Bettie On Film!

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Here’s a black and white, eight-millimeter souvenir from the ’50s. This little gem would have cost a day’s pay to buy back then, plus a week’s wages, at least, for a film projector. Or a guy might have paid four bits ($0.50) to get into a smoke filled room off a back alley (just tell ’em Louie sent ya)  to sit on a wooden folding chair with twenty other guys to watch it.

But, like all Irving Klaw’s B&D films, there is no nudity, and the underwear isn’t even as daring as some women’s swimsuits at the time, so you’d have to be really desperate to watch girl-girl action to plunk for any of that.

I could find very little on Roz, but the delightful Bettie (not Betty) has shown up a number of times on the blite. She did, of course, do a great deal of nude modeling, and even appeared in Playboy the month before Jayne Mansfield.

In any event, do enjoy the scowling and the silent whip-cracking (I think she hit herself with that thing a few times) as dominatrix Roz Greenwood upends Bettie Page for a not at all faked bottom smacking.



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  1. Audrey

    :hehe: :lol: :rollonfloor: That was unbelievable! The teeth baring, the stocking straightening, the pacing, nay parading, the gloves (with buttons, yet)! :shock: This film hits all the spots, don’t it? :film: And poor, dear Bettie appears to be learning the all-important butterfly technique, doesn’t she? :butterfly:

    Those poor guys, without any internet. :wink:

  2. Ang

    Wow! :shock: :shock:

    Interesting, Uncle Dev. :smile:

  3. Jan

    hi dev, I was just thinking how the first girl would like some of today’s lingerie and then Bettie rocked up in hers and it was lovely. :panties: Don’t think I would want to be filmed in the boring stuff, just saying….. Cute film
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  4. Audrey, diabolical acting is sort of expected in this kind of film, but Roz really did do some extraordinary scenery chewing, didn’t she? :worried: :grin: And butterfly :butterfly: is the thigh-wrap thing, right? :groucho:

    Hi, Ang! Interesting is a good word, yes. :smile: Not quite a Shadow Lane production, is it? :wink:

    Jan, you’re quite right about Bettie’s clothing. In fact, she designed and sewed most of her own costumes during her modeling career. Poor Roz had to get hers at Sears, apparently. :sigh: :grin:

  5. Thanks for showing this, Dev! I hadn’t seen it for a while!

    I do recommend to everyone the documentary “Bettie Page Reveals All!” Bettie narrates her own life story, often hilarious, often tragic, and always fascinating. I thought at the time the eighty-something-year-old Bettie sounded a little like a “southern granny” June Foray might have done.

    The trailers for this are on YouTube; I had watched it online, but it doesn’t appear to be at that particular place any more. Anyway, it’s well worth finding!

  6. Gary

    One thing about Bettie that all the ladies need to consider, she spanked too. :wink:

    I like to think, I would have very enjoyed meeting her. :nod:

  7. Gary

    Bettie didn’t spank men, but I’d sure watch her do a number on a certain SO. :happy:

  8. I only just found it, Dave, and was tickled that it was in a format I could upload here. Bettie did it her way in a time when women were not as empowered as they are now.

    And not for nothing, I hope and trust and will do everything I can to keep making women more empowered and more willing and able to stand up and demand decent treatment. The past few weeks have opened gates that had long been shut. Women never should have to accept unwelcome treatment. Every man needs to know that. Every man needs to act like a real man and a real gentleman, and maybe a few are learning it now who never knew it before.

    As for me, I am the consummate gentleman. But that doesn’t mean I won’t spank you, young lady — but only if that’s what you want.

    Tirade finished. :usa: :spank:

  9. Gary, Bettie could be toppy when so scripted, but just make sure Susan is on the same page, right? :nod: :smile: