Making Audrey’s Mom Go Ballistic

Sep 12, 2017 by

This one is a no-brainer, Mom-going-ballistic wise.


Plus, I’m betting Daddy wouldn’t have let the girl come into the living room dressed like that, never mind letting her out the front door.


Of course, there are cut-off shorts that don’t come with cheek-peek, although Mom might have something to say about walking around in public with nothing but a swimsuit bra on top.


This girl is really pushing the boundaries, although, technically, she has not yet crossed Mom’s ballistic threshold. Still, just a few more washings, and the fraying will catch up with her and show off more than she should.


Which seems to have happened to her, and could soon happen to her friend in green.


I think this girl bought hers ready-made to hit Mom’s ballistic button.


She has definitely crossed the border from Daisy-Dukeland into Thong-Pantystan, which would take Mom from Ballisticville to Conniptionton, if not Coronaryburg.



Then there are girls who get paid to wear such scandalous attire and show it all off.


She told her mom that the modeling money is for college. Her mom isn’t Audrey’s mom, so she just grunted and said, “Don’t let Daddy see these, young lady.”

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Ang

    :shock: No one would have stopped me from wearing the one in the fourth photo (the one that covers, but is fraying) if I had wanted to. :nonono: I just always had the want to be covered up a little more than that. :yuckitup:

    Cute post, Uncle Dev. :thumbsup:

  2. Ang, the hot-pants look is certainly not for everyone or every circumstance, and there is definitely nothing wrong with modesty. :nonono: Glad you liked it. :grin:

  3. jaywalker

    OMGosh. I would never have dared wear daisy dukes or cheek peekers. :shock:

    When i was a twenty-something on a family outing to the beach i did have some short shorts on over my one-peice. My eldest brother went crazy and demanded i take them off because they were unseemly. Of course when i said there would be much more on show should i remove them he was quick to change his mind. Then he saw the bit of string his 15 year old was wearing :rollonfloor:

  4. Oh, dear. Yes, Jay, brothers who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast asparagus … :shock: :smirk:

  5. Lucy

    How I would love to wear short shorts again but unfortunately not my style any more. Nice pictures and happy memories. :thumbsup:

  6. butterflies

    Oh my goodness, my parents would never have let me out of the house wearing any of the clothing in this post. I’m pretty sure my dad’s head would have exploded if I or any of my sisters tried to go out out in public like that, lol. And I know for sure my husband would not allow that, either. Even just attempting to go out like dressed like that would surely earn me a session in his lap. Nevertheless, great pics, Mr. O’Neill!

  7. Audrey

    :yuckitup: Oh, Dev, you’re killing me! Yes, my mom would have pinched any cheek showing if I tried to walk out of the house like that. :shocked: I wasn’t even allowed to wear cutoffs, but in the 70s, a girl had to do a lot of stepping to find even tailored shorts that covered everything Mother required. :refuse:

    Thanks for making me laugh today, UD. And Mom thanks you for helping make the world safe for appropriate dress and decorum when it comes to your young ladies! :nod:

  8. Hi, Lucy! Styles come and go, as does our delight in wearing them. Sometimes it’s best to move on. :nod: :grin:

    Hi, again, Butterflies, and thanks for kind words! Parents and husbands often think alike when it comes to a woman’s clothing choices – or more accurately, her choice NOT to go out dressed like that, young lady, the very idea. :refuse: :grin: :hug:

    Hey, Audrey! :wave: Glad you enjoyed my flight of fancy, and yes, I also thank your mom for standing firm in the defense of decency in young ladies’ clothing. A woman after my own heart, to be sure. :nod: :hug:

    However, getting back to Jay’s comment, I should mention that one young woman of my acquaintance has taken to wearing a brief skirt over her one-piece swimming costume. This is not a cover-up, in the usual sense of the term, since she wears it when swimming as well as out of the water. That’s because ANY cheek peek that might show beneath the leg bands of even her modest costume would also be a peek at her cane/belt/paddle/hand/flexiruler marks. :shock: And no one wants that, right? :nonono: :puff: :grin:

  9. Ang

    At my age, Uncle Dev, I have to be modest. :yuckitup:

    :evil: Flexiruler! :shock: :run4hills: Hate is a strong word here, but….

  10. Gary

    Dev, I’m not one to be critical, but you have mislead the readers here. :wink: In my experience, it was the mother who mostly likely inspired the wearing of such garments. Oh, yes. :nod: I still remember one or two of those mothers. :smile:

  11. Gary

    Audrey, I find your mother’s solution to be perfect; it would have required explaining had you continued to wear them. :thumbsup:

  12. Ang, any girl of any age should be modest, though not all of them ever realize that. :wink:

    Hi, Gary! :wave: I’m sure that’s true — girls do take their stylistic and other social cues, for good or ill, from Mother. :nod:

    Audrey, I neglected to mention the pinching part of your comment, so here goes … :shock: :timeout: and ow!

  13. Audrey

    Oh, I know. :nod: It wouldn’t have been hard, just to make the point. :shocked: Mom could have a touch of a mean streak, and she did like to be heeded. :shock:

  14. That’s all right, then, Audrey — a little reminder of what’s hanging out for all the world to see would not be out of order. And kids need to be given boundaries, whether they appreciate it at the time or not. :nod:

  15. Audrey

    Of course, Uncle Dev. :hug: