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Introduction: The following flight of fancy between two spanking lovers who just met online is told as an exchange of emails by the characters. It is the work of a sparkling new star on the spanking fiction horizon. Michaela recently came to my attention, and I am hopeful that we see many more stories from her in the very near future. – Dev


Her New Daddy

by Michaela Márquez


He said, I love the picture you sent me with the hair across your eye and the finger in your mouth. You have the most kissable lips I’ve seen in a long time, and I can actually feel them on mine, because I kissed you in a dream before I knew who you were. I didn’t actually spank you. The dream didn’t last long enough for that to happen, but I knew that’s where it was headed, or at least I hoped it was.

You like to yank a man’s chain, don’t you, missy? You like to push buttons, push limits, push boundaries, just to see how far you can get before you’re brought up short. So you pout or you fuss or you throw a little, tiny tantrum about nothing very important, and then you step back with that finger between your lips and those big beautiful eyes gazing at me, daring me to do something about it. And I will.

First, I will come and get you. No matter where you are when you are naughty – across the room, at the other end of the house, or down the street visiting neighbors – I will come for you. You won’t like it when I take hold of your hands and pull you close and look straight into your eyes and tell you what a bad girl you have been. You will squirm and wriggle and try to turn away, but I will make sure you understand how very naughty you were acting and that you are going to be very sorry about it very soon.

Then I will take you to our bedroom and go to the heavy wooden chair in the corner. It has a nice soft brocaded seat and no arms, and I will pull it away from the wall and sit on it. I will make you stand in front of me, between my knees, and hold my hands while you look down into my eyes. Then I will scold you for being such a naughty girl. You will try to look away, but I will not let you. You will have to listen to every awful, truthful, fearful word of the scolding, and then, finally, I will prepare you for your spanking.

If you’re wearing jeans, I will undo them and pull them down clear of your panties. If you have a tight skirt on, I will lift it to your waist. And then I will take you to my right side and draw you across my lap.

I always spank a girl bare, and while I am reminding you of why you are going to be spanked, I will pull your panties down. You had better not be wearing a thong, either, young lady. I abhor thong panties, and if you are wearing such an item, I will remove it completely and throw it into the trash bin, no matter what else you are wearing.

Once your bottom is bare, I will wrap my left arm around your waist like a steel vise. The first few spanks will be very hard, indeed, and you will squeak and squeal and tell me how awful I am to treat you so harshly. You will put a hand back to protect your bottom, and I will grab it and tuck it into your side, holding you even more firmly to me while I spank you.

But then I will ease off a little bit and start to spank firmly but with less fiery ouch, so that I can warm your bottom for what is to come. I will talk to you during the warm up and tell you that I will not have such behavior from you and that you must always be as sweet and demure as you look and never give Daddy cause to be cross with you or to punish you.

And you will nod and agree with everything I say, because your bottom feels so gloriously warm and well attended to, and because you have your daddy’s full and undivided attention.

I will feel your relaxation and know that you think you have me wrapped around your pretty little finger, and then I will begin the spanking in earnest, raising my long arm high and bringing my hard hand down hard on your warm, sweet, soft bottom, over and over and over again, until you are kicking and screeching and there is an awful, terrible fire burning from your pretty black hair down to your little pink toes, and you will beg to be forgiven and promise to be my good little girl forever and ever, if only I will stop spanking so hard!

And then I will stop. And I will rub your bottom. And you will whimper and sob and tell me what a mean daddy I am. You might even cry a little, but they will be crocodile tears, because you know that when Daddy spanks you, it’s for your own good, and he never wants to see you sad.

But you hope he wants to see you happy, so you are overjoyed when I rub some of the horrid, ouchy sting out of your bottom, and then my fingers dip way down between your burning cheeks, between your thighs, and into that secret, heated place where Daddy’s knowing touch can send you to heaven.

I will find the button, the secret trigger, amidst the lush, fleshy foliage that is your womanhood, and I will smile as I toy with it, keeping my left arm clamped around you just as firmly as when I was spanking you, because you are writhing and squeaking and squealing even more than when I was belaboring your pert little situpon with my hard, hard hand.

Then you will explode, not unexpectedly, in a frantic cascade of stars and meteors and shuddery, blazing fireworks unknown to man.

And then, finally, you are up and sitting on my lap, quivering with ecstasy as we kiss, and there are long slow soft deep wet kisses that last a week.

Because that’s how I like to do it.

Te amo, sobrinita,

Su tio


She said, I may throw my tantrums like an unruly toddler, and I may fan those long black lashes and push out that pink, pouty, lower lip, but one angry, disappointed look from my Daddy. and it all melts away. That precious pout is now an uncontrollable quiver. Those doe eyes are barely recognizable as the tears pool inside. And that whiny, insufferable voice is now scared and soft.

“All I wanted was a little attention, and I get punished! I wanted my Daddy to love me, and all he does is scold me! It’s not fair!” The thoughts running through my head are trying to make sense of what I’ve gotten myself into. 

But I already know that arguments mean nothing to you. Nothing I can say will melt that look on your face once I’ve pushed too far. What you don’t know is Daddy’s little girl doesn’t need your stone chiseled hand to make her sorry. The disappointment in your voice is enough to send me to bed in tears. I’m looking down into those deep dark eyes and trying to take your scolding like a big girl, but it’s too much. As I’m being guided across your lap my cheeks are already salty and wet. 

I feel my lacy pink panties come down, and my cheeks flush with embarrassment.

“You can’t do that! I’m not a little girl anymore!”

I try to pull my skirt down to cover myself, but my hand gets fluidly tucked away. Not even the slightest bit of modesty is allowed. I let my head hang in humiliation, my long black curls swaying around my face as I think of everything my Daddy can see. If you thought I was still a little girl before, you certainly don’t now. Your baby has grown up right before your eyes, and it’s literally all displayed before your eyes.

Still, some things never change. As you unleash your first round of powerful spanks, I squeal and shriek like the little girl you remember. It almost brings a tear to your eye to see there’s at least one thing I’ll never truly grow out of. No matter how hard I try to hold it in, your spanking is unyielding. Every slap is firm and purposeful, and your grip on my waist could put a bear trap to shame. I’m sobbing uncontrollably across your lap, begging you to stop, promising my Daddy anything he wants to make the pain stop!    

But you’re far from finished with me. My lower cheeks are glowing a healthy red as you lay into me. How fed up with my behavior you are!

“For someone who insists she isn’t a little girl, you still make a fuss like one!” you tell me. “And for what? To gain my attention? Well, you have all of it now, young lady!”

It’s almost like you are mocking me, as if the pain in my poor tush isn’t enough. I’ll be sitting on overstuffed pillows for a week! 

I know from experience your spankings are never over until you say they are. There is a short pause, just long enough to drive home why I’m here and how not to land in this position again, and then it starts, then comes the final round of your merciless hand on my already tender bottom. I can barely see the floor due to my tear-blurred vision and the swirl of hair surrounding my face. I yelp, I scream, I cry until, finally, it’s over. 

Your steel hand turns to warm, soft, skin as you cup my swollen cheeks right at their heaviest spot. The burn is still there, but I can feel you massage out the anger and replace it with unconditional love and affection.

“Why are you always so mean to me,” I whimper.

“I’m never mean to you, sweetheart. Daddy will always know what his baby girl needs, and you knew you needed a good spanking, didn’t you?”

I don’t like to admit it, but we both know you’re right, and I nod my head. 

“That’s my good girl. Are you ready for the rest?”

I turn my face to meet yours as you brush the bangs away from my eyes. My mischievous pout has quickly returned. I stick out my lower lip and fan those long black lashes.

“Yes, Daddy, please!”

Your skilled fingers disappear between my thighs, and I let out a moan any man would recognize. As your fingertips play between my womanly lips, there’s a glow spreading throughout my entire body. My face is flushed; my lips are swollen and deepening in color. Your hand is moving faster and faster, collecting the honey gushing from between my legs, until I let loose one final scream. 

It’s a deep, guttural sound. Your pant leg is now soaking wet as you pull me up and sit me on it. Your fingers tangle in my soft, wild curls of hair, and you kiss me like the grown woman I’ve become. As you pull away, you see that impish smile on my face hasn’t changed. You roll your eyes.

“You’re a spoiled brat and you know it,” you tell me. “What baby wants, baby always gets.” 

“Yes! Yes, I do.”

Con mucho amor,

Su sobrina


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  1. Audrey

    :hot: :hot: :hot: :thud: That was an amazing story, Michaela! :trophy: I am so glad to meet you and thank you for sharing your story. :read: You really took us on the ride with you, and whee! I am all out of breath and . . . does anyone have a cigarette? :shock: :runaway:

  2. Ang

    Wow! I agree! :hot: That was a wonderful story, Michaela! :nod: Welcome aboard! :anchor: I hope we do hear more. :nod:

  3. Princess Anastasia

    Well, if I did, Audrey, I would have to alert you-know-who before I could give it to you — just because that’s the kind of honest :princess: I am. You understand, I am sure.
    Talk about smokin’ hot — that is some story and some introduction to your considerable writing talents, Michaela! Thanks so much for sharing. I won’t forget this one for a long time!
    And welcome to the blite. Please drop by whenever you can.

  4. Keri

    Very wonderful story, Michaela. :notworthy: :hifive:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Uncle Dev!
    I’ll check out more from you, Michaela, because you had me captivated girl! Great job! :thumbsup: :shock:

  5. Jane

    Michaela, this was so beautiful and squirmy and scary all at once. So captivating and personal. :heart:

    Thank you :rose:

  6. Michaela

    Oh my gosh, ladies, thank you so much! It was very personal. Maybe I will make it a point to write more. 💋

  7. Audrey

    Yes! Yes! Yes! :picket: :picket: :picket: Please! Your writing is lovely, and I want to know how you can see inside my head! :hysteric: :hypnotised:

  8. Ang

    Oh, Michaela! :eyes: It was wonderful! :nod: Please continue to write. :trophy: I look forward to reading more. You’ve captured many of my feelings and wants in this one passage! :hug: