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Feb 8, 2018 by

I ran across this the other day and have been puzzling over it ever since.

The clothes and hair place it early to mid 1960s, but it does not have the look or feel of a photo shoot.

In fact, it appears as if someone at a small and intimate gathering, probably in the US or England, had a camera at the ready when Marlon Brando’s little brother finally lost patience with Marianne Faithfull’s cousin Annabelle and decided to do something about her.

And from the look on her face, it might seem that Annabelle had been pushing his buttons all evening and is relieved that one of them finally worked.

Or there could be other explanations.

What’s yours?

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  1. Audrey

    Frankly, they look to me like two non-spankos who lost a bet. :timeout: Neither looks to be enjoying or anticipating the prospect one bit. :nonono:

    How sad for them. :sad:

  2. Ang

    I’d have to agree with Audrey. He also looks like he is looking for something he lost. They do seem out of place in TTWD. :nod: :shock: :dunno:

  3. Audrey

    Right on, Ang! :hifive: He does look like he lost something. :yuckitup: Do you think he dropped a coin in her coin slot? :shock: :rollonfloor:

  4. Ang

    Good one, Aud! :rollonfloor:

  5. Audrey

    Wait! I just noticed that she’s working the butterfly. :butterfly: :nod: Perhaps she has her own agenda? :groucho:

  6. Jan

    IT doesn’t look like they are having as much fun as we do! Bless them…..
    love Jan, xx

  7. Princess Anastasia

    I think she’s worried about getting a run in her hose when she tumbles off his lap. I think he’s stoned — otherwise, how could he look so disinterested and unimpressed by what he is uncovering?

  8. You’re quite right, ladies — these two appear quite lost at sea, as if, like Audrey said, they are simply paying a forfeit from a card game.

    Or perhaps he wasn’t sure, and he is simply proving to himself that, yes, by golly, girls’ bottoms do look similar to boys’ butts.

    In any event, Jan, you’re correct. Very little fun being had here. :nonono: :dunno:

  9. Oh! I stepped on your comment, PA. Yes, he does appear to be elsewhere than in the moment. :nonono:

  10. Greetings Dev –

    If your original question was serious, my serious answer is that this IS part of a real photo shoot. I have seen additional photos in the series and despite the bored look on his face, this is one of my favorite vintage sets (most likely due to her appeal).


  11. Hi, Enzo! Great to see you again, and thanks! :thumbsup: I’ll keep an eye open for more of these. Sounds like there are redeeming qualities. :nod: :grin:

  12. Errinn

    I found the other pictures early this morning on Richard Windsor’s Vintage Spanking. Go to the fourth set down. I don’t have any other useful information.

    Scandinavian is also referenced in the description of the two sets of pictures at the bottom of the page. Those are from Blushes.

  13. Thanks, Errinn! It appears my take on the matter was WAY off. However, the young man’s lack of interest and motivation that the ladies mentioned, at least as registered in his facial expression, appears to carry right through the shoot. :nod: :grin: