Pinup Friday

Dec 15, 2017 by

Last Friday, it snowed a tiny bit where I live.

Yes! In Pensacola! That is quite an event here, though I’m pleased to assure you that the spattering of iciness did not shut down the city, as it did four years ago.

In any case, to mark the occasion, this Friday Pinup features the irredeemably adorable Pixie and friend as a pair of snow fairies.

They appear quite comfortable out there, possibly because, judging from the extra pinkness on their bottoms, they both had a vigorous pre-frolic warmup.

So, whether it ever snows here again or not, I do wish everyone a warm evening doing something you enjoy with people you like.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. I think that they need a little “warming up”

  2. Audrey

    Oh, that Pixie! :butterfly: :heffalump: She is adorable. :bunny: And her friend has her wings on upside down. :giggle: Pixie’s bottom must recover more quickly than her friend’s, because I don’t really see much pinkness there. :dunno:

    We had snow deep in the heart of Texas as well, and it did shut down our city, even though nothing stuck. :headshake: :haha:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :dance: :sleigh: :smile: :lights: :cookies: :cool:

  3. Hey, Chris! Knowing Pixie and Company, warming up time is never far off. :nonono: :smile:

    :yuckitup: For some reason, Audrey, I did not pay a whole lot of attention to the wings. You’re right, though. They are on upside, down, so I expect their costume mistress is due for some warming up, as well. :thumbsup:

    Snow in Texas! Whatever next? :cowboy: :dunno: I was five when I first saw snow, which also occurred deep in the heart of Texas. I don’t remember whether the city shut down or not, but the white stuff was gone by that afternoon. :sigh:

  4. Ang

    Hey, Audrey! :wave: It also snowed in my area last Friday and we also shut everything down since we are not accustomed to snow. It was gone by noon. :nod:

    Maybe these two are angelic now since the warming up, but I wonder if it will last. :whistle:

    Cute, Uncle Dev. :nod:

  5. Jan

    Hi everyone, I love that picture. It looks so much fun. Our snow is usually the smattering kind too. Now where can I get those wings from…… :angel:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  6. Hi, Ang and Jan! :wave: :wave:

    Ang, as soon as the initial sting of a :spank: ing wears off, a girl’s naughty node is back in full production, so no, it won’t last. :wink: Glad you liked it. :smile:

    Jan, it really is a fun picture. You might ask :sleigh: for some fairy wings for your :stocking: , but you know it takes more than wings to make an :angel: , right? :hairbrush: :belt: :smile:

  7. Lucy

    We’ve had snow and ice for over a week now and not the smattering kind. No way am I going out in the woods in just a pair of fairy wings with or without a warm up. Looks pretty but I prefer the fireside. Stay warm your favourite way everyone.

  8. Jan

    Hi Dev, I am sure the wings would be enough, it is Christmas and there is a lot of magic around, Hubby can add a bit of his magic too I suppose. :spank:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  9. Hi, Lucy! Warm is highly recommended, wherever you are in the northern half of the globe. And absolutely one should do what it takes :spank: to get that way. :smile:

    Jan, I’m pretty sure hubby will have to lend a hand :spank: since Christmas magic has never been enough to make :angel: s out of any of the girls I know. :wink:

  10. Jan

    He wouldn’t have it any other way ( at least he is stuck with me and making the best of it :wink:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  11. Ang

    Well, I have ANGel wings. They are just hidden at times. :giggle:

  12. I’m sure he wouldn’t, Jan. :nod: :grin:

    Oh, Ang! Have you been hanging out with PA? :groucho:

  13. Ang

    Great minds think alike, Unca’ Dev! Right, PA?

    :pout: What? You don’t believe I have ANGel :angel: wings? :giggle: :giggle: :fallenangel: