With Friends Like These …

Oct 8, 2017 by

A couple of weeks ago, I rashly announced that friends don’t let friends get spanked alone outdoors.

Judging from the comments in response to that post, it turns out that the picture above better illustrates the type of friends the girls around here have, when it comes to outdoor spankings.

Apparently, this is what is meant by stand-up support amongst my female readers. And can’t you just feel the love as they look down on her?

I’m betting these two brought popcorn, as well.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Jan

    Hi Dev, well I never!I don’t think these are anyone I would like to be friends with. :sad:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  2. Hi, Jan! :wave: They do not seem the most likable of people, at least at that moment. :nonono: :wink:

  3. Princess Anastasia

    What a cute picture of Ang and Keri and Janie. I’d know them anywhere, even if they try to disguise their charms with those quaint outfits. Are you thinking all three of them may get a turn at waving their legs in the air, Uncle Dev? :whistle:
    Kaki, I know you’ve got :popcorn: . Pass, please? Looks as though it will be an interesting day. :wink:

  4. Audrey

    :headshake: :runaway: :peek: No thank you! :nonono: I would never do that to a sister! :shock: Well, maybe one or two of them. :smirk:

  5. Morning, PA and Audrey! :wave:

    PA, I’m not sure you exactly identified the participants in this tableau, but I expect you’re very close. :nod: And, in fact, I was thinking that all you girls could take turns at sky dancing. It could be the next big thing! :dance: :grin:

    Audrey, I expect you mirror the sentiments of every girl here. :wink:

  6. Ang

    Oh, no, :nonono: PA. We couldn’t hog all this marvelous attention. Please join us. It is only fair that you and Kaki join in the festivities and take a turn sky dancing. :nod: :kiss:

  7. jaywalker

    That looks more like a case of “you will hold her legs and stand there or you will be next.” :thud:
    A good sister would be helping her sister escape …… or at least plead for something nicer like a suede flogger. :nod:

  8. Jane

    Jeeeez. No, no, no! :hides: Nobody needs friends like that! :refuse: Surely in the next five seconds of footage, the girls tip their friend through a trapdoor they invented, and commence a tickle offence on the big meanie while the friend makes her escape. I’m sure that’s what happens.

    THANK you, PA! You’re a real doll. :foottap: Enjoy your “sky dancing” :shock: :cane: :giggle:

  9. Spank the girl with a suede flogger, Jay? :yuckitup: That’s amusing, my dear, but I don’t think so very much. :nonono:

    And now Janie comes in with an amazingly unlikely escape scenario, as well? :hehe: Well, I always did enjoy the British sense of humor, and you girls certainly made me chuckle this evening, so thank you, too, sweetie. :grin:

    As to a tickle offensive against a top, there would not be arnica ointment enough in the UK or US to salve the blistered bottoms that would incur. :puff: :hairbrush: :cane: :belt: :ridingcrop:

    Night night, all. :tobed:

  10. Jane

    Hee hee.

    Oh no, you have scared me to the core. :roll: I certainly won’t be adding tickle offensive to my list of “Fun Things to Try out on Uncle Dev Next Time”. :write: :nod:

    Lord Baden Powell taught us Brits to be prepared. :salute: :uk: So whether on an aeroplane, or held down to some weird, scary frame thingybob, we’re always a step ahead.

  11. Keri

    PA, you naughty girl! That is not me, missy. I’m super short remember. I could MAYBE be the girl hidden on the other side, in bare feet, but it’s not! :eyebrow: :brat:

    Uncle Dev, PA just put moi in that scenario with no facts to back it up. :tantrum: Don’t you have something to say to her? Er, I mean, do to her for her naughtiness?? :eyebrow: I would hope so, Uncle! :gasp:

    As for that ‘sky dancing’ picture, my question is why are they holding her legs so far apart? :thumbdown: That’s just rude! :pout: Not nice at all! And I’m with Jay. I would only be holding that if the big Toppy man there said: “hold or you’re next”. But if we could create an escape gadget like Janie suggests we would be the awesomest sisters around!! :nod: :smirk: :thumbsup:

  12. Keri, it is an unfortunate fact of life around here that a :littlebus: driver needs nothing so mundane as facts to throw her sistren beneath the tires. Innuendo and imagination are all that are necessary, and the best the victim can do is to innuend and imaginate right back at her. :wink:

    As to holding her legs apart, yes, that is quite rude. This is the only PG13 picture I found out of that entire photo array. :shock: :groucho:

  13. jaywalker

    I seem to remember a certain story written by a very well known professor (i think) who had to girls (adult teen and a adult tween) and a Mumma in a house and the teen came home real late and got a lickin, and the tween did too for something. During the teen’s lickin he forced the girl to open her legs wider so he could get into those hard to reach places. Or was it the Mumma who did the forcing?
    I don’t think that was a PG13 story. :whistle:

  14. Jay, I don’t remember the specific scene you’re referring to, but, yes, I have written a LOT of non-PG13 fiction in my time, and also posted a few non-PG13 photos to this site. I’m just saying that this isn’t one of those. :wink:

  15. jaywalker

    grr…its gonna bug me now. I will just have to re-read all your books (the ones i have) and find it lol.

  16. Good plan, Jay! :thumbsup: And while you’re at it, write a review or two on Amazon. :wink: :hug:

  17. Audrey

    :timeout: I know it! I know it! It is the short story “He Knows” and it is featured in Uncle Devlin’s Bedtime Stories! :grin: One of my very favorites. :curtsy:

  18. Jane

    Audreeeeey! I was all geared up, and you just swooped in with the day-saving knowledge! :weep: :tantrum:

  19. Audrey

    :shocked: Oh, sweetie! I am so so sorry. :weep: I didn’t know you were reading. :read: I thought you’d already been put :tobed: :smirk: :littlebus:

  20. jaywalker

    Oh lookit, saved by the Audrey :yuckitup: Now i dont have to :read: all those books lol.
    Not that its a chore Professor :hug:

  21. Oh, THOSE two girls, the adult teen and adult tween. I never had thought of them in such terms, but I see what you mean. And, yes, Papa did get rather strict, in a not at all PG13 way with the girls.

    Although, as you might recall from the introduction, Jay, that yarn was spun at Babygirl’s request, with her whole-hearted involvement, and told from her point of view. So what happened to her was completely consensual. :wink:

    Perhaps you could mention that in your review. :nod: :hug:

    And thanks for the assist, Audrey! :thumbsup:

    Janie. My office. Now.

  22. Jane

    Who, me? I’ve been the perfect angel all day long! I must be about to get a prize!

  23. It’s not the day that’s the issue, missy. You know the prize for not going to bed when you’re told. :spank:

  24. Jane

    *stutters and sniffles* But, I – :weep: :rub_bum:

    Yes, :worried: sir. :sorry: I’m sorry. I should have been sleeping. I’ll do better next time. :kiss:

  25. Much better, Janie. It’s all right now. :hug:

  26. Ash and Alder

    I like Jane’s version of the story best. It’s perfectly plausible. :yuckitup:


  27. Sure, Ash. That’s no doubt what happens. :roll: :rollonfloor: