Cane It Be So?

Nov 30, 2017 by

Did he do that with the cane? Did he turn her nicely rounded bottom harshly pink with that serious-looking bit of rattan? 

Where are the tramlines? Where are the welts? Where are the drastically dramatic markings that are the inevitable result of any and all cane work?

Well, here is the awful secret, buoys and gulls — this thing we do isn’t done in Malaysia, and I only play Sgt. Cameron in your head, so no one passes out from a caning, other than in my harsher novels.

First of all, pictured is a very light cane, as well as a robust and healthy bottom, and the pink glow was most likely achieved only after a very long and satisfying session where relatively light strokes weren’t so much counted as weighed in evidence.

Secondly, the neatly downed jeans and trousers tell us that the young miss doffed her drawers — or had them doffed for her — entirely voluntarily, because she really, really needed exactly that kind of treatment.

Third and lastly — about her, I mean — one can almost hear her sighs of relief and release as he puts down the stick, and she basks in the afterglow.

As far as her top, he is thinking that he needs a somewhat stouter implement.

I can tell him, from personal experience, that a senior girls’ cane would not go amiss with this miss. There will be a bit more ouch and maybe a few little tick marks on her fulsome fundament, but she will thank him for it, I guarantee. A certain sort of girl who needs and will ask for the cane cannot be let off lightly. A few hundred of his best is not out of the question.

I speak from experience. She would become annoyed, were she to get onto the plane home after a visit to him with anything less than a bottom glowing so hot that it triggers warning lights on the security sensors.

And no one wants her to go away from him any way less than best pleased.

The chap above, though, did a good job, and, hopefully, all she has to do now is put her jammies on and crawl into bed beside him.

Next time, however, he might need to go shopping at Canes4Pain and get something with a tiny bit more authority.

Just saying.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Audrey

    :thumbsup: Why, Unca Dev, you might just be one of the luckiest :spank: ers in Christendom! :nod: You have a cane girl (a rare find, indeed), a belt girl, a bath brush girl, and a crop girl. And that’s only at first thought. :cane: :ridingcrop: :belt: :hairbrush: :hypnotised:

    Funny, I don’t think you have a dragon paddle girl . . . Do you? :dunno:

  2. Ang

    Wow, Aud, good point! :shock: We always knew Uncle Dev was multifaceted! He is a real gem. :nod:

    Wonderful post, Uncle Dev! I’ll take this cane. :candycane: :hug:

  3. Good morning, girls! :wave: I have to believe you’re right, Audrey. I am, in fact, a bit spoilt when it comes to the right girls finding me. :nod: :wink: :hug:

    Ang, this time of year, a :candycane: comes AFTER the :cane: . It’s all right for me to be spoilt, but not my girls. :nonono: :puff: :hug:

  4. Ang

    Awww, Uncle Dev. :pout: :hug:

  5. Jan

    Or maybe she has only had his hand so far and the cane is yet to come. wthought I know but who knows…..
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  6. Jan, that’s a perfectly viable alternative. Perhaps she is merely warmed up for the main event. :cane: :smile:

  7. Jane

    Lovely fluffy blankie, though. :thumbsup:

    She def’nit’ly doesn’t wanna fly home with only that to show for it. :roll: :thumbdown: She wants tramlines. :loveyou: and hot chocolate… :coffee: