About This Blite

By Scarlet

This is a most unusual blite. There are pictures of girls getting spanked, and we talk about short skirts and no knickers, and yet we button our gloves at the wrist before entering the drawing room. We are naughty, naughty girls, but Dev insists on our being good girls in his house. And so we try.

We never swear. We never smoke. We might have a small glass of rattafia but if we’re doing shots of tequila, it’s never in Dev’s presence. When Dev isn’t here, sometimes Nik or Paul help out. We act like ladies, because we are.

If we are going to be terribly, terribly bad, we call for a slumber party, and invite the girls who have just driven over us with a bus to join us. We are besties, until it is time to throw someone under the wheels, and then we do so without a glance back.

When a girl is to be spanked, we make popcorn and line up the chairs. After, we are all about the hugs and bags of frozen peas.

We are a dichotomy and a contradiction. We are complication itself. We are joyfully noncompliant until we are caught, and then we are contrite. Sometimes Alice dresses as a sexy gopher. Sometimes we set things on fire. We are a mystery, most of all to ourselves.

But we never forget who is the Top here. He can be scary, but mostly not. Mostly he gives hugs and guidance, and we’re very lucky to be here.

We just have to obey the rules.


The Rules, by Kaki

If you are going to hang around here I better fill you in on the house rules.

1. All right is never spelt alright, regardless of what the dictionary says. (don’t ask )

2. You aren’t permitted to use Puff, the big dragon smiley, even though he is there begging to be used. Only Tops are allowed to use him.  You may use the little dragon.

3. You can’t say bad words, or spell them out. You can say darn it, heck, etc.

4. Use your commas appropriately. (nouns of direct address)

Oh, and you probably noticed Dev doesn’t like to be told what to do.

Have fun and welcome, this is a really fun place to hang.

 Addendum by Scarlet – You’re allowed to change your name, but only if you keep your avatar the same, so Dev doesn’t have to go back in the dashboard to sort things out.