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Okay, this is, and at the same time, most certainly is not a picture of Emma Peel. She is, at some point in the film this is a still from, Tracy Bond, and she is married to Bond, James Bond, played, quite ineffectually, as it turns out, by George Lazenby.

Well — what can you expect from an actor that Albert Broccoli discovered at the barber shop shortly after completing Thunderball and finding out that Sean Connery was off to do other projects. True story. Yawn.

Lazenby lasted exactly one film out of the approximately twelve hundred Bonds to date.

THIS is Emma. She is driving a vintage motorcar on The Avengers set. She looks about seventeen, but she is thirty years old in this shot. That makes her fourteen years older than I am, and I would still commit most of the felonies in the list for a chance to have dinner and a chat with her.

Here is Diana with Helen Mirren – she as Helena, Mirren as Hermia – in a Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts/BBC video production of Midsummer, 1968.

The shoot was all outdoors, and Diana tells the story of freezing half to death during filming in Sherwood Forest, wearing thin, skimpy dresses the whole time.

Diana went into a nearby village one evening and bought a pair of warm, woolen knickers to wear under her flimsy dress. Next morning, she was sitting on a tree branch, waiting for her cue, and the director looked up and noticed the unauthorized pants.

“Take those knickers off,” he shouted at her, and, being a loyal RADA girl, she did.

This is Diana playing a squeaky, completely dubbed tune on a toy bagpipe for Steed, in a kilt, so he can do a sort of Scottish sword dance while saying lines to push the plot forward, in a real Avengers episode.

Toy bagpipe aside, I get lost in those gorgeous eyes every time I see them.

And then – not to put too fine a point on it – here is Emma Peel, her own self, in an Avengers episode called Honey for the Prince, pulling up her harem pants to cover that enticing bit of cleft that somehow sneaked by the BBC censors a half century ago to make its way into the annals of bare-bottom history.

Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, you truly are the premier Dame of the British Empire, forever and always. And I will cash in my IRA to pay for dinner somewhere nice in Chelsea. I’m not kidding. And I promise not to bore you. Call me.

With all my love,


PS – I’ll read snippets from The Extravengers to you over brandy and coffee, Dame Diana.


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  1. Jan

    Hi Dev, At the moment Lady Diana is on our screens every Sunday evening in “Victoria”. She plays an ageing duchess, the days of Emma Peel are sadly long gone. She was one of hubby’s favourites too.
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  2. Thanks, Jan! I will have to watch that when it comes to Acorn. :thumbsup: But I do have to disagree that Emma Peel’s days are gone. She lives and reigns, forever young, in the hearts and souls of her fans, not to mention being always available on DVD and YouTube, and also, under a different name, in one of my funnest and funniest books. :wink:

  3. Audrey

    So you really love Dame Diana, huh? :wink: She is totally gorgeous, so you’ve got that right! :thumbsup:

    Jan, whom does she play on Victoria? I need to go back and watch again. :runaway:

  4. jaywalker

    Very nice. I do think Dame Diana is a bit of class…whatever she is in. :nod:
    Game of thrones…..genius! :thumbsup:
    Victoria ….Mistress of Robes…meh….a bit of a prune.

  5. Jan

    Hi Audrey , Diana Rigg is the Duchess of Buccleuch. She is one of Victoria’s ladies in waiting. I do love seeing her in her youth though, she was just perfect.
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  6. Ang

    Awww, Uncle Dev, she is quite lovely. I never watched the Avengers series, but have read your book and enjoyed it. :trophy:

    I am rooting for you to meet her! :thumbsup: I would love that to happen for you, but without you giving up your IRA. :shock: There must be another way. Also, I’m sure she would love to have you read to her. :nod: I know I enjoy when you read. :hug:

    In reference to the last photo, I have seen other sites use it to refer to a dream spanking. :rub_bum: But, alas, a spanking :spank: did not happen. :nonono:

  7. I thought you’d be shocked to learn that, Audrey. It’s always been a closely guarded secret. :wink:

    Jay, for Dame Diana, I would even watch Game of Thrones – after first searching to see which episodes she’s in. :grin: :thumbsup:

    Ang, I didn’t know that scene had triggered dream spanking references on other sites, but it has been the stuff some of my dreams are made of since approximately 1968. :nod: :groucho: :grin: