The Moment (Revised)

Dec 12, 2017 by


When she wonders whether playing school with her top was such a good idea, after all.


The paddle he kept on his desk was just for fooling around at bedtime, and she could handle that much sting, most of the time.



But where on earth had he got hold of a cane? The scowl and the I’m-not-having-it tone of voice were new, too, and kind of scary.


Still, he was her top and knew what she could take, as well as what she needed to make her experience certain, very special feelings.

So she hung on to the desk and trusted him to give her exactly that.

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  1. :yuckitup: Nice hieroglyphics, Ang. :nod: :hairbrush: :hug:

  2. Ang

    :curtsy: :hug: :kiss:

    :giggle: :giggle:

    Thanks! Nice post, Uncle Dev!

  3. Jan

    This is very scary, I nearly hyperventilated when I saw that wooden thing and all those lines on her poor posterior :sorry:
    love Jan, xx :rose:

  4. The cane is not for everyone, Jan, but for some girls, it’s just what the :doc: ordered. :smile:

    Thanks, Ang! :smile:

  5. Princess Anastasia

    Some girls are made of sterner stuff than I, it seems. Leather is my friend, mostly when it just sort of drifts in gentle swaths over my nether portions. :nod:
    Not that it actually does that :tantrum: , but a girl can dream :sleep: and hope springs eternal … :innocent:

  6. Ang

    Well, I seem to prefer wood, but not in the skinny form of a :cane: ! PA, please enjoy your :belt: . Each to her own, I guess. :smile:

  7. Ash and Alder

    Ohhhh!!! I so want to hate this…
    But… Yanno… :hypnotised: