Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Sep 25, 2017 by

Time for another birthday, Audrey, and there’s no better way to start than with Lindt chocolate and fondant.




Or if you really want to assuage that chocolate craving, don’t even bother with plates and forks — just dig in with both hands.



Or, if it has been a particularly trying birthday, have a slurp of premium brandy to smooth out the rough edges.


But regardless what cake you choose, be assured that there is someone close by who will give you what you really, really, REALLY want as icing on it!

Happy birthday, Audrey,

From Uncle Dev and the whole entire gang of usual suspects.


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  1. Jane

    Happy Birthday, big sis! :kiss: :kiss: I know things haven’t been easy lately, but take a breath and throw yourself into enjoying your day. You deserve it. :hug: You are a very special lady and you make things bright for everyone around you. :hug:

  2. Jan

    Happy Birthday Audrey, hope your day is filled with all the things you desire. :spank: :cake: :chocolate:
    love Jan, xx :rose: :rose:

  3. Lucy

    Happy Birthday Audrey. Have a wonderful day enjoying all your favourite things. :cake: :rose: :gift: :spank:

  4. Errinn

    Happy Birthday, Audrey! :party: :gift: :cocktail: and :icecream: to go with the :cake: s I hope your birthday :spank: ing happens indoors. It’s too hot to do anything outdoors.

  5. Keri

    Audrey, I’m so very happy you were born!!

    Please enjoy some of your favorite things: :belt: :vacation: :guitar: along with your cakes!

    Your wit & charm & (sometimes) biting satire is such a joy. Along with your understanding of us girls and our needs ( :spank: ) always gives us such fresh & unique perspective. We would be lost without you! So here’s to you on your special day!! :notworthy: :cheers: :hug:

  6. Kaki

    Happy birthday, Audrey. I hope you get everything you deserve. :spank: :hahaha: :cake: And then some. :party:

  7. Ang

    Happy birthday, Audrey! I hope you get everything you desire today! :rose: :party: :gift: :cake: :chocolate: :icecream: :spank:

    Have a wonderful day! :hug:

  8. Audrey

    Oh, my! :timeout: What a lovely surprise! :thumbsup: You are all so very lovely to come to my birthday party! :chat: :cheers: :party: :dance: :cake: :cocktail: Sit down (while you can) and enjoy! :wink: I want you to share all the joy with me today. :curtsy: :hairbrush: :belt: :ridingcrop: :blush:

    I don’t know what I would do without our dear Uncle Dev and all of you as sisters and co-lovers of This Thing. :hug: :loveyou: :eyes: :heffalump: :geek: You are all the very best! :heart:

  9. Princess Anastasia

    How’s the weather in your part of the world, sister, dear? Blistering hot, by any chance? Open the present I’m sending right away. There’s a quart of arnica. Just call me thoughtful … :princess: :curtsy: and have a lovely, lovely day.
    We’ll expect a full report … :whistle:

  10. Samantha

    Happy Birthday, Audrey! :cake: :gift: :cocktail: :hug: :icecream: :rose: Oh, and I don’t want to forget the :spank: ‘s and :peas: ‘s and :popcorn: (if we get to watch)! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, my sister/friend. And I hope that everything is going better in your life. :hug: :loveyou:

  11. Good morning, everyone! :wave: Hi, Sammie! Good to see you! :hug:

    Now that you’re all here, we can get this party :excited: :party: started, and of course you can all watch! :shock: :popcorn:

    Come along, Audrey. Let’s have you. :spank: :spank: :spank: And many happy returns of the :belt: :hairbrush: :cane: !

    Happy birthday, girl! :hug: :hug: :hug:

  12. Errinn

    Dev, keep that arm limber. There is another birthday girl for you to attend to. If Audrey can be :spank: ed by her hubby and you, I don’t see why that shouldn’t apply to our other celebrant. You wouldn’t want her to feel left out. And you never know, the third one may pop in, but I won’t hold my breath. Dev, if you need your arm massaged, Kaki usually volunteers.

    There are other September dates that were missed. Look for the (?) if I’m not positive I have the correct date.

    Ash and Alder
    September 5(?) – 36th wedding anniversary :heart: :heart:
    September 15 – birthday – Ash. I know you have written a post for Ash. This is my opportunity to offer my belated birthday greetings. Ash, did you wear your anniversary present on your birthday?

    Susan and Gary
    September 16 – 28th wedding anniversary :heart: :heart:
    September 24 – Susan’s birthday – step right up for your :spank: ing from Dev

    September 21 – birthday (I know dd hasn’t been around lately, but I just can’t omit her.)

    Belated anniversary and birthday wishes to all of you. Please correct me if I have dates or years wrong.

    Dev, where is your pocket secretary? Has she gone on an extended :vacation: ? Did she fall out of your pocket too many times? Did she find the titanium fingertip :spank: ings too unbearable?

  13. jaywalker


    Happy birthday to you :cake: :gift: :clown:
    You live in a zoo :Quinn: :guinea: :notherdog: :puppyeyes: :pig: :penguin: :reindeer: :dragon: :kitty: :kangaroo: :heffalump: :chipmunk:
    You look like a monkey :ape: :monkey: :mrbear:
    And you act like one too :rollonfloor:
    And really bad eggs :chick: :parrot: :bunny:
    Drink up me hearties yo ho :cheers:
    Yo ho, yo ho :beer: :cocktail: :sick:
    A pirates life for me. :vacation:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY!!!!!!!! :panties:

  14. Thanks, Erinn. :smile: I haven’t seen Susan lately, either, but sure! I’m more than happy to spread the cheer. :nod: :hairbrush: :belt: :ridingcrop: :puff: :grin:

  15. Audrey

    Well, it’s been a great day made even better by all of your love and good wishes. Thank you for all the love and support. Our kind of people are the very best people, I’ve found. :wink: :kiss: Love to all, and happy birthday to my September sisters! :gift: :cake: :spank: :innocent:

  16. Sleep tight with a very warm bottom, Audrey Marie. :puff: :ridingcrop: :peas: :hug: :tobed:

  17. Keri

    Everyone needs & some deserve an Erinn @ their side. Erinn, you’re so amazing! :notworthy: :notworthy: :loveyou: :hug: Thank you, sweetie!

    I think we need more :popcorn: girls! I’ll keep some popping and if someone can bring the coffee (psst – if someone can sneak in the DC we can pour it into mugs so no one will be the wiser, that’s just between us girls). Now we’ve got ourselves a party!! :wink: :groucho:

    Love Jay’s song. :thumbsup: The little emoji of a monkey is the best! :nod: I, too, am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan! I loved ALL the movies even the ones the critics hated. :trophy:

  18. Ash and Alder

    Oh, I’m just catching up, I’ve been away grandma’ing.
    Belated happy birthday Audrey :party: :cake:
    Feel free to take my late arrival as an excuse to start the party all over again! :dance:

    Errinn, I did indeed wear my anniversary gift on my birthday, and not much else! :wink:


  19. Keri, you did, indeed, sneak the DC comment past me, but now that I’ve caught up, let’s have you. :spank: The very idea. :belt: You do NOT put DC into a coffee mug and expect to get away with it. Ask PA.

    Hi, Ash! Hope you had a good grandma’ing time. Now remind me – what anniversary present? :dunno: :grin:

  20. Audrey

    Thank you, Ash! Somehow, you are not the person who first comes to mind when I think ‘grandmother.’ :nonono: :headshake: I am sure you relish the role and are a fantastic one even so. :hug:

    Thank you Errinn, for all the updates, and to Keri for your cute anecdotes and general cheeriness. The BG used to work at a college that didn’t allow :cheers: and all of the faculty took to ordering their wine in :coffee: cups, as well. It didn’t fool anybody, but it did keep up appearances. :dunno: Sorry it didn’t work out with UD.

    Sammie, so good to see you. :eyes: Thanks for popping in on this post. You warmed my :heart: Hope you are well and enjoying some lovely, crisp fall weather.

    PA, Kaki, Jan, Rose, Janie, Ang, and Jay (that song, girl! :shock: ) — let’s join the others and polish off those Hennessy cupcakes! :chat: :cheers: That is sure to make for quite a party! :party: :dance: And for quite an aftermath, too, I imagine! :geek: :belt: :hairbrush: :ridingcrop:

  21. Oh, you can count on an aftermath, Audrey! I’ve seen the effect hard liquor has on some of you girls, so I expect I’d better limber up the :puff: for some serious :belt: :hairbrush: :cane: :paddle: and the sound of one hand :clap: ing.

    And happy birthday week! :hug:

  22. Jane

    She almost did and she woulda, had she not had such eager to help sisters!! :angel:

  23. Ash and Alder

    Audrey, I’m not the first person I think of when I think ‘grandmother’ either, but I’m loving it. :heart:

    Uncle Dev, this anniversary present;


  24. Audrey

    I am sure you do, Ash. :eyes: :heart: And your anniversary gift is stunning. :thud:

    Oh, Uncle Dev! :hysteric: I can hold my liquor! :cheers: Can I help it if my sisters are lightweights? :refuse:

  25. Oh, yes! I remember now, Ash. That is lovely, and just the right accessory to go with your birthday suit. :wink:

    Audrey, you might be all right after a few drinks, but if you were the one promoting excessive behavior in your sisters, you will have just as much as they do, if not more, to answer for. :puff: Just saying.

  26. Princess Anastasia

    She did. She did! Audrey DID promote, Uncle Dev. I hearded her. And I saw her glue the wine glass to someone’s hand and I was there when she forced a straw between that poor girl’s lips and put the other end in the wine glass and tickled her until she drank down every last drop. She did. She did, I promise. Ask Janie.
    It was terrible. Just awful. I felt so bad about it all.

  27. :roll: And the :littlebus: keeps on rolling …

  28. Audrey

    Nice try, sister mine. :lol: :haha: I do admire your spunk. :nod: :heffalump: