Pinup Friday

Sep 8, 2017 by

This, I believe, is the most worried-looking pinup model I’ve ever seen. I don’t think that, given her hand placement, so very like Solange’s a couple of days ago, we have to guess what has caused her to be so fretful. I expect her top has made it crystal clear that her swimsuit, sun suit, or whatever that outfit might be, shows a great deal more cheek than makes him comfortable.

I do wonder how many swats she’ll get before he says the heck with it, pulls that naughty little bit of nothing down, and concludes her spanking on the proper and full bare bottom.

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  1. Ang

    That is a cute photo, Uncle Dev. :nod:

    She does look like she is pleading her case. “No, I’m sorry. Please don’t spank me. I won’t do it again.” :sorry:

    There goes that bottom lip. :pout: Do you think the pout will help her cause?

    :giggle: :eyes:

  2. Audrey

    Hi, Ang & Unca Dev! :wave: I’ll admit, her face was the first thing I noticed in this scenario, being a girl and concerned with emotions and all. :curtsy: But no one has mentioned her bra/non-bra and pasties combo. What in the heck is that supposed to be? :dunno:

    Regardless, as you like to say, UD, that bottom is paramount. :!: And she’s gonna geeeettt it! :spank:

    Happy Friday, y’all! :dance: :party: :hug:

  3. Jan

    Hi Dev, cute but worried.We all can guess what’s coming to her. I was thinking the same thing as Audrey . What is that? :dunno:
    love Jan, :rose: xx

  4. Audrey

    :hifive: I know, right, Jan?! Odd, that. :hypnotised:

  5. Morning, Ang and Audrey! :sun: :wave:

    Ang, she is trying the pout, isn’t she? But if her top is anything like me, he will simply kiss it and carry on as before. :nod: :spank:

    Audrey, she does, indeed, radiate worry with that look. :worried: And as to the shelf-and-pasties bosom arrangement, that is a first for me, too. The outfit could be one of her own design, or possibly it’s something she picked up at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

    Either way, as you said, there is a :spank: ing in her very near future. :thumbsup: And happy Friday to you, too! :dance:

  6. Hi, Jan! :wave: Sorry! I stepped right on you, didn’t I? Perhaps we can google “Odd pasty bra,” although that might turn up nothing but recipes for Cornish meat-and-cabbage wraps. :whistle: :wink:

  7. Princess Anastasia

    If only I looked that adorable when I am worried … :worried:

  8. I think you’re very cute when you’re worried about your bottom, PA. :wink:

  9. Princess Anastasia

    Aww, Uncle Dev, you say the sweetest things … :loveyou: I think — :shock:

  10. Greetings Dev,
    Adorable pinup and I love the pout.

    My real reason for dropping by today was wishing you the best as this hurricane seems to be heading straight in your direction.


  11. Hi, Enzo! Great to see you again, and thanks for the good wishes.

    Fortunately for me, all the prediction models have me outside the damage area.

    Unfortunately for the rest of Florida, it looks like there could be severe damage to a fairly huge swath of the state.

    I’m still hopeful that I can shift the storm even farther to the east, and perhaps back into the ocean, but I’m running out of time. :sorry:

  12. jaywalker

    Worzel said its not as good as the “Solange” photo. :yuckitup: I like the retro style but I also kinda agree with my love :loveyou: she’s got clothes on :sigh:

  13. Princess Anastasia

    I’m sending huge amounts of encouragement and “princess-strength,” Uncle Dev. I’ve got friends in low places (I know — no time for jokes, but sometimes you have to smile in the face of adversity)and you’ve got to send the high wind and water back out where those things belong.

  14. Ang

    Awwww, Uncle Dev. You mean the pout doesn’t stop the consequences? It doesn’t pull on your heartstrings enough to have second thoughts? :pout:

  15. Hi, Jay! :wave: The Solange photo is classic, no doubt, but it’s more art than cheesecake, which is what Ms. Pouty ShelfandPasties is. :wink:

    Thanks, PA! We’re not licked yet, but it isn’t looking good for the home team. :puff: :sad: On the other hand, here on the perimeter, we’re well situated to welcome refugees. :thumbsup:

    Ang, pouting, whining, squealing, foot-stomping — all are grist to a top’s :spank: ing mill. :nod: :groucho:

  16. Ang

    What about putting her hands on her hips or crossing her arms, Uncle Dev? :shock: :wink:

    Since I am late, Audrey, happy weekend! :wave: :rad: :party:

    Now, if we can get that horrible :thumbdown: weather :evil: occurrence to push over to the east! :foottap:

  17. Those examples of body language would fall under the heading of purposeful defiance, Ang. I’m not sure I’ve ever spanked a girl for defiance. :dunno: But there’s always the first time. :grin:

  18. butterflies

    Great pic, Mr. O’Neill! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to give my husband that pouty, “Please don’t spank me. I’ll be a good girl, I promise!” look. I’m not sure if he’s actually mad when I do that or if he secretly loves it. All I know is now matter how much I beg and plead with him and no matter how far I stick my lower lip out to give him that pouty look, it never helps me, lol.

  19. Ash and Alder

    You’ve never spanked a girl for defiance, Uncle Dev?? :headshake: I find that hard to believe! :wink:
    As for Miss Roxi Dlite up there, I’d say that peculiar but endearing outfit is made of latex. I do wear latex myself on kinky occasions though mine has a teensy bit more boob coverage.
    Alder is quite taken with her charms, but the way! :thumbsup:


  20. Hello, Butterflies! :wave: :butterfly: :butterfly: Thanks for stopping by. I have to think that even though your husband acts unaffected by the pouty look and pleading eyes, he would sorely miss them if they weren’t there. I can’t imagine any man being mad at his girl for pouting. :nonono: :grin:

    Ash, I didn’t express myself very well, there, did I? What I meant was that I never spank a girl for simply feeling defiant and showing it through body language, as long as she still does what I tell her.

    I will spank her for overt acts of defiance — disobedience, running away, tongue outstickery, shouting, fighting, rude faces, gestures, and/or language — so, as long as the crossed arms or fisted hips aren’t accompanied by a steely glare or an outstucken tongue, she is safe.

    However, it does occur to me now that her hip fisting and arm crossery usually do not occur on their own, but come as part of a truly defiant package.

    But back to Roxi Dlite’s outfit, I’m not familiar with latex, but that is one tight garment, so you could be correct. In any case, one has to think that it isn’t something a girl would ordinarily wear in public. :shock: :grin:

  21. Errinn

    I have a possible explanation for her top. This photo also appears on the tumblr account “Burlesque Performers” and the following accompanies the photo. I believe the second paragraph is copied from Wikipedia.

    “Roxi DLite does self-portraits as a rule. Pouty Lip!!

    Roxi D’Lite is a Canadian burlesque performer, model and photographer from Windsor, Ontario. She was crowned the Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Miss Exotic World 2010 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.”

    And in her own words:

    “About Me


    My name is Roxi Dlite, I am a burlesque performer, pin-up model and photographer. I have a background in graphic design and am a photoshop wiz, I am also available for photo editing.”

    It never occurred to me that the outfit is made out of latex. From the pictures I’ve seen, she doesn’t appear to wear latex, or rarely wears it. It is also possible I’m wrong. :dunno:

    Jay, I can’t offer Worzel a “Solange” equivalent photo of Roxi, but in keeping with the theme of this post here is a nude backside view.

  22. jaywalker

    Hey Butterflies, great to see you ….come join Professor D’s girls.

    Erinnn – hmmm its nice (worzel). Tch so hard to please (jay)

  23. Audrey

    Hi, Butterflies, and welcome! :wave: Yes, come join us! More bottoms for Uncle Dev to :spank:

    I am with you, Ash! :nod: It seems to me that Uncle Dev spanks quite a lot for defiance. :foottap: Although, his explanation does make some sense. Not a ton, but some. :roll:

    Hey, Errinn and Jay! :wave:

  24. Hi, Errinn, and thanks for the back(side)ground info on Roxi. :grin: She will, no doubt, feature in a future Pinup Friday. :nod:

    Audrey, since I decide what sense is, I always make sense, tautologically speaking. :wink:

  25. Ang

    Well, Uncle Dev, the reason I asked about the hands on the hips or crossing arms was because I’ve been in that situation a few times. It wasn’t meant to be defiant. :nonono: It was more a case of not knowing where to put my hands at that particular moment. :shock: :nod: :giggle:

    Welcome aboard, Butterflies!

  26. Ah! Your top should have told you – a good girl’s hands are always clasped at her waist while she is scolded. :grin: :hug:

  27. butterflies

    Hello again, Mr. O’Neill. :wave: Thank you for the friendly greeting and your kind words. I love your blog!

    jaywalker and Audrey, thank you for the warm welcome here, ladies. :)

  28. Hi, Butterflies! Please do feel welcome. I always make things as warm :spank: as possible for my fans. :wink: :hug: