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Feb 9, 2018 by

Because there is no such thing as enough Gil Elvgren, I present a photo purported to be the one he used to produce the painting shown.

The device illustrated (and portrayed by a guy holding onto a towel in the photo) is called a “vibrating belt machine,” which was a popular but completely ineffective piece of gym equipment sixty or seventy years ago.

Still, one cannot fault a girl, of our kind or vanilla, for using a device whose name contains the terms “vibrating” and “belt.” I can just imagine the sort of emotions using one these things could evoke in the right sort of woman.

It’s fascinating to note that Gil put clothing on the girl AFTER he shot the photo he would use to create the final image.



Here is a full-size copy of the image. In it, one can see more clearly the little motion lines, which indicate that her bottom is wobbling. Also, under the belt, there is a bit of cheek definition as well as a hint of the cleft that is so apparent in the photo.

However, I’m pretty sure that, even back then, high heels and full-on sexy underwear kit were not the preferred ladies’ workout garb. I expect that was all Gil’s idea.

And I have no problem with it.

That is all.

Devlin out.

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  1. Ang

    Well, any belt associated with a girl’s bottom is an unpleasant thought for me. :shock: :refuse:

    Nice post, Uncle Dev. :thumbsup:

  2. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste. :wink: Thanks, Ang! :grin:

  3. Audrey

    This is super cute, and I love how the picture was posed, with the artist holding the towel for her! :haha:

    I also remember my mother using a machine like this, at her workout club, Slenderbolics. :wink: The childcare consisted of a room papered with Batman wallpaper and a barred gate. No attendant, they just dumped all the kids in there and shut the door! :cowbell: :nervous: :kangaroo: Mayhem ensued, of course. :giggle:

  4. Thanks, Audrey! :grin: Gil did put together quite a nice piece. I’ll try to find more of these.

    That is some childcare system, but with a name like Slenderbolics, one might expect such. :shock: :smirk:

  5. Errinn

    It’s interesting what we focus on. For Ang, it is a benign object whose name conjures up unpleasant thoughts of an implement that is not her preference. I suspect Dev’s narrative helped lead her down that path. I went to the model’s feet wondering why her heels are on books. Naturally, I tried to find the answer.

    While my search didn’t answer that, I stumbled upon a blog that was discussing the edits done to the photo to suit Elvgren’s role as an illustrator. There is a side by side of the model photograph and the pinup. But the model photograph is a different one.

    The main differences between the two photos of the model occur:

    1. at the top – her hair
    2. at the bottom – heels on one book with her legs together
    3. you’ll need to open the link for the rest (I can’t give everything away)

    I went back and forth on whether to add the model/pinup side by side or just the model photo. I chose the former. I have the two individual pictures of the model without the pinup which I placed side by side on my computer for comparison purposes.

    As to my question about the books, the answer finally popped into my head. Three days after I first read the post. I guess it was too obvious for me to see that the books represent the mat. Duh! And I prefer the blue shoes on the pinup.

    The title of this pinup is Weighty Problem and the date is 1962.

  6. Errinn

    I’ve also chosen to add the link to the blog where I first came across the second photo. I found it interesting as it has notes on the photos where the author has indicated the edits for the painting. The one thing that seems odd is that he doesn’t appear to know the belt is being held. The photo appears cropped. The man’s foot is in the photo, but you may need to know he is there to notice it.

    Dev, by “more of these” do you mean model/pinup photos? It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I found some websites. If you want links, let me know.

  7. Thanks, Errinn! Yes, please, email the links.

    The reason for her heels on the books in the photo took me a while, too. :wink: