Elvis Spanks!

Feb 13, 2018 by

A little while ago, we were talking about film spankings and, of course, The King’s name was mentioned.



Anyone who visits the blite knows the spanking and the film, Blue Hawaii (1961).

In this screen capture, Elvis, who is not known for his acting chops, is reading the cue card while he scolds and spanks Jenny Maxwell.

Poor Jenny!


I don’t think so very much!

Jenny was 19 or 20 when Elvis took her across his lap. I know girls who happily would have committed multiple felonies to be in her place.

In this out-take still that I never had seen before, either Elvis is practicing his left-handed spanking technique, or someone flipped the negative.

In any event, Jenny looks thoroughly delighted with the situation, and The King looks like he’s having a great time, as well.


This is Elvis in Tickle Me! (1965) giving Jocelyn Lane’s fake-rain drenched bottom a fairly serious one-smacker.

Here is Jocelyn in that same movie, but a bit dryer.


She is the sports director at a health spa/dude ranch that caters to women who apparently have full-time personal trainers at home.


In this publicity throw-away, they both look a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.


Here’s Elvis practicing the over-shoulder-throw, presumably with Jocelyn, before they turn on the rain-making machines.

And last but not least —


Jocelyn looking way come-hither in her baby-dolls. Rrrrrrowwwwrrrr!

All for now.
Devlin out. 

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  1. Jan

    Hi Dev, oh this is a yummy post. I loved all his films, spanking or not. :spank: :vacation: I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, ever since then……
    love Jan,xx :rose:

  2. Hi, Jan! :wave: So glad you liked it. :grin: I’ve been to the islands a couple of times, and they are absolutely as advertised. :nod: :thumbsup:

  3. Audrey

    Elvis looks like he knows what he’s doing, there! :shock: :eyes:

  4. Gary

    Dev, this post does much to warm my ‘self’. :nod: Hm, how many times have I rewound that scene in Blue Hawaii? :wink: And there is so much eye candy, and a couple I hadn’t seen before! :hypnotised: :grin:

    Audrey, some guys do seem to have that surrender question in hand. :thumbsup:

  5. Lucy

    Love Elvis and love these pictures. Don’t know why but I have never watched Blue Hawaii but I shall be doing so soon. Sweet couple. Thanks Dev :hug:

  6. Hey, Gary! These photos do refresh fond memories. :nod: Glad you liked the post. :thumbsup:

    Hi, Lucy! :wave: Certainly worth a look, if only for the satisfaction of seeing a brat properly sorted on film for once. :wink: :grin:

  7. Ang

    Now, this is my kind of post! :nod: I most certainly have the first movie on my DVR. Nice post, Uncle Dev! :thumbsup:

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