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Oct 12, 2017 by


PA found this gem of a startle for us. It’s quite bawdy, in a TTWD kind of way, even referencing Say My Name, the Armand Van Helden music video that features two young ladies spanking men and women, nonstop, throughout.

The company tagline at the end, though, “Food you want to fork,” might be why you see their commercials online rather on prime time TV.

Late update — This IS found on commercial, prime time television, despite the blatant double entendre. What the fork is up with that?


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  1. Katlinbrat

    John and I saw this commercial on prime TV and immediately heard the spank reference and laughed and giggled thru the whole thing. We have seen it numerous times.

  2. Audrey

    :yuckitup: That is funny! :lol: Thanks for finding it, PA, and for sharing it, UD. :hug:

    But one must wonder — what was PA looking at that brought her to this naughty place? :pcpunch: Perhaps she needs guidance in the area of proper net surfing for young ladies. What do you say, Uncle Dev? :hairbrush:

  3. Hi, Kat! :wave: This was on TV? :shock: I guess the boundaries of the vast wasteland have expanded in the ten years or so since I watched commercial television. :dunno:

    Audrey, it appears one doesn’t have to look too very hard to find such naughtiness, but, as I recall, she said she was playing Words With Friends on her phone when this popped on. :timeout: :run4hills:

  4. Audrey

    :roll: A likely story, UD. And you fell for it? :rollonfloor: You are a bit of a pushover, you know? :smirk:

  5. Ang

    Wonderful post, Uncle Dev!

    Oh, goodness! :shock: What is this world coming too? :eyes: :giggle:

    Like Kat, I’ve seen this one too. I was also watching a snippet of a family reality show a couple of nights ago when the husband told the wife that she’d get spanked at putt putt golf and then he, very openly, swatted her backside to prove what she was in for at the game (and maybe later).

    Maybe we’ll continue to get more of these showings. :nod: :eyes:

    Thanks for reminding me of this, PA! :hug:

  6. Gosh! We don’t have sexy freezer food here. You American’s have all the fun! lol


    (How do I add the Union Jack? LOL)

  7. Audrey, tales of my pushoveritude are highly exaggerated, you know? :nonono: :notpleased:

    Ang, it seems a LOT has changed on commercial TV since last I tuned in! :shock: Spanking at the Putt-Putt links? Whatever next? :headshake:

    Hi, Angelika! As you see, it was news to me, too. :gasp: And the :uk: is right on the top row of emojis below. :thumbsup: