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No. I’m not referring to this sort of open-back drawers, although I found a lot of pictures in the same vein whilst looking for the ones I wanted.


Here we go. This is the kind of thing women wore in the Western world during the mid-nineteenth century. The garment’s openness was not, in fact, an invitation to randiness, although that did occur with more frequency than Her Highness might have wanted.

In point of fact, this was a practical design that had milady’s comfort, convenience, and modesty foremost in mind.


The reason I bring up the matter at all is that I am rewriting Ripple in Still Water: A Spanking Odyssey. Open-back drawers figure prominently in the narrative, and one of my beta readers was not sure that I had sufficiently described the garment. 



Since the point of my rewriting Ripple was to make the story clearer and the prose more accessible, I happily added information about the underwear so that readers would understand what it was that tops of all descriptions in that magical place – guv’nors, misters, milicents of both genders, and even random customers at the Golden Hind restaurant – were drawing apart at the back in order to bare a girl’s bottom for a spanking.

The problem with this lack of clarity is that the author, viz. me, has always assumed, in his writing about this thing we do, that everyone on the planet in any way involved in this thing we do has read extensively about the inventors of this thing we do, viz. the Victorians.

Prior to Victoria’s reign, underpants for women were almost unknown. Jane Austen’s heroines, c. 1800, would have been scandalized to hear of ladies wearing anything other than a chemise and hose beneath a muslin dress.

The Pearl, however, was written to put on and then smoothly remove this last veil from milady’s charms in vignette after salubrious vignette involving — well, randiness scarcely scratches the surface of the activities that this lot got up to, and with no small nod to bare-bottomed spanking, let me tell you.

I read this volume about the time of its latest publication, c. 1968. I have no idea whether the book’s provenance is authentic, but one hopes that, even if it is not, anyone intent on having sport with twentieth-century readers regarding nineteenth-century sexual mores did his homework as far as costuming, at least. My recent research tends to affirm this hope.

The book is enormous, by the way, and priced accordingly, even in Kindle, but it is good background information for this thing we do and well worth a look.




Here we see an example of how the pants, which are sometimes referred to as Directoire knickers, may be parted for milady’s comfort, as well as his lordship’s convenience.


Here is an Italian postcard that I’m betting never was mailed to anyone.


And last but certainly not least, an illustration of just why open-back drawers are required day wear in Home, Neverwasnia, the setting for all of the spanking action in Ripple.

(I do believe that is Amelia-Jane Rutherford being taken to task by his lordship, but if not, I’m sure someone will tell me.)

By now, you will have noticed that I’m having a LOT of fun re-imagining Ripple In Still Water. So look for more of my blather along these lines as we power up toward the roll-out of the new edition, hopefully sometime in November. We already have a–

No. I’ll tell you later.

All for now.

Devlin out.






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  1. Ang

    Wow, Uncle Dev! Thanks for the information. I am glad you are able to clarify this and that your updated version of Ripple will be with us soon. :thumbsup: It is a read well worth the buy. :trophy:

    By the way, it’s not fair that you begin to tell us something else about the book and then drop the subject. :nonono: :tantrum: I need a foot stomping emoji! :kiss:

  2. Thanks, Ang! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I know others did, too, but I felt like I left a lot of the story untold. So hopefully everyone will bear with me while I have another go at it. :wink:

  3. The 1920’s “naughty” lingerie cards are lovely, rather expensive but worth the investment

  4. Hey, Chris! They are quite fun, aren’t they? :nod:

  5. Keri

    These were all very nice photos UD! They are featured often in the period pieces I read. :nod:

    I LOVED Ripple… :heart: so I simply can’t wait. Thanks for doing that for us. :cowbell: And I’m not just being extra good because you mentioned me in your last post OR because I got :spank: with the HPoL, which is just a mean invention btw, :thumbdown: but because Ripple… had such a profound effect on me. I really felt like I was there. That I could have been one of the girls living there because I would have been lucky enough to be transported there to live. :eyes: I could go on and on but I’ll wait until the new one comes out and leave a nice long review. Love to you Uncle Dev!! :hug: :hug: :loveyou:

  6. Thanks so much, Keri! :grin: I love that you enjoyed the book so much, and hopefully what I’m doing to it will only improve the experience. :nod:

    One has to wonder, though, what you did to deserve the HPoL :spank: , besides have a bottom, I mean. :wink:

  7. Keri

    YOU :spank: ed me with the HPoL on Kaki’s birthday. Apparently it wasn’t very memorable. :sad: I’m teasing you, of course UD! That was a busy day and you’ve been quite busy with posts since then so I fully understand.

    Kaki even laughed at me afterwards. :smirk: Sounds like something that could have happened in the very book we we’re discussing, huh? :thumbsup:

    Whatever you add will be great fun, I’m sure Uncle Dev! :loveyou: :hug: :notworthy:

  8. I did wonder how anyone you knew well enough to spank you had come by a HPoL, Keri, but obviously I didn’t wonder hard enough. :dunno:

    There’s no mention of a HPoL in Ripple. In fact, the only paddle used is the one Simille, the dining room manager, keeps in a skirt pocket. If I write a sequel, though, perhaps one will be necessary. :grin:

  9. butterflies

    What a great post, Mr. O! As a girl who loves lingerie, especially vintage lingerie, I now have to find some of these Directoire knickers.

  10. Hi, Butterflies! :wave: Thanks, and yes. You do need some of the Directoire undies. They are quite fetching. :nod:

  11. princess anastasia

    Hi, Butterflies! Can’t wait to see you model your vintage thingies! You did understand that’s part of the program around Uncle Dev’s place, didn’t you? I hope you’re not shy, because shy girls can’t use that as an excuse for being naughty and disobeying UD. And you know what happens next, don’t you? :whistle: