As Stevie said …

Jan 9, 2018 by

“Give me your leather …”


“Take from me my lace.”



As I promised Jan, here are a few luscious leathery images. In this one, Super Mario’s cousin Vincenzo is using a three-tongued tawse to work out on Princess Peach’s nice round peach.


However, one thing I noticed about belts and other leather implements while looking for illustrations is that, like canes and paddles, often times the process of application is a hands-off affair.


As shown in these two Paula Meadows drawings, the toppy type stands back from the girl rather than to personally, manually keep her in place for her spanking.

Not that I have any problem with stocks and bondage or relying solely on the top’s strength of will to keep the bottom well presented, but over the years, it has become clear to me that a girl really needs the reassurance of close contact during any spanking, and especially for a serious going over with leather.



And of course, as Pamela Blake so ably demonstrates, once he has taken down her lace and given her his leather, a few moments’ cuddling and TLC is always in order.

Hope you got safely past the paddle-induced hyperventilation, Jan. :grin: (Of course, it’s Ang’s turn now. :shock: )

That is all.

Devlin out.





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  1. Jan

    Oh Thank you kind sir. These are much more my cup of Earl Grey. I must be off to find my beloved….. :wink: :loveyou:
    Love Jan, xx :rose:

  2. Lindy

    Oh lucky Jan having her wish of leather fulfilled. Nothing like a good delicious spanking with a leather belt. I’m with Jan, thank you for this wonderful post. got to go find my man now, you’ve put ideas in my head.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Princess Anastasia

    I don’t know what to say … well, actually, I do know exactly what to say, I’m just having trouble saying anything at all while I gasp and fan myself and moan a little. But I’ll be okay. Don’t worry … I just need — well, we all know what I need, but my :angel: ic nature makes that quite impossible, of course …
    There are some days when being practically perfect is such a nuisance.

  4. Ang

    Yes, it’s Ang’s turn! :shock: :nonono: :refuse: :belt:

    As I said in the “wooden” post :yuckitup: , I also like the closeness of the over the lap position. :eyes:

    Like, PA’s :angel: ic nature, mine doesn’t require :belt: . :nonono: :refuse:

  5. Audrey

    :roll: Yeah, good luck with those angels, Uncle Dev. :popcorn:

    :shock: So that’s what Stevie was singing about? :thud: Do you really think that’s what she meant, UD? :headshake: This changes everything! :hypnotised:

    Plus, I’m going to be squirming to that particular earworm all day long. :guitar: :dance: :belt: :eyes: :sigh:

  6. Good morning, all! :wave: What a wonderfully lively bunch you are today. Love seeing that. :grin:

    Jan, you’re welcome, and hopefully your beloved will feel inspired, as well. :nod:

    Lindy, great to see you again, and the same wishes to you, too. :nod: :groucho:

    As to my two purported :angel: :angel: , I expect I know exactly how to deal with the pair of you.

    PA, I’d hate for you to feel left out simply because of some imagined good-itude on your part, so I’ll just remind you that :belt: :spank: ings are for good girls, too. :nod:

    Ang, the best way to deal with any phobia is to introduce the phobiator repeatedly into the patient’s environment, so I’ll have you, too. :belt: :spank:

    Audrey, I can’t think how it could possibly mean anything else. :nonono: :groucho: Sorry if you find this revelation distracting, but as earworms go, you could do worse. :wink:

  7. Princess Anastasia

    :rub_bum: :sorry:
    Is it hug time yet? And do good girls get two? Hugs, I mean? Cause I could use ’em. Why is it that leather beguiles right up until it blisters?

  8. Yes, it’s :hug: time, PA, and, yes, you may have two. :hug: It is, indeed, a strange relationship that some girls have with the belt, if they are privileged to have one at all. :wink: :grin:

  9. Ang

    I don’t want to get rid of the phobia, Uncle Dev! I don’t want the :belt: at all! :tantrum:

  10. Ang, it almost appears as if you think you have a say in the matter. That can’t be true, can it? :nonono:

  11. Ang

    But, Uncle Dev! :tantrum:

    Owww!! Owwwww!! :pout: :sorry:

    Sorry. :sorry:

  12. Much better. It’s all right now, and you may have two, too. :hug: :hug: :wink:

  13. Ang

    :hug: :hug: Thanks, Uncle Dev! I love :hug: s!!!

    :hug: s :nod: :belt: s :nonono: :kiss:

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