Pinup Friday

Jan 12, 2018 by

I found this honey in hose and heels with a separate, appended caption. It read, But, darling, what makes you think I need a spanking?

I love a girl who’s not afraid to ask the tough questions.

That is all.

Devlin out.


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  1. Jan

    hi Dev, I love a man who is not afraid to answer them :wink: :spank:
    love Jan, xx

  2. Ang

    Now, Uncle Dev, we all know that she was just getting dressed. :nod:

    What would make one think that she is asking for a :spank: ing? :smirk:

  3. Quite so, Jan. :grin:

    Oh, Ang, you can’t look at those mischievous eyes and tell me that she simply decided not to put her panties on until after she was otherwise fully dressed. :smirk: :grin:

  4. Ang

    Maybe she decided to go without panties. :shock: Maybe she didn’t want those lines showing through that beautiful party dress she was about to wear. :nod: :whistle:

  5. Audrey

    No girl would do that, Uncle Dev! :nonono: That scene only exists in the wishful and naughty mind of the artist. :roll:

    To quote Jessica Rabbit, “I’m just drawn that way.”

  6. No panties and a DRESS, Ang! :shock: That’s a major wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. :nod:

    Not true, Audrey. :nonono: It exists in my wishful and naughty mind, too. :groucho:

  7. Ang

    Well, Uncle Dev, maybe it was going to be one of those boring academic parties anyway. :rollonfloor:

  8. Audrey

    Of course that goes without saying, Dev. :nod:

  9. A wardrobe malfunction of that magnitude would have livened up ANY party, Ang. :groucho:

    Doesn’t it just, Audrey? :grin:

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