Pinup Friday

Sep 22, 2017 by

Today is the autumnal equinox.


So our pinup girl is celebrating her well spanked bottom outdoors!

Happy fall, y’all!

That is all.

Dev out.

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  1. Ang

    The fall is my favorite season! :heffalump: :party: I love those colors! We don’t get as many of those vibrant colors as in the first photo in my neck of the woods, but we do have color changes here.

    Beautiful photos, Uncle Dev. :thumbsup: Why don’t these girls wear sensible shoes? :wink:

    Happy fall, everyone!

  2. Hi, Ang! The colors really are amazing — both in the leaves and on her bottom. :wink: But as far as her shoes, given the light material in the dress she’s carrying, I have to think that she had not planned on a hike in the woods when she got ready to go out that morning. :nonono: :grin:

  3. jaywalker

    I think she’s wearing jellies! :giggle: We used to wear them when paddling in rivers or the sea…mum insisted. :salute:
    Not sure jellies are a good idea in the woods though, she might get a thorn in her foot. :nod:

    Ooohhhh got my piggy back!

  4. Hi, Jay! :wave: The only shoe I can really see looks like a wedgie with ankle straps. In any case, it is no substitute for a sturdy pair of boots. :wink:

    Um, had your piggy gone astray, Jay? :shock:

  5. Ang

    They do look like jellies, Jay. I wore jellies ages ago, but they never had heels on them. :nonono:

    :yuckitup: Yes, Uncle Dev, she also has interesting coloring. :nod: :wink: :whistle:

  6. Audrey

    She seems rather jaunty in her jellies, jocularly jogging to join her pals. :shock: I wonder when she will remember that she neglected to get dressed again? :headshake: I know a jolly whalloping always makes me a bit spacey. :rocket: Must be all the blood rushing to make that vivid, vivid color!

    Gosh, I miss gorgeous fall color! And crisp temperatures. And crisp apples. And rustling leaves. It’s going to be 90 again today. :sigh:

  7. Jumping Jeremiah Johnson, Audrey! You really went all out with that lingual fricative, dincha? :shock:

    But, no, I don’t expect to experience any cool, crisp autumn weather for a while here, either. Fall starts here around mid-December. :wink:

    And from the looks of her bottom, I’d say that “jolly whalloping” sums it up rather nicely. :nod:

  8. Audrey

    :sorry: Maybe I went a little overboard there, but I had a lot of fun. :innocent:

    Those of you who have crisp, cool weather, I sure hope you get out and enjoy it. :vacation: I already feel like I need another shower. :phew:

  9. jaywalker

    The heeled jelly shoe ……… now a trendy fashion item for parading around in the woods in nowt else!

    Professor, I lost my piggy when I used a different email address lol.

  10. Ang

    I’m with you there, Audrey. Our temperatures (90 degrees) are the same as yours. We won’t feel fall weather :eyes: until the end of next week.

    Love the alliteration! :nod:

  11. It’s quite all right, Audrey! :hug: I’d rather my friends were more alliterate than illiterate. :grin: :wink:

    I see now, Jay! Is he walking under an orange tree? :pig:

  12. jaywalker

    Yes Professor, :giggle: an orange tree. :yuckitup:

    I think those are my mum’s Marigolds :rollonfloor:

  13. Ah! Thank you, Jay. I still have not figured out how to embiggen avatar photos. :wink: :hug:

  14. jaywalker

    No problem Professor. Happy to help :princess:

  15. Errinn

    The jelly shoes Rosaleen Young is wearing date back to at least 2003. She won The Spanking News 2004 Spanking Award for the “Best Spanked Female”. The awards were for work done in 2003. One of the pictures in the write-up and Dev’s photo above are from the same video.

    Dev, if you only want to embeggin an avatar photo momentarily, why don’t you use the zoom option? I’m assuming this is available on all computers. If it is an avatar you want to keep, copy and paste it to a Word program, or something similar, and then you can enlarge it. On your blog, I have to highlight the avatar before I can copy it. If I’ve confused you again, dial MINDY. :innocent:

  16. Errinn

    Oops! That should be embiggen not embeggin. :sorry: That’s what happens when unfamiliar words are used and the edit time runs out. Embeggin your forgiveness, sir. :whistle:

  17. Thanks, Errinn! Yes, my zoom works, but I cannot believe I didn’t recognize Rosaleen’s bum. :dunno: I clearly recall the braids, as well, and I appreciate the reminder. :thumbsup: :hug:

    Isn’t embiggen a wonderful word? I’d like to take credit for it, but I think I learnt it from Audrey. :nod: