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He really, truly is awful, that man, thinks Solange.

How can he do this to me? We were supposed to have a lovely, romantic, relaxing September holiday at the summer house in Lorraine. Why does he think he can push me around like this? Like some kind of slave to his will?

All I wanted to do was to sun bathe a little in the nude. There is no one around, so what is the harm?

He is so unreasonable! And now he says I must go out, naked and with no shoes, to pluck a  long, whippy twig from that tree, and then bring it to him so that he can use it on me, on my bare bottom!

No! It is not fair at all. I will rebel! I will show him that I am not afraid of him!

Why does my bottom sting already?

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  1. Ang

    You show him, Solange! Show him you aren’t afraid. :rollonfloor:

    That is until you are a struggling mess under the whippy twig. :shock:

    Good story, Uncle Dev! :thumbsup:

  2. Thanks, Ang! And I do like your “struggling mess.” :wink: :hug:

  3. Keri

    Does that mean Ang needs to feel a wippy twig? :giggle:

    Just teasing, little Ang. :wave: But sometimes I think Uncle Dev lives for the “struggling mess” of us, even a sweetheart like you! :hifive:

  4. jaywalker

    Ooooh I like the whippy twigs :nod: ….both using and feeling. :nod: Mmmmm like walking through nettles. :thumbsup:

  5. Princess Anastasia

    Do you have a nodding, bobbing acquaintance with nettles, Jay? I have to admit — I’m curious about them — but I want someone to describe the experience first. Then I’ll decide if it’s for me or not. :wink:
    Can you help?

  6. Ang

    Hey, Keri! :wave: You are so sweet to me. :grin:

    Nope, don’t need the whippy twig experience. :nonono:

    Thanks, Uncle Dev! I think. :giggle:

  7. jaywalker

    PA – I have never played with nettles but I have walked through them in shorts, :nod: it starts as a brushing sting and builds and builds :fire: ……then i had to have an antihistamine :sad: but i find whippy twigs have the same building sting without the need for medication :yuckitup:

    Hope that helps :angel: