Pinup Advent Friday

Dec 1, 2017 by

Since Dave so ably opened the Thanksgiving post, I was tickled to find another of his gems to top (!) off the beginning of Advent month.

(And no, Glinzillia Elftoes, spankings are for good girls, too, young lady, er, young elf. Just ask your human friends who get spanked a lot.)

I have Jacquie Lawson’s gorgeous annual calendar to open today, and I’m totally jazzed about that. I’m a sucker for Christmassy shtick, and spanking is just the icing on the warm mincemeat pie.

But I did some research and thought I’d share someone’s idea of a spankers’ Advent calendar, as well.

(To embiggen the calendar, double click.)

This was conceived and written by thoughtful and caring practitioners of this thing we do, and I give them mega-credit for coming up with it.

Even though they use abbreviations and initials that I don’t, I smile really big on him/her/them for the fine and loving effort.

So, happy December the 1th to all my good and naughty girls and boys. May your days be spanking bright, forever more.

All for now.

Devlin out.

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  1. Jane

    Yikes and awwww. That is the cutest yet most terrifying advent calendar I have ever seen! I think I will stick to chocolate… and living vicariously through the escapades of my blite family. :popcorn:

    Aud, (And anyone else who is musically minded), it’s time for our annual advent-carol-a-thon!! Hooray! :lights:

  2. Jan

    hi Dev, I think that is a really cute idea. I am off all sugar products so need a change to chocolate!Thank you. :holly:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  3. Good morning, Jane and Jan! :wave: :wave: I’m glad you like the calendar. And do you see the snow :sleigh: on the blite? I love that! :hug: :hug:

    Janie, I would love to see new carol pastisches, and I’ll post as many as my readers can come up with. I’ll even give it a shot myself, probably after heavily doctoring a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. :wink: :xmastree:

    Jan, I hate to be a lack-love or a kill-courtesy, but you really won’t like chocolate without sugar in it. :nonono: :smile:

  4. Ang

    Yay, snow!! :excited: This is probably the most I’ll see.

    Nice post and calendar, Uncle Dev. :wave: :thumbsup: As always, I love Dave’s artwork. :nod: It doesn’t matter if you are naughty or nice in TTWD, does it? :whistle: :wink: :pout:

    :excited::sleigh: :smile: :lights: :xmastree: :xmaswreath: and my favorite kind of cane – :candycane: (just thought I’d add that bit of information)

  5. Audrey

    “People look East, the time is near/ Of the crowning of the year. Make your house fair as you are able. Trim the hearth and set the table. People look East, and sing today. Love the Guest is on the way.” :loveyou: :eyes: :lights:

    Take it away, Janie! :guitar:

    So excited! Thanks for the festivities, UD! :stocking: :smile: :cookies:

    Love the TTWD Advent calendar, too! And Dave Wolfe! :thud: So much goodness! :dance: :party:

  6. Good morning, :sun: Ang and Audrey! :wave: You’re both looking shiny and excited today. :bell: :xmaswreath: Glad you like the post, and here’s :beer: looking at all you kids!

    :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

  7. Jan

    Hi Dev, I do like the snow on the blite. We had snow here yesterday, it looked lovely but when we got up this morning it had all gone :cry:. CHocolate? What’s that ? It is so long since I had any, goodness how I have managed it but it has earned me lots of good girl points I can tell you….
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  8. Jane

    Uncle Dev, you really shouldn’t be drinking at 9am, yanno… just saying! :refuse:

    I’m still Redeeming Thy captive Israel, Aud. :worried: Not me personally, you understand… :nervous:

    Is anyone else’s OCD loving the fact that Jane and Jan commented just before Aud and Ang? :vacation: What bliss!

  9. Jan

    Hi Janey, I usually read before them as the time difference works out for me to get an early look. Sometimes I am not brave enough to write till everyone else has started. :giggle:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  10. Gracious sakes, Jan! :shock: Are you going for Goodest Girl in Creation? That’s quite a feat, and you are to be congratulated. :hug: Let us know if you happen to experience the elusive GG :spank: ing. :smile:

    That was ginger beer, Janie. :wink: And yes, I did see the paired coincidences and have noted the special occasion in the Coincidencometer app on my phone. :grin:

  11. Jan

    Hi Dev, I have earned loads of good girls over the last eight weeks! Hubby says he is very proud of me. I don’t suppose it will last so I am making hay while the sun shines so to speak. :wink: . He is having to reward me with spankings as chocolate is off the menu :giggle:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  12. Sounds like it’s working exactly like it’s supposed to, Jan. :hug:

  13. Jane

    Hi, Jan! Wow! Off chocolate? :chocolate: :notworthy: That’s amazing.

    The time difference is great for those sneaky peeks, isn’t it?Sometimes I like to wait till others have written something, too. :blush:

    There, Unca Dev! They aaaaare real! :angel: :curtsy: I’m not sure I’d like to have to give up sugar to get one, though! :refuse:

  14. Well, fancy that, wouldja? I guess next we’ll find out that the Eostre bunny really does lay colored eggs! :smirk: :smile:

  15. Jane

    HE DOESN’T?! :worried: :thud:

  16. Oh! Yes! Of course he does, Janie. :hug: :hug: :hug:

  17. Golly, Dev, thanks! I’d nearly forgotten I had chronicled the Advent-ures of this elfin pair. And, yes, it is Glinzillia the Good Elf, and I think her surprisingly buff companion is Hermey the Dentist’s older brother, educator Dominic. Dommy for short.

    That’s quite a list of activities! Come to think of it, some of the Xmas-themed WolfieToons have employed activities pretty close to some of them! I was almost hip! Amazing.

  18. Thank you, Dave! You really know how to brighten up a holiday post. And just FYI, you’ve always been the hippest guy I know. :smile: Happy Advent-ure, indeed! :thumbsup: