Ripple In Still Water, Revised and Free!

Nov 7, 2017 by

First of all, if you look just above, you can see the tremendously great new cover for the revised edition. Janie made it, and I love what she has done with it.

The model we found IS Franny (with a lot more makeup than she usually wears, but the ponytail is right) and that’s the magic coin at the bottom, looking as magical and bottomly as ever.

I had to do this, you see. 

I had to rewrite the book because, as I said in the introduction to the volume, I figured out that what I had sent to the publisher three years ago was not the whole story of Franny Woodbine and her journey toward romance and spanking enlightenment.

Looking at it again after a long while, I discovered that a lot of information had been omitted in the interest of brevity, details that I now believe would have helped readers enjoy the narrative even more.

Then, too, there were some issues with the plot that I had not noticed. I fixed those, while also, with the help of some very good editorial friends, repairing quite a few sentences that weren’t up to scratch.

And finally, I also added more data about motivation, using the narrator’s voice, as well as the characters’ dialog, interior as well as interpersonal, to tell readers why the characters acted in ways that make sense to some of us, but that are complete mysteries to others.

But back to the issue at hand —

Because this book is, essentially, the same one you might have bought and read before, I want to give the revised version to you for free.

Yes. Free. All you need to do is ask me, and it’s on its way. Write to and give me the email address you use to access Amazon. I will instantly bung a free copy right into your Kindle account for your enjoyment and edification.

This promotional offer is also open to anyone who has NOT read the book, so don’t be shy about asking, even if you’re just browsing. I want as many folks as possible to see what I’ve done with this opus, which I consider my best girl-protagonist book yet.

So, here is the sales blurb –

Franny Woodbine is an ordinary citizen of Neverwasnia, Devlin O’Neill’s magical private world. She has always been fascinated by spanking, though she has never had the experience, herself. She has read and fantasized about it quite a lot, but being transported into an even more magical place where such events are daily and often public occurrences would be enough to stun anybody.

How will she cope with her new situation, amidst these friendly but hard-handed folks?

In this revised edition of Ripple In Still Water, O’Neill has added plot detail and greatly expanded both exposition and conversation, in the hopes of enhancing his readers’ enjoyment of one of his most popular books.

So come, once again or for the first time, and share Franny’s wonderfully amorous spanking adventure.

The book is live now, so click the cover to go to the Amazon page.

And please don’t forget that I love getting reviews.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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  1. Ang

    Well, this is going to be a fun read! :read: If you liked the first version, :write: I know you’ll love this one. We expect nothing less from Devlin O’Neill. If you have never read the first, I’m sure you are in for a treat! I know I’ll be requesting mine. Review :picket: review :picket: ! :nod: :grin:

  2. Jane

    Can’t wait to get staaaaaaaarted! :excited:

    I think Frannie is one of my favourite characters of yours – that sentence doesn’t sound right! Fix it, please! :read: :write: She’s so in the wrong place at the right time, and all the time, but has that beautiful fun spark that keeps her engaging and vibrant to spend time with.

    Yay for Frannie! :hug: :kiss:

  3. How lovely of you to say so. Thanks, Janie! :grin: :hug:

    “I think Franny is one of my favorites of your characters.”

    Although, I must tell you that when I signed onto the comments page, a message I had never seen before popped up. It said, “No writing errors were found.” :shock:

    Could that have been the headmaster sticking his two pfinnicks’ worth in, do you suppose? :dunno:

  4. Jane

    Yeah, that sounds much better. Fank oo!

    Yikes! Do you really think so? :worried: I don’t like the sound of that. I would rather people’s pfinnicks were kept in their dungarees, where they belong. :nod: :refuse:

  5. Welcome! Knowing the headmaster as I do, I rather believe you’d better not say anything like that to his face. He can be quite free, though not easy, with his magical :spank: ing powers. Just a word to the wise. :wink:

  6. Jane

    Nope, nope, nope, nope! :notlistening:

  7. Ang

    Love the cover, Janie. Wonderful job! :trophy: :thumbsup: :hifive:

  8. Audrey

    Totes adorbs, Janie! :thumbsup: You are super talented in all things. :eyes: Thanks for sharing your talents with us. :hug:

    And thank you, Dev, for listening and understanding our type of girl and giving us such lovely mirrors to find validation, support, and most of all, adventure! :trophy: :loveyou:

  9. You’re welcome, Audrey. Delighted that I can do so. :grin: :hug:

  10. Keri

    Thanks for the treat, Uncle Dev’ers. :wave: I can’t wait to get started. :hug: :notworthy:

    I already thought the story was top notch but if you re-worked it then it must be super-awesome-fantasticalness!!

    :hug: :nod: :hifive: :eyes: :heart:

  11. Jane

    Aw, shucks, guys. :blush: I did love how it came out. :happy:

    Off to :read:

  12. Thanks, Keri! I do appreciate your saying that, and I’m hoping it lives up to your expectations. :nod: :hug:

    Enjoy, Janie, and thanks again! :hug:

  13. Ash and Alder

    Ooh! I loved this one the first time around; can’t wait to see how you’ve improved it! :read:

    Uncle Dev, if you have any spare exclamation marks left over when you’ve finished, you know I could make use of them!! :happy: