Pinup Friday The Thirteenth!

Oct 13, 2017 by

Today’s pinup tells the sad tale of Ms. Andrea Doria, who had the misfortune of being cast as Lady Macbeth in a college production of the Scottish play.

Well, that wasn’t the unfortunate part.

A calamity occurred the night they ran tech without costumes. Andrea said the name of the play, out loud, backstage, in full hearing of the director, Professor Charles Darnay.

Professor Darnay, not being a big believer in the old “go outside and turn around thrice, anti-clockwise” remedy for such a breach of stage protocol, decided that a good spanking was what Andrea needed to make sure both that the ire of the theatre gods was assuaged and that she would think twice before opening her mouth to say anything other than her lines.

But that wasn’t the unfortunate part, either.

At the conclusion of the spanking, Andrea thought he had not really made his point using his hand, so she made rather a rude finger gesture at the good professor, hoping to earn herself a session with his Italian leather belt that she had been admiring for weeks.

The unlucky part, for Andrea, was that he stopped that punishment, too, before she was ready for it to be over.

So, kiss a horseshoe and throw it over your shoulder or shake hands with a chimney sweep, dear reader, and here’s hoping that your day is much less fraught and luckless than that of these two souls.

That is all.
Devlin out. 

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  1. Ang

    You know, Uncle Dev, we would never make such a :shock: rude finger gesture at you. We know better than to be caught, uh, to ever do that. :giggle:

    I am truly shocked that Andrea attempted that. :nod:

    Hoping to earn herself a session…?! :belt: :shock: :run4hills:

    Wonderful post, Uncle Dev. :thumbsup:

  2. Thanks, Ang! Her behavior was quite :shock: ing, indeed, I agree. But actresses do tend to be demanding, especially those who are into this thing we do. :nod: Of course, any girl who is into this thing we do can and will become an actress, or at least become dramatic, when it comes to asking for what she wants from a top. :wink:

  3. Audrey

    Oh, sweet Ang! Being caught doing that is the whole point. :shocked: Although the first time your top catches you is quite terrifying, indeed! :shock:

    Uh, Uncle Dev? About those names. . . :trash: :wink: Right on with The Scottish Play, though! How I love it. :smile:

    Happy Friday the 13th to you all! :kitty:

  4. Ang

    Aww, Aud. I think it’s kinda expected of me at this point to play the :shock: ed part. :nod:

    Looks can be deceiving. :wink:

  5. Audrey, I’ll have you know I spent long, grueling seconds coming up with those names. :notpleased: I’m allowed to type-cast, you know. :grin: :hug: