Pinup Friday

Aug 11, 2017 by

Once more a lovely beach weekend lies before us, and how better for a girl to take advantage of the sun kissed sands and balmy waters than au naturel. Or perhaps her top has taken the “panties are a privilege, not a right” dictum to an extreme.

In any event, do take advantage of whatever relaxation opportunities are coming your way this beautiful summer.

That is all.
Devlin out.

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  1. jaywalker

    Brazen hussy! Professor, she has no tan lines whatsoever. :timeout: If she is allowed to sunbathe in the nuddy then we should be allowed the same. :nod:

    C’mon girls, the Professor is advocating nuddy-ness with no retribution.
    :excited: Away with :panties: :pantiesB: let it all hang out :heffalump:

  2. Princess Anastasia

    I’m with ya’, girlfriend.

  3. Jay, worse than that, she has been sunbathing topless and wearing a THONG bikini. SO not allowed. In any event, if her top tells her to get her drawers off, that’s his call, and there is no further implication for any other girls. :nonono:

    And I don’t think so very much, PA. :roll:

  4. jaywalker

    :sun: gone in now anyway Professor, me an PA had a lovely afternoon thankyou. :wink:

    The beach waiter boy needs to learn how to make a decent daquiri :cocktail: he only went and made it with strawberrys instead of lime :thumbdown: be a dear and have a word with his boss would you :angel:

  5. jaywalker

    Sorry Professor. :pout:

  6. Ang

    I must say, Jay, you are funny! :rollonfloor: I love your attitude. :nod: