Heeere’s the Professor!

Aug 19, 2017 by

Even at the height of a hot and humid sub-tropical summer here in sunny Pensacola, the clock is all too swiftly counting down the seconds toward (SFX – dire and portentous orchestral chord) the first day of school at the local university!

For most girls of my acquaintance and the men who are in charge of them, that can mean only one thing.

Time to get out the cane and start her on the road to better behavior.

To that end (!), here are a few sage words of counsel that are addressed to tops, although you girls might want to read along.



Firstly, ladies and gentlemen, be careful what you wish for, because, sometimes, being in charge of more than one girl at a time can be a bit stressful.

So pace yourself if you find this to be the case. Caveat emptor and all that, right? (See recent post about blisters for details.)


Still and all, no matter with whom or how many you’re dealing and under what circumstances, do make sure that each girl gets absolutely everything her little heart-shaped bottom requires by way of stimulation.

For instance, the naughty miss above appears to be close to a breakthrough — either to pleading for mercy or to floating off the table on a cloud of Nirvana.

So keep in touch with her, even if you’re not touching her, which one might not when dealing with an exceptionally ill-behaved senior girl and using the senior cane.


Do, however, remember that when she gets home after classes, Dad, Uncle, Legal Guardian, or perhaps even Auntie (Hi, Jay!) will be waiting for her, ready to enforce the spanked-at-school-spanked-at-home dictum.

So a top must also be prepared to discard his mortarboard or beret in favor of his parent-hat and finish her off with a fond but firm hand-smacking, followed, of course, by a big welcome-home hug.

In any event, do enjoy the long, hot days of summer that are slowly dipping down into autumn, at least in this hemisphere. (Hi, Mindy!)

But never forget that bottoms are for spanking, no matter the day or the season – as if you could.

That is all.

Prof. Devlin out.


  1. Ang

    So, UD, what happens to the girl who doesn’t have a top at home? :pout:

    Oh, I know. I know. (hand raised) She gets away scot-free. :angel:

  2. No, no, Ang! :nonono: Sooner or later, perhaps when you least expect it, some top will take you in hand and there WILL be a day of reckoning. :nod: :spank: :hairbrush: :belt:

  3. Ang

    :shock: :smile: :eyes: I’m sure you are right, UD. You usually are. :nod:

  4. Jane

    *gulps* Reckoning does seem to come… :worried:

    I’ll be good this year, Unca Dev! I promise! :curtsy: Most of the time, anyway! :wink:

  5. Ang

    Hey, Janie! :wave:

    Like you, I plan to be good, but all of the time. :yuckitup: :angel: :angel: :angel: :whistle: :giggle: After all, that day of reckoning comes quickly, right, Unca Dev?

    Now, Janie, what can we do to be “good” girls? Hummm? :chat: :whistle: :wink:

  6. jaywalker

    :hahaha: I read this this morning and laughed out loud but couldn’t respond..I had my mum in the back of the car lol.
    Auntie jay lol :yuckitup:

  7. Ang, it worries :worried: me a little when girls get together and plan to be “good.” :confused as top:

  8. Ang

    Well, Unca Dev, maybe the word “good” :angel: was a misuse of terms. :eyes: :fallenangel: :brat:

  9. So one would think, Ang, yes. :smirk: :hug:

  10. Jay! I totally missed you there, so my apologies.

    Yeah, Auntie Jay is a good business name for you, and I won’t even ask for royalties. :wink: :groucho: :hug: :hug: :hug:

  11. Audrey

    :roll: Very sneaky, Professir (see what I did there?), the way you get to be both the strict teacher with the cane and the strict Uncle/Daddy/legal guardian at home. :smirk: Looks like you’re playing both ends towards the middle. Or is that one end, both ways? :dunno: Anyway, nice work if you can get it. :thumbsup: :nod:

    And, Jay, it thrills me no end to hear you talking about your mam in the back seat! :heart: Hope she’s in good health and fine spirits. :hug:

  12. Very clever, Audrey – Professir, indeed! Although I have to think that some of my girls still will balk at saying the final syllable. :wink:

    As to my taking on multiple roles in our TTWD dramedy, we are all well aware of the natural-born top shortage, so playing “one end, both ways” (I like that!) is quite the expedient remedy, don’t you think? :nod: :grin:

  13. jaywalker


    Mam is in fine fettle. Turned 80 on sat so the family met on the beach for the day. Only someof us mind…about 40 or so siblings, partners, grandchildren and partners, great grandchildren and partners lol.

  14. Jane

    Wow, Jay! That sounds fabulous. A great way to celebrate, too!

  15. Audrey

    Hooray, Jay! :clap: Happy Birthday to Mam! Thanks for the update. :happy:

    Uncle Dev, I think you are just the guy to fulfill multiple toppy roles! :trophy: Glad you enjoy it, because it’s necessary and important work. :nod: :hug:

  16. Audrey, I think it was little Tommy Edison who said that if you can find a job you really like to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I found mine. :grin: :hug: