If It Doesn’t Sting, It’s Not This Thing

Dec 10, 2017 by

Delia’s boyfriend was very mean, and he would never let her wear a thong swimsuit. Then, when he was supposed to take her swimming one day, he called to say he had to work, instead. More than a bit put out, Delia went to the ocean without him and took this selfie, then she emailed it to him. 


When she got home, he was waiting for her. It did not take him long to prove that he was the real deal at doing this thing, so it did sting, quite a lot.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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  1. Jan

    Hi Dev, She must have had a moment of madness to send him the picture! Little show off….
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  2. Hello Dev.

    I’m not a fan of thongs either – I like a little left to the imagination – so I sympathise with Delia’s guy. You don’t suppose she might have been taunting him to get a spanking, do you? Heaven forbid, but I have heard of such things.

    What a lovely picture that second one is – the lady has a beautiful, just nicely reddened bottom, and the way he’s holding her across his lap is somewhere between restrictive and protective.

  3. Hi, Jan! She is definitely, and defiantly, showing off, so I doubt she is at all surprised by the outcome of her stunt. :smile:

    Hey, Underling! :wave: Great to see you again. Also good to know I’m not the only person on a quest to rid the female fundament of such a rudely designed garment. And oh, yeah. She’s certainly asking for it. :wink: I very much like your description of how the man in the second photo is holding the woman. :nod: :smile:

  4. Jane

    You really are quite obsessed, yanno, Unca Dev. :roll:

    Poor Delia clearly tragically lost her top in battle to the death with a seagull and the bottoms of her lovely bikini bottomless were pinched off by a naghty crab 🦀. Had her man been there to protect her, none of this would have happened! :refuse:

  5. Ang

    :rollonfloor: :trophy: I love your version, Janie.

    Her bottom sure looks red, Uncle Dev. :shock: Nice post!

  6. Jane

    Her mean boyfriend, who misinterpreted the whole unfortunate event and smacked first, asked questions later! :roll:

  7. Janie, Janie, Janie. :nonono:
    Delia’s boyfriend, Durward, said he would take her swimming because he knew, all too well, the dangerous beings that inhabit their local ocean side — the ravenous brassiere-grabbing mega-gulls, as well as the cloth-gobbling Bosporean land-crabs, which can grow to the size of all-terrain tires (tyres).

    She knew, also all too well, that she was forbidden to go there without the valiant Durward to protect her, so she had no one to blame but herself for what happened. Further, that “so wha’ cha gonna do about it?” smirk on her lips would be reason enough for her stalwart swain to smack the bejeebers out of her naughty bottom, regardless of the other spankable provocations. :spank:

    Hi, Ang! :wave: Glad you liked it. :smile:

  8. Jane

    She wouldn’t have gone at all, but HE had left his favourite fedora there after their last visit! She wanted to surprise him by fetching it. The picture was her putting on a brave face, even after everything that had happened. Poor love!

  9. :roll: Right, Janie. She still disobeyed him and went without a protector. :nonono:

  10. Jane

    No one appreciates valiance anymore. :refuse:

  11. Jan

    Wow Janie, do you get out of a lot of spankings with your marvellous imagination and impishness? I totally admire your bravery. She was just plain naughty in that photo and we all know it…. :spank:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  12. No, Jan. Janie doesn’t get out of anything by spinning such yarns. And you’re right – this girl is the poster-child for naughty, if anyone is. :wink: