. :thumbsup:

    She was, indeed, looking for a tanning product, PA – or at least for a tanning. :nod:

  4. Ang

    Interesting goings on in this store… :shock: :nod: :giggle: