Pinup Friday

Jan 5, 2018 by

Ah, yes — the fabulous maid caught sweeping dust under the carpet. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to know where this scenario is headed.

“Smithers, fetch me the cane!”

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Ang

    Rocket surgeon? :rollonfloor: I love it, Uncle Dev!

    She is in trouble! :thud: :shock:

  2. Oh yes, this is one maid who requires some extra “training” :yuckitup:

  3. Dave

    Hmm I think you left out a word there Mr Dev sir..shouldn’t it be “Smithers fetch me the SENIOR cane”? at the very least. For an offense of this nature I’d say at least a senior can with the possibility of a follow on of the application of some birch?!

  4. Those rocket surgeons have the best brains, Ang. :wink:

    Hey, Chris! :wave: I know, right? Except, maybe, she was trying to get caught. :nod:

    Wow, Dave! That’s some serious-business recommendation. :smirk: But, just so you know, senior canes are all they keep in the house. And thanks for stopping by. :thumbsup: :grin:

  5. Jane

    Maybe she needs all of the sweepings for an exciting, beautiful craft activity. Or maybe she is helping her employer get to grips with his house habits by showing him just how much acrues in a day. You are being VERY quick to judge, Uncle Dev! :refuse:

  6. As a dedicated top, it is my privilege and obligation to be judgmental, Janie. But, just out of curiosity, what manner of craft project could be created from floor sweepings? A dust bunny collage, perhaps? :dunno:

  7. Jane

    She pro’ly wanted to know if parquet flooring has the same effect as car windscreens:–window-art-lwren-scott.jpg

  8. Audrey

    :headshake: Where do you find this stuff, little sister? :loveyou:

    Not the cane, Uncle Dev! :peek: How about a nice, supple leather :belt: instead? :pray:

  9. Ang

    :belt: No way! :shock: :thud: :nonono:

    :hairbrush: :eyes: Much better! :smile:

  10. Why tell me, girls? I don’t have a maid, nor a butler called Smithers. So, :cane: it is. :dunno: :grin:

  11. Ang

    Wait a minute! :shock: It doesn’t matter anyway. Is there ever a choice of implement? :yuckitup:

  12. Ripley

    She is just being extremely thorough and dusting under the rug. She should be praised for her work ethic. I mean really, how could anyone with posture like that be up to no good?

    (Jane – I love the car mud art!)

  13. There you go, Ang! :thumbsup:

    Hi, Ripley! Great to see you. :wave: Dusting UNDER the rug? :roll: Yeah. Right. :grin: And never mind her posture — how could anyone wearing that outfit not be asking for it? :wink:

  14. Ripley

    LOL. And who do you suppose asked her to wear that outfit? 😀

  15. Jane

    I’m with you, Ripley! The way she is holding that duster, she’s definitely brushing outwards. :nod:

    These toppy types, always jumping to conclusions! :roll:

  16. Hmm … That is a good question, Ripley. I’ll have to ask around. :grin:

    That is a classic “brush in” grip she has there, Janie. Any housekeeper will confirm that. :wink:

  17. Errinn

    I don’t know who suggested her outfit. My best guess would be Gil Elvgren. The photographer for this shoot, Chris Clor, wrote on his Facebook page (an account is not necessary to view his photos) that he was doing “a six image series recreating the pinup work of the great Gil Elvgren the brilliant illustrator who was known for his iconic pinups.”

    I believe this is the Gil Elvgren pin-up which is the inspiration for his photo.

  18. That’s great, Errinn, and thanks! Gil was quite prolific with his art, and, I just discovered, is an alum of my alma mater, the University of Minnesota. He also seems to have become our resident pinup artist, even at one step removed. :grin: