Light and Shadow

Jan 14, 2018 by


This is a fascinating study in curves, angles, and planes, as well as in shades of light and dark.

Still, one has to wonder where it was shot.

More to the point, one has to wonder what the models thought when asked to disrobe completely in a drafty, dirty, derelict building and then present their bare lower halves to the lens.

And was this the only picture made? Did the artist and his or her models drive all the way out to wherever this is simply to capture a single and singular image? Was there only one take, or did the artist click the shutter numerous times before it came out exactly right?

Perhaps we will never know any of the answers, but I certainly won’t ever forget seeing this.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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  1. Lindy

    Awesome picture Dev. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  2. You’re welcome, Lindy. :smile: Glad you liked it.

  3. Ang

    Beautiful post, Uncle Dev! :trophy:

    Why does this post make me think of :ridingcrop: s? :shock:
    :thud: :grin:

  4. Audrey

    Very artsy, Dev. :thumbsup: Hopefully it’s not too fartsy, though. :gasp: :giggle:

  5. Audrey Marie! That was quite crude, and I never would have expected it of you. :spank: :spank: :spank: We’ll have no more of it, young lady. The very idea.

  6. Thank you, Ang. Those spaces rather do look like horse stalls, so that might be where your equestrian :ridingcrop: connection comes in. :grin:

  7. Audrey

    :sigh: Sorry, Unca Dev. :sorry: I thought it was kinda funny. :giggle: Guess you don’t quite agree. :pout:

  8. I should say I do not agree, missy, but it’s all right now. :hug:

  9. Ang

    I do believe, Uncle Dev, you are right! That must be where I got the idea.

    Oh, Aud! :rollonfloor: :rollonfloor:

  10. Audrey

    Ang, :wink:

    See, Uncle Dev? :innocent: Ang thought it was funny. :fallenangel:

  11. Jane

    You would “never” have expected it? :giggle: Really, Uncle Dev, I’m surprised at you! :roll:

  12. Ang is not in charge here, Audrey. :nonono:

    I wouldn’t, Jane. In any case, a bit of hyperbole is expected in scolding. :nod:

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