The Indolent Nude

Nov 13, 2017 by

As fall comes on apace, nature loses the excitement and hurry-up of summer, and our thoughts turn more and more to rest.

This young lady, who appears to be lying on half of a very large oyster shell, is, in fact, asleep. The dreamscape that the artist Falero has imagined for her, however, seems anything but restful.

Painters have long appreciated the beauty of the undraped or scarcely draped feminine form, especially its rearward aspect, and frequently present that view whilst the woman is reclining. I love the play of light and shadow here, as well as the ethereal vagueness the artist gives to outlines, as if the figure is, indeed, in repose, and nothing in or around her is completely in focus.


This figure, with its much starker contrasts, an overstated lack of robustness in the skin tones, and the foggy uncertainty of the background, seems to portray an uneasy, even sickly, sleep.


In this sepia-toned Art Deco rotogravure, the woman is sleeping, but not at ease, capturing some of the angst and drama of the Jazz Age in her dance-like posture.


This sleeping beauty by Renoir, too, appears to be not quite static. The blue tint to the skin tone and the way she is hugging herself say that the autumn-browned grassy bank by the pond that she has chosen for her bed is not the warmest place on earth. One can almost feel her shivers.

She’s probably saying awful things in French about Pierre-August, even now, regarding how callous it was of him to wrap the nice warm shawl around her thighs instead of covering her other bits with it.

For his part, Pierre-August is telling her to quit complaining or he’ll spank her.

What? You didn’t think I could keep this art-appreciating foray completely vanilla all the way through, did you?

Rest quietly when you decide to recline nude, girls.

Or else.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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  1. Ripley

    I love the second one. A beautifully painted piece of art. The brush strokes, the colors, the softness of her body compared to the rest … just lovely.

  2. It is certainly one of the nicer ones in the lot, Ripley, and very easy on the eye. :nod:

  3. Ang

    I see the third girl as one who is pouting. :pout: :refuse: She looks like her top has told her she can’t drink DC or something and she has turned away from him in a pout. I wonder how he’ll handle that attitude? :shock: :giggle:

    Beautiful post, Uncle Dev! :nod:

  4. That might be why she looks so restless, Ang — she’s having a proper sulk. I find that sulkiness disappears quickly after a brisk round with my :belt: . I bet she will discover the same thing before too long. :nod: :groucho:

  5. Ang

    I believe you, Uncle Dev! :shock: :belt: Not good!! :nonono: :pout:

  6. Audrey

    That fourth one, with the dirty feet? She is in a proper strop, she is. It must be PA, after UD has said no DC for about the five hundredth time! :brat: :brat: She is so not having it. What do you think our intrepid UD will say to that?

  7. You might be correct, Audrey. Perhaps she is only feigning sleep, or perhaps this is her usual I’m-in-a-strop pose.

    And what would UD say? I would say, girl, get up from there and get into the tub. We’ll see how stroppy you feel with clean feet and a wet- :spank: ed bottom.