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Oct 6, 2017 by

A true appreciator of backsides learns one simple truth early, which is that the object of his attraction is best viewed as the young lady is in the process of walking away from him.

This is okay if one happens to be headed the same direction, but, at the same time, one hates to appear a stalker.

Deep philosophical musings aside, I present this pert, slightly sun-pinkened (one assumes) double handful as this week’s pinup to symbolize summer’s leaving the beaches followed by the onset of autumn.

True, we had the equinox a few weekends ago, but this past Sunday, the temperature in northwest Florida PLUMMETED to sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime from a high that had been in the nineties ever since the equinox.

Also, there was a stiff easterly breeze bringing chilly sprinkles of rain that served as a not so gentle reminder that, yes, Virginia, Florida does get winter.

So I reluctantly wave bye-bye to bare beach cheeks for the time being. They will return, in all their sun-screened glory, as soon as this cold snap ends, which should not take long, here on the sun swept Gulf Coast.

Meanwhile, I will take hold of the Halloween spirit the cool weather has evoked in me and keep my eye out for a likely looking Jack-o-lantern pumpkin.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Ang

    Nice post, Uncle Dev! :nod:

    My area is yet to say goodbye to the hot and humid summer season. It still doesn’t feel like autumn. :pout:

    I do love your deep philosophical musings. :hug: :grin:

  2. Thanks, Ang! :grin: As predicted, I had to turn the A/C on again, but we’re expecting rain from a tropical storm this weekend, so that should bring a bit of the cool back. :nod:

  3. Jan

    Hi Dev, nice picture! It is very Autumnal here, you won’t see much of that on the Norfolk coast, Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    love Jan, xx

  4. Hi, Jan! :wave: Autumnal there, indeed, I’ll bet. One has to assume that in England, nudism is practiced indoors most of the time. :nod: :grin: And happy weekend to you, too! :smile:

  5. jaywalker

    My that is a small bottom. Nice find Professor.

    We do have nudist beaches and colony’s here in Blighty….there’s a famous one at Brighton…though I think that is just the beach part …….because the sea bit looks all together … don’t look at me like that! :refuse: I mean the sea bit is not fenced off like the rest of the nudi beach….so it must just be for sunbathing and not for ….ya’know…bathing. :dunno:

  6. It is, indeed, Jay. :nod: And thanks for the nudist info. I guess if you were raised in the English climate, you might not mind so much. No idea if there are any unclothed beaches in Northwest Florida, but then I haven’t been looking for any. :shock: :wink:

  7. Audrey

    We have a famous one where I live, very near to a restaurant famous for sunset watching. :cocktail: I guess you can watch the moon rising and the sun going down at the same time. :wink:
    Such a cute tiny bottom. :giggle:

  8. Jan

    Hi Dev, yes I think so , although a few miles from us there is a nudist beach, at least it always was, bit too chilly by the North Sea though for my liking!
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  9. :yuckitup: Good one, Audrey! As hot as the sun is where you are, I wouldn’t mind owning a sunscreen concession near that beach. :wink:

    A beach on the North Sea would not be my first choice to visit au naturel, either, Jan. Just the wind off the water could turn a person blue all over in no time. :shock: :smirk: